Oct 30, 2008


well.. just nothing
to do.. so drop by her
to post something lo..
haiz.. so 'fan' la.. trying
to get my storyline.. but
my ideas keep starting
from the climax.. so difficult..
i'm trying to do my best in
creating another story
like my previous successful
ones.. well.. wad can i do?
take my time i guess.. since
starting now.. i have 2
months as my free time
to do my story.. the title i've
ady come out with.. which is
"Love and Betrayal"..
i wonder izzit ok? hehe..
nothing much for me to post
ady i guess.. just need to
think how to start the story
like my previous ones~~~

Oct 20, 2008


Well.. actually i'm bored..
so today i wanna write
a poem for fun.. let's see
whether it works or not la..
hopefully wad i write has
a meaning to it.. psps..

Everytime i have a close fren,
She leaves me,
Everytime i have a close fren,
She betrays me,
But now that i have found a true fren,
She please me!

Hahax.. saja write oni..
dunno does it actually sound right
or not oso.. hehe~

Oct 18, 2008

Taggie.. lolx..

Been Tagged by Kah Yan and Vivian

1) What is the relationship between you and him/her?
- best frenz
2) You're 5 impressions on him/her?
- nice
- funny
- understanding
- tall
- siao?
3) The most memorable thing she/he has done for you?
- umm.. making me enjoy my day? hahax
4) The most memorable thing she/he said to you?
- lets see... "I Hate You.." hahax.. dat was in form 1
5) If she/he become your lover, you will
- i'll freak? i mean we're best friends.. eww
6) If she/he become your enemy, you will
- i'll be very unhappy i guess.. i would never wan to lose her..
7) If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on
- i just said.. she's my best friend! if wan her improve.. den become a guy la..
8) If she/he become your enemy, the reason is
- its a misunderstanding?? lolx..
9) The most desirable thing to do on him/her?
- dunno.. cant think..
10) The overall impression on him/her?
- a good friend dat i can trust..
11) How do you think the people around you feel about you?
- childish?
12) The character of you for yourself?
- siao
13) What do you hate about yourself?
- dat i'm emotional? lolx..
14) The most ideal person you wan to be is?
- umm.. someone like Ee Von lo.. cuz is smart and gud at sports..

Oct 17, 2008


PMR is finally over!
OMG.. so happy wei!!
lolx.. after today.. can do wadeva
i wan liao lo..
well.. atleast til Dec..
den hv to start studying again
for next yr de syllables.. hahax..
today went to mid valley to
so-called celebrate la..
den met some ppl i know..
1st one was soon yin
and his frenz.. den
met yen wen (MC) and lastly
saw Ian (BJ).. i was like wtf..
see so many ppl i noe de..
hahax.. but it was sort of ruined
cuz we had to go bak early..
and not oni dat leh..
kena rain sia.. damn la..
but wad to do rite?? hahax..
anyways.. dats all i wanna
post for now la.. hehe..

Oct 10, 2008

2 days to PMR

lolx.. dunno wad to post ady..
well.. today is our class arrangement
day.. well.. very happy la indeed..
CUZ all my frenz are wif me..
NOT exactly all la.. but is like 3/4
of my frenz lo.. so.. Ms. Sim is our teacher
in charge for today.. next week the
invigilators turn pulak.. PMR so near ady..
just 2 Days.. nvm.. i will do my best.. i wont
let down my Mom and Pn. Tan!! I will
surely do my best to gv dem the best
results dat i can obtain! hahax.. well..
i lost it ady..so.. today was quite ok la..
had recess wif my bag! wtf rite.. haha
cuz after dat we needed to go to de
Dewan for some 'talk'.. so went der..
saw the 'cute guy' from the afternoon
session! hehe.. lol.. i just tink he's cute
but dun have any feelings for him! hahax..
so those dat read dun tink serong.. anyway..
i went der wif my frenz.. and heard
Spellman and Pey Shan singing some english
song.. after dat was Cheng Mun on the
violin...as usual.. lastly was de choir group
from the afternoon session prefects.. hahax
so cacat.. the song they chose was..
"Mungkin bila Nanti by Peterpan" wtf la..
after their practice.. we had the 'talk' goin
on.. we were'nt even listening! hahax
padahal, laopo and me busy creating the
plot for my up and coming story..haiz..
den went to get the slip for my exam if not
cant go in and take the test orh! hehe..
den went bak in.. had to listen for a while
den can balik ady.. but b4 dat.. hv to
go and shake hands wif the teacher to wish
us good luck for our test wor.. hehe..
den balik umah ady lo.. well.. dat's
pretty much all i wanted to post today~~

Oct 5, 2008

on9 game...

boring sia.. playing this
weird on9 game.. called POPMUNDO
haiz.. its like real life like dat..
i nid to create an artist..
and nid to compose the lyrics and music
for it.. lame rite? hehe.. dunno how
to make her famous oso.. i dahla
damn noob in on9 games.. ishk
tml bak to skul ady lo!
so happy sia! hehe.. cant wait actually..
well.. dat's all i wanna post i guess..

