Dec 31, 2009

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!

wohoo!! Year 2010 is finally HERE!!!

How can I use the New Year
To better serve my Lord?
I’ll read my ODJ every day,
And be more in accord.

I’ll find new ways to serve others;
I’ll love my neighbor, too.
I’ll focus on "giving" instead of "getting"
In everything I do.

I’ll forgive the people I’m mad at;
Angry feelings I’ll try to discard;
I’ll try to love my enemies too,
Even though it’s hard.

In the new year, I’ll lift people up,
Instead of putting them down.
I’ll fill my heart with love and joy,
And never wear a frown.

I’ll let go of my worries;
I’ll put it all in His hands;
I’ll repent and try to sin less,
And obey all His commands.

These new year’s resolutions
Are difficult, at best,
But there’s something I can do each day
That will put my soul at rest:

I’ll love my Lord with all my heart,
With all my mind and soul,
And if I do that essential thing,
All the rest will be in control.


Dec 26, 2009


lolx! back with another post.. since now is 1.14am~
its the 2nd day of CHRISTMAS! wohoo! and this day
is also my bestie's birthday.. so :


anyways.. on the 24th i went to CYC (chinese youth church)
at fga for theChristmas Evangelistic Night.. and IT WAS AWESOME!

this was taken from my hp.. so its ugly
this is taken by some1's camera..

quite nice wei the deco.. guys u should come la..
2day (26th) is the last day ady.. BUT warning ya..

the Christmas service ytd (25th) was okay i guess..
but tis is under the English congregation la..

there were these 2 awesome tenors!

from left : Dr. Chua Jui Meng's son and Tom Tom
children from Myanmar.. so CUTE~

well.. since today is the 26th~ still have 10 more
days of Christmas!! ^^ so enjoy this precious time~

Dec 24, 2009

xmas eve~

yay.. just a day to CHRISTMAS!! ^^

whee.. today is Christmas eve as well as the
PMR result day.. very happy for my juniors
that did well! ^^

anyways :

Have a Great Christmas Eve~ hehe

Dec 19, 2009

long time no post.. xD

woah.. been quite some time since i entered my blog..
paiseh.. Christmas is almost here!! soooo happy!
cuz its my favourite season!!! haha

today went to Mid Valley with mom and bro~
so cool! we managed to see the choir group by the
Young Adult (YA) of FGA.. it was conducted by
Ps. Guy~ he so cute!! hahaha

the choir team from YA~
Ps. Guy Rozario.. lolx

and this is the Harmonica team~ damn nice songs
they even did "Love Story" and "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"

the three of them.. left out the other guy.. xD
here's ALL of them.. so freakin cool! haha

this Christmas is really awesome!!

i spent three days helping out at church with the
special needs children.. and it was reli awesome!!

i worked with kids that have ADHD, Autism, Slow Learner,
Down Syndrome as well as William Syndrome.. and
its a great experience! no regret!!!

Dec 10, 2009


Yay!! i got my yeast from Aunty Cheng Yee~!

now i can make my very own yogurt!!
lolx.. this is the picture of the yeast in process.. xD

bwahahah~ i can finally make my own yogurt!
no nid buy from outside anymore..

need to wait til tmr i tink.. den my yogurt should
be done.. ^^

Dec 3, 2009

thx so much for everything!!

lolx.. i had a really awesome day!! ultimately the BEST
birthday i ever had! and it's all thx to everyone! *incl god*
haha.. and to those that wished me happy birthday..
THX A LOT!! ^^ it really made my day.. credit goes to :

