Nov 9, 2011

MAMA Awards 2011

omg haha how i love it that 

every single time i log into

B2ST will appear as the header! xDD

here's how it looks like : *fyi i cropped it*

oh yea~ 

im faithfully voting for b2st 

in all the categories they're involved in! =D

wakaka.. i hope they do win at least one award!

*finger crossed*

Oct 10, 2011


i know b2st in 3.2010 (SHOCK promotions)
but began to LOVE (ADDICTED) them starting 9.2010 (SOOM promotions)
i love them because they are B2ST!♥
they’re special because they have individual charms and talents
making ppl fall in love with them every single second!
well at least my love for them grows bigger each time I think of them♥
my bias=yoseob! i love yoseob because he’s:
perfect, full of himself, not afraid to show his wackiness around ppl and because has an awesome VOICE!
i NEVER get bored listening to him.. his ability to make bird sounds attract me so much! seeing him during the Fan Meeting in Malaysia on 1 July 2011..i totally fawned over him and now i cant get him out of my mind! =D
thanks to them.. I now LOVE korean language and even learning by myself the i can read but still cant fully understand it! BUT im gonna work hard and master this language for them
b2st hwaiting! love you so much!!
비스트 화이팅! 너무 사랑해요!!
Congratz: 2nd year anniversary!!
2회 기념일 축하 해요!

something i posted in a FB event.. haha~

Oct 5, 2011

chunji oppa's big day! =D


guess what day is today?


CHUNJI Oppa's Birthday!! =D

keke! he looks so perfect! xD

oh btw on the picture it states :

CheonJi gun ui saengil-eur chukha habnida 

Happy Birthday to our heavenly ChunJi
(that's wad i think it means.. LOL)

hopefully he has a wonderful and awesome day =D

love ChunJi oppa! ♥

Haha jeongmal gwiyeoyo ne? XD

Oct 1, 2011

woots.. its already OCTOBER

wow cant believe how time flies so fast!

it's like ytd i just sat for SPM.. xD

anyways.. just last Saturday (24th Sept 2011)

i attended the KOREAN MUSIC WAVE!

오 마이 갓!!

i went with my bestie Kah Yan!! ♥

Her bro fetched me and his friend..

so four of us went there =D

so freakin cool!

we bought some badges and managed to see :

1. FT Island
2. Teen Top
3. 4Minute
4. U-Kiss
5. Park Jung Min
6. SeungRi

keke.. i classed them all according to their

official fan colours! Big Bang doesn't have an

official colour so i left them in black.. paiseh.. 

oh yea.. and chun ji is like neomu GWIYEOWO!!

omg.. LOL.. i just added another 오빠 to my list!


oh anyways i've just spotted YOSEOB my nampyeon's

new picture in twitter! he's so adorable.. XDD

funny thing is my mom likes him too! LOL.. and she calls

him my namja chingu..

oh imagine if he was here in malaysia~~

then can really be my bf (che-wah)

uri eomma sure approve!! ♥

check out his cuteness!

oh yoseob oppa saranghaeyo!! ♥

Sep 13, 2011

one month?!


woah it's been a month since my last post.. xD

i've been quite busy with my work and assignments! ><

i still have 3 assignments to go.. OMG..


well.. i think im officially obsessed with BEAST!

huhu! i love them =D

i know chuseok/mid-autumn festival is like officially over..

but wadeva.. they are so cute.. so i tot i'd post :

for those not familiar.. this is Beast

from left : JunHyung, HyunSeung, YoSeob, GiKwang, DongWoon, DuJun

yes.. i totally love them =)

all their songs actually..

i love both their ballad and pop songs

oh well.. i really wish to see them in Malaysia again!

every since the FM back in July, i totally am crazy about beast.. HAHA

yes i am mad.. =.= im starting to spend money too! omg?!

after 17 years of my kedekut life.. im actually spending

money.. on KPOP! wth.. lols

Jul 19, 2011


topic : passion 

Oh well, everyone needs passion in order to enjoy what they do.
My passion is to work/study children as they progress from childhood.

How did i began this journey to pursue my passion?

