Sep 30, 2009


ok.. umm.. today nothing really special
happen at skul.. hmm? just study lo.. sienz..
physic oso cant finish syllables.. haix.. left chap
5 we blm learn yet.. =.=! finals ar.. shit lo..

anyways.. today i cooked soup! whee.. xD
its dunno wad soup? called ABC gua~ the steps
were :

1. peel and cut carrots/potatoes/tomatoes/taufu/salted veg
2. clean the chicken/salted veg (rinse 2 times)
3. boil the water
4. put in chicken til the water boils again
5. add in potatoes and carrots til water boils again
6. add in taufu and tomatoes until water reboils
7. add in the salted veg!
8. add salt for more taste.. xD

quite nice wei.. 1st time doing soup and it sorta
turned out great.. xD oh ya.. i watch the "sorry sorry"
til i sot jor.. i love da dance la.. omg!

i just love da dance! but its so tough ar! =.=! plus.. the
actual dance needs 13 ppl for it..

oh den kah yan show me some clips of Suju learning
english.. omg la... eunhyuk is sooooooo cute! xD

Sep 28, 2009


ntg special la today except for the fact
kah yan gave me this video to watch! omg..
damn cute wei.. the little kids dance off to
1. 2pm - again and again
2. Super Junior - sorry sorry

damn yeng lo.. xD.. watch til so syok ady..
SS!! lolx..


*high school girls*


dats all.. xD hope u enjoyed it.. xD

Sep 24, 2009

HARI RAYA with teacher!! yay

today is just really awesome to the maximum!!
went to Pn. Wan Hazizah's hse for raya~
hehe.. ok just for introduction.. she's
my additional mathematics teacher and one of
my favourite teacher ever!! hehe..

so.. i went there with Pavi la.. reach der..
den got LOST! OMG.. haha.. the hse was right
in front of us and we were searching high and
low.. =.=! den after dat.. my mom asked us to
go knock at the window la.. to check..

both of us were like chickens oni.. scared to ask..
den ended up we slowly creeped to the back and
asked some ppl lo.. and this was how the conversation
went :

Me : Umm, mak cik.. ini rumah Pn. Wan Hazizah ke?
Mak Cik : *looks at another fella* sape tu?
Pavi : Pn. Wan Hazizah..
Pak Cik : Pn. Wan Hazizah?? *blur face*
Me : Ya
Mak Cik : Anak lelaki ke?
*both of us laughing 99*
Pavi : Tak Tak.. Perempuan.. cikgu....
Mak Cik : Oh, Cikgu!
Pak Cik : Ya ya.. ini rumah dia.. sebelah saje..
*both of us thanked her*

anyways.. den we finally saw teacher! haha.. and we
entered her house sharp 2 wei!! 100% punctual.. xD
den we waited for the others to arrive.. so funny wei..
KNT taught us how to come here and she pulak SESAT..
our class oni few of us came la.. *the gud ones* xD

(our class) (form 5) (ex-students)
1. Me!
2. Pavi!
3. Pui Yee!
4. Ammar!
5. Hisham!
6. Fitri!
7. Marsya
8. Kha Nih Tha!
9. Kin Lup
10. Kim Seng
11. Nat Da
12. Amelia

these are the ones from our skul.. there were
others oso.. some of it were her sons frenz.. xD
then some ex-students we dunno who came visit!
LOL.. she reli is an awesome teacher~ xD
anyways.. den after dat.. we went PY's hse lepak lo..
den we ransacked her room! kakaka.. so GIRLY!
wheee.. xD.. den had webcam fun! xD.. so cool~

chat with Li Ann.. den Pavi and me pulak go
snap photo.. xD :
FAIL shot.. xD
another FAIL shot..
can say PASS lo.. LOL
100% PASS..xD

anyways.. the rest of the photos are with Pavi
and Hisham.. xD toodles~

Sep 20, 2009

birthday and ari raya!

Yo! Today is :

1. Celine's Birthday!! woohoo!!
Have an awesome and great bday!
cant wait to see you (dunno when la?)
hehe.. All the best in your education!! ^^
and last but not least... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

2. Hari Raya! lolx..
wished many friends today~ went to one of
my really good friend.. (known her abt 7 yrs?)
okok la.. see her oni once a year since we
split in Form 1... haha
whee.. Atikah! xD.. thk god she dunno
my blog link.. if not i'm sure dead! xD

Sep 18, 2009


okok.. now wanna do double post? cuz i sorta 4got
to post last night.. hehe..

happy sweet 16 dear..
and.. i got her a teddy bear.. she seems
to like it A LOT.. lolx..

Dear Ee Von's Birthday! whee..
have a great sweet 16th!! hope all
ur wishes come true and always be the
top in all that you do!!! ^^

Sep 14, 2009


okay.. this is just something random..
i got nothing to do.. so might as well just
post this la.. its actually something i found
about 2-3 months ago? lolx..

just for fun ya :

dude.. look wei.. xD geng rite? hahaha
oh yea.. btw check out the dude's result..
he got 9 MARKS wei! like dat oso can?!
well.. people over there.. xD.. anyways..
dats all la.. lazy ady.. =.=

Sep 10, 2009


wow.. i tink been about a week plus since i last posted..
haha! anyways.. came back with gud news! ^^

my Monthly Test 3 with the guidance of God
gave me good results! not all A1 la.. but still its GUD!!
*glory is given to God!!*

so yea.. back to it.. i was very surprised with my
results this time.. so awesome la.. 1st time this year
i actually scored 8A's!!! SO HAPPY man!
all this is thanks to GOD cuz he Rox! ^^

even so.. my Chem and BM A2 is not strong
at all.. =.= i got both 66 which was so freakin close to a
B3! sad sad.. but nvm la.. hehehe.. glory to god again! ^^

i guess dats all.. haha~ just wanted to share dat.. whee~

Sep 3, 2009


OMG! buhuhu.. my hair ar!!
*screams* *shrieks* *squeals*

haha.. no worries.. not dat i cut
it bald or wad.. xD.. its just dat..
just dat.. LOOK!

ignore the face ppl!

look at my hair!! ITS STARTING
TO CURL!! OMG~ buhuhuh

aiyo.. dahla i'm broke.. no money
to go straighten it again.. >.<
wad shall i do?? haiyo.. sadness..