Aunty Florence
Aunty Sharon
Aunty Susan
Aunty Teresa
Aunty Vivien
Carmen Chin
Chang Kit Meng
Cheng Mun
Chew Mun
Choon Sien
Dan Wk
Edward Chung
Fui Nyuk
Ho Wen Hao
Hsin Yee
Hui Ping
Ian daddy.. xD
Jen win
Jonathan Lim
Jun Yeong
Ken *saloon guy*
Kah Yan
Kei Yan
Ken Yap
Mei Keit~!
Meng Keat
Noah Low
Pui Teng
Pui Yee
Shin Hwa
Sook Kuan
Sue Zxin
Tang Kim Seng
Tze Tzing
Vivian Cheong
Wee Ching
Wee Chien
Wai Lun
Wei Xiang
Wei Kien
Ying Xing
Zhan Sheng

this years birthday wishes were quiet unexpected.. lolx..
i have a total of 73 ppl wishing me and i really appreciate it!! ^^

therefore :


Dec 2, 2009

thx py and ching!

lolx.. today went to MV~
and it was so sweet of PY and Ching to
celebrate my birthday.. ^^

really appreciated it !! ^^

thx Py!! ^^
thx ching!!

thx so much for the cake as well.. Lolx!!

the BOX.. xD
the sweet cake!! ^^
a nice sight! xD.. almost burnt py's hand.. >.<
my freakin BIG piece of cake.. i got the biggest one.. zadao

anyways.. all in all.. thx!! reli appreciate it!!! <3

Dec 1, 2009

lols.. dinner~

lolx.. today is Aunty Teresa's bday! lolx..


the food was great.. they celebrated mine as
well as John's bday too.. lol.. since our bdays are

1st dec - aunty teresa
2nd dec - JohnNathan
3rd dec -me.. lol

1st snap...
2nd snap.. lolx..

all home-made wan.. ^^

Nov 27, 2009

so in love!!

ahh! now i'm so in LOVE!!
in love with what? its DBSK's "Magic Castle"

i know i know.. dat song is like damn old
but still... it captured my heart!! *melts*

maybe cuz i'm like so in a Xmas mood~
plus this song was from their Xmas album i tink..
haha.. and oso in love with one of their
old old songs "My Little Princess"

without further a due, here's Magic Castle~

just in case.. the beginning of the song is entitled
"Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring"

and here's My Little Princess ~

lols.. using green and red-ish cuz its almost
Christmas!! xD

Christmas = my fav season!!! LOL

Nov 24, 2009

comment pls!

okie well.. my dear friend has asked me to do this :

see the link above? CLICK IT~!

well she asked me to get any1 of u dats reading my bloggie
to read her latest post and comment in the Cbox.. she wouldn't
mind anything.. just comment on what u feel after u have
read her latest post! ^^

omg holidays are here and i'm FREAKIN BORED..
not to mention i have completed Mr. Siew's homework..
oni done like 50% haha.. anyways.. gonna watch NEW MOON!!

Nov 19, 2009

finally over!

okie! exam is finally over! haha.. and ugh.. got another
2 more results.. which is physics (full) and maths..

hmm.. physics wasn't dat good.. but i guess i should be
satisfied? haha.. i got 60% which = B3.. haix.. nvm..
will gambateh next yr!!

maths pulak.. saddened a bit.. i got 76% which = A1..
some ppl might say "wow" or "so good!" but to me i tink
for maths its quite low... though i am happy i did score an
A1 atleast.. lolx..

other results.. will be posted to us i guess? xD now its
HOLIDAY TIME!! wohoo!!

Nov 16, 2009


haix.. today got back some results.. ass betul..
plus today is Phy paper 1 and 2! xD.. quite ok i guess..
but the sad part is.. MY RESULTS AR!!

*cries non-stop*

well.. as we sat for our physic paper 1.. one of the
teachers came and pass our MORAL results to jeff..
so we all damn gan jiong la.. but who cares? we have
to freaking sit for our paper 1 1st.. haha

okie.. as usual.. we done our part.. CHIT-CHAT TIME!
so i asked miss nee regarding my paper 3 results..
den she said " hmm.. urs ar? quite gud" i was like happy.. *duh*
so i tot like 30/40.. walau.. manatau i found out highest
is like 27/40! 27?! i was like.. shit lo.. den dun care lo..