It began back in early 2008 (form 3) when i was first exposed to Montessori Education.
"Wow~!" is my first impression... i couldn't get that idea out of my mind when i heard it
because to me.. learning thru play is best for i'm not good at theory.. i'm more of the
hands-on type of girl.. so hahas~

Initially, it interest me little.. cause i was still searching for what i wanted to pursue after 
high school.. PMR passed by and soon it was almost 2009! The beginning of my 
decision-making.. I personally chose to take up Science Stream even though many
told me about the suffering.. 

Oh yeah, i suffered alright.. but i guess well my results weren't that poor? LOL.. 
i consider it as average since i hated reading.. >< so byebye History.. haha i stilled
scored an average of B =D 

Towards end of the year, where the Finals were there.. omg torture.. 4As?! oh dear..
dear dear me.. well.. my mother's dream of me being a Doctor went down the drain..
(bwahaha) Anyways.. i didn't really bother since i never intended to become a doctor
due to lack of interest and financial issues.. 

In December 09', Aunty Sherilyn asked me to volunteer out in a programme known as
"The Holiday Fun Club" meant for children with special needs! O.O it was something new
to me as i being 16 years old was oni exposed to special needs people being Down's Syndrome,
Dyslexia and Tourette's Syndrome (look it up if u dunno) 

It was a life-time experience for me that three days =)

I found out that children with special need compromises of :
1. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactvity Disorder)
2. Autism  (Children that are affected socially, and have tendencies of repeating certain actions)
3. Epilepsy (Jerking, Staring, Moving aimlessly, confusion)
4. Dysphagia (An eating disorder where the child can only take liquid or tubing is needed)
5. William's Syndrome (one who can socialize easily with anyone but lacks of common sense)

There are certainly more of these special needs children with different disabilities.

I fell in love with the children as i saw them.. because it really opened my eye on how
these children learn. They learn through the Montessori Method which is what i am
currently pursuing in SEGi College, Subang Jaya.

Why do i think this is an effective method?

Children these days are different from us. They are brought up in an environment with 
almost everything provided for them.. But one thing they lack is : Independence
What makes me so sure is that, parents spoil their child so much without even realizing it.

iPad, iPad2, MacBook.. What are all these?! believe it or not.. kids aged 2/3 years old
own them! These high technology items are what children play with now.

The Montessori Method provides an environment where children can independently
do things on their own. They are given freedom to move around in the school/nursery unlike
what normal kindy's do. 

In normal kindergartens, teachers are very strict and abuse their authority upon the children..
Such acts inhibits the child's development in school as they are frightened and do not dare
to disobey their teachers.. Anything they do will be judged!

Whereas in the Montessori environment, children are given chances to do decision-making!
They have the right to voice out what they need and can independently do their own things.
That is what i'm looking for! Not only that, children can explore their talent! Every child
learns at his/her own pace.. we cannot force something upon the child because it will only 
disrupt his/her development.

Year 2011

I'm now currently working in PowerKids, SriPetaling.

When i first began working there, i enjoyed every single day until my health began
deteriorating.. The workload was too much for me to bear. I felt that it was unfair that im
being underpaid and doing loads of work. I didn't say much though because i loved working
with the children. But not long after that feeling, working hours stretched from 7.45-4pm
to 7.45-6pm sometimes 7pm..

What is it? i have my employees rights! i really couldn't take it..
Along comes this particular teacher who then tells me "You have to stay back to help,
you aren't the only one that needs to stay, we too have to help out" I wasn't happy with

never mind. I let that one slide, but oh dear! my health just became WORSE! but i guess
no compassion is given to me. =/ 

I have finally got the "YES" for half-day work and it's doing me much better.
My cough has 90% gone and flu 90% gone.. hopefully by the end of this month it's totally 
gone from me! and oh yay i have had no fever for the past week! finally!!

well, workload is still as much but i don't want to care anymore.. what i can do,
i will do.. what i can't SO BE IT! and i am NOT PLANNING TO DO ANYMORE

Why i labeled this passion.. is because MY PASSION IS TO WORK WITH CHILDREN,

Jun 15, 2011

=( or =)?

hey =/ havent logged in a long time.. 

anyways.. back here to blog abt the recent events that took place 
in my family..

just last week my cousin called up my mom regarding my 2nd uncle..
at that time (last wed) we were informed that my 2nd uncle
is being suspected of having liver cancer! ><

so we rushed to the hospital to see him.. my mom broke down.. ='(
went there with my brother.. went i first went there.. i saw my uncle's condition
but at that time i just couldn't feel anything... up until last saturday..

