Jul 7, 2008

1st day exam..

woah.. 1st day exam just oni pass by!
whoo!!! lol.. i siao ady.. i'm lovin it..
(wtf?? did i reli say dat?!)
lol.. wadeva la.. today was BM and BI..
da 2 easiest subs to score A.. BUT i' scared
cuz maybe i made mistakes??? i hope not.. haha
worried.. tomolo'll be MT and SC..
another day for important subs.. haiz..
hopefully i can maintain it.. huhu..
SC so scared cuz dunno wad type of questions will appear..
MT dunno why, tis time i'm so calm..i tink i reli siao..
sick til siao ady.. ahha..
well.. ntg else to post.. CUZ
i HAVE TO STUDY!! cacat.. lol..