jeff handed out our moral paper.. and OMIGOSH!! i wanted
to CRY wei.. i got oni 74/100... so freakin sad wei.. haix!
i expected A1.. *not reli la.. cuz the Q was so babi-like*
anyways.. highest is ee von (as usual) she got 89 i tink.. xD
congrats! hehe.. so recess time.. we got our physics P3 results..

haix.. ok lo.. i oni got 25/40 quite depressing.. but ok lo.. i will
bounce bak.. hehe.. paiseh.. den sejarah results oso.. freak
like hell.. almost cried in skul.. 41?! 1st time this yr i got below
and B3 for my sejarah.. damn la.. =.= she lied to us.. say
wad bonus marks.. fake like shit la.. >.<

argh!! so all in all these are my results so far..

Moral - 74%
Phy P3 - 24/40
Sej - 41%

Nov 15, 2009


okie.. tmr is physics paper 1 n 2 !! must gambateh~
hahaha.. anyways.. studied ytd for paper 1 and today
paper 2.. my goodness.. so freakin hard to memorize le..
sad sad.. haha.. anyways..

celebrated baby Natalie's 2nd Yr Bday~ lolx.. she's
as pretty as ever.. and still as NOISY as can be..
haha.. dat i guess is something dat cant be changed..
and omigosh!

found this video (finally!) of one of my
favourite K-Pop artist Hyuk Jae~ aww.. he so freakin
sweet to the baby le! *melts*

walau.. tell u guys la.. after watching oni lagi i suka him!
hahaha~ he's soooooo sweet!! the best guy every wei! xD

Nov 13, 2009

tagged by kor~

Rules of the game:

Once you are tagged, you MUST DO this quiz and tag 16 friends, including the person who tagged you.
Copy and paste everything, do it and repost the title with whatever rank you were given.
Ranks are given at the bottom of this note
If you have done something in this school which is indicated by the sentence, mark the [ ] on the left side of the thing you have done with a x.
Let the game begin.

Level 1:

[ ]Sleep in class
[x]Talked in class
[x]Not seating at your own place in class
[ ]Scolded by a teacher
[x]Litter the classroom
[ ]Did not do your homework
[x]Submitted your homework
[ ]put nail polish
[ ]lepaking
[x]Did not pay attention in class
[ ]dreaming in class
[x]goofing around in class
[x]Copied other people's homework
[ ]Played a trick on your classmates

My Total: 7

Level 2:

[x]walking around
[ ]late in class
[ ]was abit naughty
[ ]shouted at the top of your voice during lesson time
[ ]scolding vulgarities in class
[ ]spotted hairstyle deemed unacceptable by the school
[ ]used a school facility without school's permission
[x]play in class
[ ]singing loudly during lesson
[ ]walking around the class aimlessly during lesson time
[x]did not greet the teacher properly
[ ]went to the toilet during lesson time without permission
[x]say bad about teacher
[ ]used the teacher's table as a rubbish dump

My Total: 4

Level 3:

[ ]made a fool out of morning assembly
[ ]wasted the school's toilet paper
[ ]sabotaged someone
[ ]irritated someone

My Total: 0

Level 4:

[ ]forged your parent's signature
[ ]forged a classmate's signature

My Total: 0

Level 5:

[ ]fiddling with your handphone during lesson time
[ ]using school computer to play games without a teacher's permission
[ ]listened to an MP3 player in school

My Total: 0

Level 6:

[ ]vandalise the school property
[ ]used the internet
[ ]fought with someone in school

My Total: 0

Level 7:

[x]cheated in a class test
[ ]cheated in a school examination
[ ]Lied to your teacher

My Total: 1

Level 8:

[ ]set fire to something in the school
[ ]locked the teacher out of the classroom
[ ]played truancy just after coming to school just to take attendance

My Total: 0

Level 9:

[x]refused to pay school fees
[ ]cheated the school money
[ ]stole things which belonged to the school
[ ]bullied someone in school
[ ]pranked called your school

My Total: 1

Level 10:

[ ]raised your voice/shouted against a student leader
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against a teacher
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your discipline master/mistress
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your vice-principal
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your principal