went there again with my mom.. saw how run down my uncle became..
frankly speakin my heart broke and i wanted to cry.. but i couldn't now can i? 
cuz i knew it wouldn't be any help to my mother.. 

i helped to take care of him by doing little things such as helping to give
him water and food =) it was a pleasure to me.. i loved doin it.. hehe

we went there again on sunday.. mom and i bought some wet tissues and
lotion for my 2nd uncle.. met with my 4th uncle over there to visit him.. =)
again i helped my mom by taking care of my 2nd uncle.. hehe oni this time
i massaged his legs! and helped to clean his face (dry pecks on his eyes)

hehe it was great joy for me to do so! =D 
then just ytd my 2nd uncle was discharged from the hospital.. so we went to
his house to visit.. (walau.. ) hehe seeing him so happy! he was truly happy 
to be back home =) his eyes were so wide open unlike the time he was at
the hospital where he oni always wanted to sleep.. ><

my 4th uncle bought some food for him to eat.. hehe =)
mom fed him and he enjoyed it.. well.. he sure does love meat! keke
oh i 4got to mention that the LEE family (mom) loves eating meat alright!
kakaka! so do i.. i love chicken.. but they prefer pork though.. @@

long day though.. each visit took us minimum of 3 hours.. and we would
always come back home earliest 11.45pm.. i guess it is tiring but it's also
worth it since we get to see him =D

oh yes.. just to elaborate further.. my 2nd uncle (so to say) has always been
unfortunate.. as he has met with car accident (bone fracture and replaced my metal)
so his legs are quite weak.. and just before he was admitted into the hospital..
he fell down 4 times.. OMG FOUR TIMES!! i just couldn't bear the thought of the
pain he went through and yet without one word of complain! >

just last week we were told that he not only has liver cancer.. but had gallstones
with size of 11cm! so big rite?! he also has a right kidney failure.. which makes
him have difficulty for excretion.. >< but ytd we got bad news that it wasn't a gallstone
but in fact is a TUMOR! ='( to add salt to the wound.. it grew to 14cm! 

omg what a shock it was to us all! haix!! i just pray for him to lead a better life
as the doctor had predicted he has numbered days... >< so sad!!

there is a good news though.. hehe =)

when i saw my 2nd uncle in that state.. i prayed to our heavenly Father that He may send
a good Samaritan to my uncle to spread the gospel to him and grant him salvation..
i want my family members to be with our Father in heaven where there is no pain or
sorrow! =)

good news is that God did answer my prayers!! i'm so happy.. because uncle YL 
and Crystal were so nice to come and visit my 2nd uncle and chit-chatted with him..
that time my 2nd uncle told them that he wanted to give up [ ='( ] but thankfully
after spending some time with him.. somehow my 2nd uncle decided to accept the Lord! =D

hehe not only that.. an uncle sharing the same hospital ward as my 2nd uncle also
came to Christ! wow.. how great is the Lord?! keke so i pray that God's healing hand will
protect my uncle in his coming days.. =DD

that's all.. hehe

May 15, 2011

back after 2 weeks.. xD

well... i'm back to blog for the day thanks to Ms. KahYan

i've got nothing to do.. and i came across what my schoolmates were doing..

so i thought, "why not blog about it?" =D

anyways.. here it is :

4 guys namely Jon, Jack, Dan and Tommy made a youtube account together
and uploaded a video called "The Untalented - DJ falling in love again (A cappella) 

funny lol~! dunno whether it's nice for you.. but hope u somehow enjoy it la.. xD

Apr 27, 2011


wheee~ i've been in love with this song since last week!

haha oh yea!



ajigeun molla kkumsogeseo bodeon
naui dan han saram (neoneoneoneo)
neul honja sangsanghae achim haessalcheoreom
nal kkaewojul han saram

du soneul japgo nae du nuneul maju bomyeo
nae yaegie useo juneun saram
deuramana yeonghwacheoreom naege natana
nae gyeoteul jikyeo jul han saram

naegero wa wa wa hangeoreumssik dagawa
naega kkumkkudeon moseup gajigo naege natana
seulpeumeun bye bye bye nareul utge haejul neo
naega geutorok gidarideon
neo neo neo nae maeumeuro wajwo