Oct 2, 2008

Bbq dinner~

2day's bbq was extremely fun!
hehe.. went der wif laopo.. hehe
went and pick her up den left to
collect de mutton curry from mummy's
fren.. den after dat left to Aunty
Seraphine's hse.. so 1st we reach der..
was like damn ackward u noe..
den as usual.. we managed to fit in
after dat.. Charis came down and i
introduced them together lo..
den after dat Samantha and her
family came lo.. den they went the
top floor to practice the hymns to sing..
after dat.. Kimberly oso came along..
so again i introduced them.. hahax..
after dat, we were asked to join them
up der to sing lo.. so we did.. den after
the songs.. went for food.. hahax.. gt
so many varieties.. der was pizza..
home-made de.. den got Tom yam
mee hoon.. personally made by Aunty
Susan.. den gt sushi! dunno hu make de..
and sandwiches! nice sia! got prawn
and ebiko~! ma fav!! hahax.. den
we went in after dat.. and had some
chit-chats around.. den the adults
came in for some talk.. so we went in
the music room/drum room to play lo
together with Jarad, Simon and his
cousin! so cute la they all.. haha.. den we
came bak out cuz Samantha called us for
a game called "Empire" (i played dat
when i went to Lumut wif them~) so
the winner was Dr. David Wong! so geng
there was like approximately 30 names sia..
and he won everything! he gt the BIGGEST
empire sia~ lol.. den after dat.. the
game ended and everyone wanted to
balik rumah to work tomolo..so we all
oso pack to leave lo.. and we were the last
ones to leave~! haha.. so fun.. den send
bak my laopo to her hse.. den see her
safely in her hse den oni we drove off~
hahax.. now bak at home.. so tired but
so freakin happy.. best day ever spent
wif my laopo.. hopefully she can join me
in all these wonderful events.. incl christmas
if gt la.. lolx.. cuz it aint confirm yet.. hehe
that's all i guess.. now gonna relax den
mandi.. den tido~~

Oct 1, 2008

1st day raya? lolx

well.. today is 1st day raya.. went
to me primary frenz house in damansara..
yeng leh? go so far.. haha.. i noe her
for abt 6 yrs ady.. hehex.. though we
are separated and are in different skuls..
we got still keep in contact la.. eventhough
not that often.. but atleast we still do!lolx
so.. went der lo.. hahax.. but my fren wasn't in
she went to de mall.. hoho.. so walk around lo..

den i saw my frenz bro.. luk so cute! hahax
havent see him for a yr ady lo.. hehe.. just
oni abis his UPSR.. so now enjoying the raya..

hehex.. dunno wad happen to him.. keep
staring at me.. so i keep lukin bak to
smile at him lo.. he pulak keep staring..

so i just like wadeva la.. den my fren call her
mom to pick her up ady.. den her mom ajak
me to sit with her in the car to pick her up..
so i come and follow lo.. hahax.. wasai..
when she saw me.. she was like "Eh. Jacqueline?!"
so i laughed and smiled bak to her.. hahax..
she was lukin at me like damn shocked wei..

cuz i luked to freakin diff from last yr.. haha
den went bak to the house.. lolx.. den she went
to chg baju~ well.. she luks as pretty as she

was last time.. aiya.. she wont chg de la..
know her for so many yrs.. hahax.. well
here's a pic of her... Nur Atikah bte Suhaimi

lolx.. cant reli see her.. cuz she wasn't
lukin when i took her pic.. hahax..shhh!
well.. den i was wif one of her cousins..
soo cute la she.. i know her since she was
a new born baby.. hahax! i tink she's probably
5 yrs old gua?? lolx.. cant remember lo..
hehex.. anyway.. here's her pic.. SARA..

well.. dunno wad's her full name.. hehex..
sorry.. well.. she wasn't smiling der.. so
i guess u cant reli see how sweet and
pretty she reli is.. lol.. anyways.. i guess
that's all for todays' post.. hehex.. will
be coming up with another post tomolo...
CUZ will be goin for bbq tomolo wif
my dear laopo!! hehe.. so happy~!