My Total: 0

Level 11:

[ ]brought weapons to the school
[ ]brought real firearms to the school
[ ]brought a real bomb to the school
[ ]fired a real weapon in the school with the motive to frighten/kill
[ ]dressed up as a terrorist to school

My Total: 0

Grand total : 13

If you are between 0-15 -------------{I am a good student}
If you are between 16-20------------{I am a good student but with occasional trouble}
If you are between 21-30------------{I am an average student}
If you are between 31-40------------{I am a bad student}
If you are between 41-50------------{I am a very bad student}
If you are between 51-60------------{I should have been caned by the discipline master}
If you are between 61-65------------{I should have been expelled from school}
If you are between 66-75------------{I should have been sent to a reformatory centre }

I Tag :

1. wee ching

2. wee chien

3. kei yan

4. sze hui

5. wisely

6. kah yan

7. jun yeong

8. hui ping

Nov 11, 2009


haix.. today is ADD MATHS and physics 3
and omg.. add maths was totally a KILLER..
argh.. i tink i wasted abt 15-20 marks wei..
=.= and its paper 2.. dahla no selection of
questions.. we had to do ALL.. argh..

well.. physics on the other hand wasnt that hard?
i tink can get atleast 30/40 gua.. hehe..hope so
la.. if not mampus on the spot.. and this was my
study spot for addmaths ytd.. xD

this is part one.. and
this is part 2.. lolx..

i know.. its super messy rite? yup! dats me..

Nov 9, 2009


well okie.. today was Chemistry Paper 1 and 2
hmm paper 1 can say okok gua? managed
to get 35/50 correct.. lolx.. hope that is good~

paper 2 was OMG.. =.=! Ms. Sim as expected
filled the whole freakin paper with all the past yr
SPM questions..

i guess that is normal? cuz since the beginning of
the year.. our whole question paper oso taken
from the past year questions.. and as expected..
one of Mr. Siew's exercises came out as well..

but i was 'retarded' cuz i freakin wasted the calculation
part which was 3 marks.. so i tink i oni got 1 mark
for that Q.. den another question was .... i just read it
the day before and i 4got.. how smart rite? haix..

this was my study place ytd.. xD :
yup.. on the sofa.. in FRONT of da TV.. xD

gonna prepare for one of my favourite subs,
namely MORAL! ^^

Nov 4, 2009

food at subang?

just came back from Subang not long ago..
bro took us out for a treat.. xD the place
is somewhere near the Metropolitan College..

we went there about 9pm cuz bro said that
if go to early definitely no place to sit.. weird rite?
i initially thought why.. den when i got there
i understood why.. the place was FILLED..

the place is called :

honestly, this place is awesome! the service is great..
first time i visited a place where the workers are
actually polite! xD oh yea.. this place only serves
DESSERTS~ yum.. haha

this is our dish :
omg.. oni RM5.90! *so cheap*
the bowl about 9-10cm high.. so filling!
3 of us share til it finish.. xD

the most interesting item i found at this place was the
BEEPING UFO! each customer that buys the food
will be given this to wait for their order~

cute rite? 1st time come i got my fav number.. xD
yes! it lights up once your order is done! hehe..

oh before we left the place.. bro decided to take us
makan burger.. =.=! at 1st i was like "what so special"
then we went la.. woah.. so cheap! with such a
generous serving!!

the stall.. super long queue wei.. got even number given
for each order.. xD
the chef!! lol
the food? xD ya.. ignore the presentation of the food..

the hotdog for ur information is 6 inch! and it only
costs RM4! the burger on the other hand is rather
special.. its MUSHROOM BURGER! ever heard such
a thing? xD.. is quite filling too! only for RM4.50

guess dat's all... xD

Nov 2, 2009

final exam

okie~ just sat for my FIRST paper
for my finals~ haha.. its Modern Math..
so yea.. its not that difficult la.. if you
actually did revision.. BUT i hate chapter 11.. =.=
cant seem to master it up til now.. dahla
wasted abt 5 Q on paper 1.. sad sad..