My a aaaaaaa oh my wishlist
My a aaaaaaa oh my wishlist

oneuldo mollae nae kkumsogeseo
nal seollege han saram (neoneoneoneo)
neul useumi nawa dalkomhan sangsange ppajige hal saram

sarangeul molla neomu seotulge gureodo
ttaseuhage useo juneun saram
geu eotteon maldo dalkomhage soksagyeojumyeo
nae gyeote bichi dwae jul saram

naegero wa wa wa hangeoreumssik dagawa
naega kkumkkudeon moseup gajigo naege natana
seulpeumeun bye bye bye nareul utge haejul neo
naega geutorok gidarideon
neo neo neo nae maeumeuro wajwo

saenggangmanhaedo neol geuryeobogiman haedo
gaseumi neomuna seolleyeo
mueotboda deo manhi nuguboda deo keuge
nareul saranghaejul han saram

sarangeun why why why ajikdo nae du nune
boijil annneun geonji eonjejjeum dagaoneunji
naegero wa wa wa jomdeo ppalli dagawa
naega geutorok gidarideon neo neo neo nae yeopeuro wajwo

My a aaaaaaa oh my wishlist
My a aaaaaaa oh my wishlist

Apr 22, 2011


ok... omg i cant believe the last i log on my blog was
the 30th of March.. which is almost
a month ago! =x

Anyways... today is _________??

yes! it's GOOD FRIDAY =)

just a quick post before i leave 
to church for the service.. hehe


Mar 30, 2011

♫ 생일 축하 ♫

Haha! Happy Birthday to 이기광!!

well.. seriously dunno wad to say..
besides happy birthday.. xD

dedication to Ms. KahYan! ♥


A very special day because:

Mr. Lee Gi Kwang was born!

Haha imagining his face being like that 
when i personally wish him.. xD

Yes and that too! haha cuz his smile is just so sweet =)
aww my bro-in-law ♥

this smile for Ms.KahYan ♥

oh lastly a gift for the future Mrs. Lee :

Haha! hope u had fun seeing the pictures! ♥

Mar 22, 2011

Answered Prayers ♥

Okay~ Here's the thing..
I had this prayer in mind where i asked God,
"Please give me a PASS for my driving,
let Your Holy Spirit be within me
that i am able to control the car properly."

I was scared and worried
that God might not answer my prayers
seeing that i had been so naughty
and hadn't been doing my devotions and
having that "alone" time with Him.

Just last Friday when i went to my
Varsity CG, there was this
topic on how we humans always forsake
God and always have this tendency
to instruct God on how to do things.

Not only that during the discussion
session, the members were talking abt
how we always did our 'best' in devotions
and reading of the Word when it comes
to something we want to do well in.

This got me thinking on
"I did my devotions this whole week
because of my selfishness in wanting
God to grant me a PASS in my driving..How 
much naughtier can I be?"

So i went home with this thought in my head.

Next day, Saturday service
during the Praise and Worship time,
I told God to convict me of my sins and allow
me once again to feel the Holy Spirit within.

The song was entitled
" He Loves Me"

At that time, i really could feel the presence
of the Holy Spirit and if i wasn't wrong,
God did convict me of my sins and
somehow this 'burden' just was lifted off of me.. =)

 On Sunday morning
where i serve in Children Ministry, 
we had bible teaching on the topic of Prayer as well.

The teaching was that :
1. When a person with a sinful heart (black)
prays for his/her wants, the prayer will not
be answered by God.
2. When a person with a cleansed heart (white)
prays for his/her wants, the prayer will
be answered by God

This was something that made me confident
that God is and will answer my prayers.

Today, i went for my driving test re-take.
And true enough, PTL God answered my prayers
and granted me a PASS in my driving!
I truly was amazed at how God works!

haha! and also I wanted to say to
those people who told me that i should have paid
under-table money to the officers:


Without the need of under-table money I still
succeeded in passing my OTR test! =D

all this is Glory To God alrite! hehe

Mar 16, 2011


The basic concept behind Montessori’s educational work was that of providing children
with a suitable environment in which to live and learn..

i think this statement really means a lot to me!

why? because in our society.. people create/build kindergartens for the sake

of money making.. they forgotten the actual reason which is educating the child

basically, "teachers" these days do not play their role enough to understand the

child's basic needs. They just neglect the child if he/she finds him/her to be

not fast-paced to catch up with the syllabus. What they don't understand is that

EVERY child has their own learning speed.. some may be excellent.. and some

may just be slow..

