Oct 27, 2010


woah.. it's been 1 month since i last posted here.. hahax!

anyways.. my results for my trials are terrible!!
all my specially targeted subjects for an A turned out to be Bs 
how saddening can it get??

haix.. i targetted nothing below B.. and i got TWO C+
gahh! so frustrating for me.. @@

so overall i've gotten 4As 4Bs and 2Cs..
and yes i took 10 subjects.. including EST..

i wished i had done better as in.. not making those
idiotic mistakes in the exam.. if not.. those 7As are mine!!!

Bio isn't included as the 8th A cuz i don't really have
confidence in it.. (i greatly dislike reading subjects)

well.. i kinda am lazy to continue my post.. so yea..
hopefully these remaining 28 days will be super

useful for me to finish my final revision and exercises
for the subjects i target to score A.. :D

i've completed physics so far.. now doing BIO..
another 3 subjects that i'm gonna cover will

be Chem, Add Maths and Sejarah..
Sejarah was most saddening for me cuz 2 more marks

i would have gotten atleast an A-
but too bad i didn't.. aww!

yea.. so now i'll just sign off.. :D