paper 2 was alright i guess.. just hoping i can
maintain my A1.. muahaha.. hmm~

tmr will be sitting for my BM 1 and 2~
so all the best to my frenz and I!! ^^
dunno la when's the next date i'll be postin..
maybe when i'm freE?? or after my exams?

whee.. anyways just to add something :

yea.. our annual dinner.. the BEST of all times.. xD

Oct 25, 2009

pics~ whee

okie.. bored.. so decided to put here some pics..
whee.. xD.. just pics of my frens and I.. ^^

okie.. the pic quality is horrible? but the effect quite nice la..
its taken in the toilet btw.. xD (puva/pavi/me)

this is something just recent la.. xD
kha nih tha, pavi and me~

me and neesha! ^^

me and pavi! ^^ muax

us three! hehe.. the angle a bit cacat.. cuz when we
were taking it.. some negro kept staring.. =.=! kacau oni

this was in July~.. me and dar dar.. xD

me and kimberly!! lolx.. no other pics with her..>.<
will snap one day! lolx

CF jamuan at the beginning of Oct~ lolx..
tania, pavi and me! hehe

this wan.. no pic with her yet.. =.=! one day i will
definitely make her snap with me.. lol~
wee ching~ bestie + sister~ haha

Oct 24, 2009

exam date again! =.=

okie.. pig betul.. our exam date is postponed to
the 2nd November.. and ya.. dat's da final
change their making.. haha.. so well.. umm
our exam will most probably be coming a lot
more chaps.. =.=

BM - all?
BI - all?
PHY - chap 1 til 4
CHEM - chap 1 til 8
BIO - chap 1 til 7 (ass betul)

hmm.. so oni 3 subs dat din cover all.. sadcase
anyways.. LUCKY AS WELL.. cuz CHEM chap 7
and 8 is a killer chapter =.=
Bio.. i find it stupid.. cuz teacher can actually
finish up de damn syllables if he had not been

Oct 21, 2009


ok damn.. our exam date chg again?!
argh.. stupid kerajaan or the toad oso i dunno..
=.=! damn stupid wei.. keep draggin our
time for holiday! >.<

anyways.. since they decided to change the
date.. pn. wan hazizah asked and got our
consent to add in chapter 11 to our paper 2..
so yea! our final exam have 4 important subs
dat will be having the whole year's syllables
which are Moral , Maths, A. Maths and Sejarah

well.. among this four.. i oni fear Sejarah and
A. Maths.. Sejarah not so bad gua? since so far
my lowest result is a B3.. A. Maths pulak a bit
shaky cuz dunno can maintain my A2 bo.. >.<

anyways.. gotta gambateh!! xD BM pulak leh..
gonna mati..dahla dat pn. raihan mark damn strict..
summore no tips for the whole year.. =.=!! how
la to sit for the test??? ahhhhh... BM IS KILLING ME!!
haix.. so far no one under pn. raihan has ever got above 65
for karangan i tink? swt betul..

gotta leave it to God as well as study!! hopefully
i wont so lazy ba.. lolx

Oct 18, 2009

200th post.. xD

dude.. i'm seriously officially insane! xD..
been on youtube whole day i tink since ytd la..
and OMG.. i found some new videos..

its : DREAM CONCERT 2009 ( OCT 10 )
but was broadcasted on the 11Oct if not mistaken

walau.. so many groups wei.. but of cuz..
haha.. oni take SUJU and SNSD
was just lazy to take the other group which
i sorta favor oso la.. ( e.g. shiNee and 2AM )

so here we are.. xD

1. Super Junior M - Super Girl

2. SNSD - Genie

3. Super Junior - Sorry Sorry Remix

4. 2NE1 - I Don't Care and Fire

lolx.. anyways.. there are plenty other videos
go watch on Youtube la.. they got the whole set
of the Concert wei.. and the video quality is quite good! ^^

woohoo! cant believe i'm so lucky managed to get
the videos for the concert held oni last week?! xD