suitable environment to live and learn is where the child is able to explore the

outside world such as running around, touching insects or picking up leaves which are

on the ground. These are basic things where the child learns. If a child is always

cooped up in the classroom or the house, what benefits may the child gain? He/She

might just end up being an introvert! ><

Mar 6, 2011

beast SHOCK! ♥

well.. havent posted for quite some time.. XD

back today with a post :

SHOCK JAP. Version =D

Can’t breathe, like freeze nae momi gudeoga
Hey dear, stay here nae nuni meoreoga
No way losing my way neon wae meoreojigiman hae
apeugi sirheo nan gipeoman gan maeumeun eotteokhana
imawa nanimo kikoenai
donna hikarimo mienai
oh kimio usinattekara
nanimo teni cheukanai ore
tomaatteku owaatteku
oresaemo kieru
meotojite omoidasita
kimiwa siroku kasumu
Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)
I’m sorry kimi o torimodositakutte
Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)
ikunayo konnanimo kurusikutte
Come to oh oh oh tonight so so crazy
Come back back to me
I’m waiting you you
oh oh oh tonight so so crazy
kiga kurui sonna kono hatenai shock
Hey ya, wake up jeongsincharyeo bomyeon neoneun gyeote eobseo
Oh lalalalalala michin saramcheoreom utgo isseo
geuriumi pado chineun badae maeil heoujeokdae
nan motae (forget you) pyeongsaeng ireoke
konna nimo kurushiinara
kimio hanasajeu ittadaro
oh mou ichido sobani kitteyo
sakebiwa yamieto kieru
胸の奥 刺さる君 
mune no oku sasarukimi
omoidaseba kurushii 
tokio tome
mada maeni susumenai
Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)
I’m sorry kimi o torimodositakutte
Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)
行くなよ こんなにも 苦しくて
ikunayo konnanimo kurusikutte
Come to oh oh oh tonight so so crazy
Come back back to me
I’m waiting you you
oh oh oh tonight so so crazy
kiga kurui sonna kono hatenai shock
ano yumede (yume)
kimino koe (koe)
oreto wakare kimiga shiawasenara
kurushimini taeruyo
Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)
I’m sorry kimi o torimodositakutte
Every day I shock(shock)
Every night I shock(shock)
ikunayo konnanimo kurusikutte
Come to oh oh oh tonight so so crazy
Come back back to me
I’m waiting you you
oh oh oh tonight so so crazy
kiga kuruisonna kono hatenai shock
This song is not over
Get Shock

btw the lyrics might have 

some spelling error.. 

lazy to correct them since i just copied and paste it.. XD

Feb 24, 2011


Well~ i'll be attending my FIRST lesson of Montessori Philosophy this SATURDAY..

>< so nervous! last week during the orientation.. WOW.. 

i freakishly didn't know that my course was that difficult to PASS! wth!

haix.. plus the number of people that scored a DISTINCTION in a 

span of 10 years is ONLY TWO! WTF?!

haix!! majority only can reach a PASS.. those really good ones

are able to achieve a MERIT.. other than that is FAIL.. omg!

i hope i'm able to do well! ><

of course with God's guidance! hehe

i have LOTS of projects + assignments + omg ESSAYS!

the essays are not that easy alright.. i have some examples in 

my hand.. and omfg.. wth?! the essay is so bloody tough!

dahlah it's based on theory + own understanding.. we have to

write it between 1500 and 2200 words! ><

that's all for now i think! can't think of writing anymore


signing off,

B2ST and Junsu lovers! ♥

Feb 13, 2011

Valentine's Day advance.. =D

Valentine's Day is in 1 hour 10 minutes! HAHA ♥

hope all the couples & non-couples enjoy this wonderful day~

yea~ many would love this eh? =D

well.. don't worry.. when the time is right.. 

the ONE will come to you with this " BE MINE " ;)

oh of course.. friends and family are equivalently important

so make sure to say :

hehe! enjoy!

signing off at 10.50pm 13th february 2011

Feb 7, 2011

happy cny!

aiks! red = prosperity

late posting for CHINESE NEW YEAR!

late for 5 days.. omg! haha

today is already the CHO-5!

which means it's the fifth day of CNY~ 

paiseh~! hehee