Mar 30, 2009

for fun~

well.. back with another post..
just to cover for dat retarded
post below.. stupid words.. so big..

anyways.. i just wanna post
song lyrics~the song i'm currently
in love wif.. Muahaha :

New Classic (Acoustic)

if you're listening Mary this is for you
whoa whoa..
try to say it right been

rehearsing this all night
and i had the words planned down
but now nothing's coming out

cause you're like a movie star
you lose track of where we are
i know it sounds so cliche

and you take my breath away
when we're together feel like i
can know you forever exciting familiar
but new


now i know that no one else would
do all that i knew nothing was
true(until i met you)

no one else i see
the one that sees me for what
i can be in everything you do

think i found the new classic
in you it's become so hard
for me to be surprised

but you're bringing back the real me
no judgement in your eyes
when i dance with you

that's how i speak the truth
it's just classic when we met now
you make me move no one else would do

all that i knew nothing was true(until i met you)
no one else i see the one that
sees me for what i can be in

everything you do think i found the new classic in you
think i found the new classic in you
whoa whoa

Mar 28, 2009

prefect orientation!!

Whee!! Today was soooooo fun!!
its the Prefect Orientation Day~
which means we combined with
the afternoon session~ ^^

It was majorly enjoyable.. the 1st
event was the "senamrobik" so darn
funny.. we used songs like "Lady Gaga - Just Dance"
and "Soulja Boy - Crank That" Haha!
Seeing all of us dance incl the AJK's were so
funny la.. den Sanjivan lead the dance
for Crank That.. HAHAH!! THE FUNNIEST!

after dat we had our Ice-breaker.. getting
one representative from each group to
perform cat-walk.. xD.. in the clothes the
group designed for them using NEWSPAPER
and they aren't allowed to use scissors..

sry pic is small.. xD.. but can see??
they put BOOBS on him.. xD

Den we had breakfast.. wif hot hot tea! Argh..
Lol.. den proceeded to the hall for some stupid
lecture by that creep En. Talib a.k.a ham sap lou!!
anyways.. after he talked crap.. den was Pn. Norliza
who took over.. and there's where we actually
communicated a bit wif the afternoon sessions.. xD

after that was our tea-break.. breakfast havent
digest ady they stuff us wif more food.. =X
so forced to eat in 5 mins and we were all served
by our juniors in the afternoon session.. xD.. Haha
den after eating we proceeded wif the next game
which is
Public Speaking where each group
had to send out representative to gv a speech
rgrd ANY topic.. but the sad part was.. NOT EVEN
ONE PERSON WAS PREPARED!!.. but anyhow..
they had to do it.. if they dun.. Minus mark wei..

That game was a bit cacat la.. but its oK..xD the game
den was continued with Eh! Apa Itu?? Where team
members again are to send out their representative
to Draw out wadeva word is given to them..
and each
group is to guess wad it is.. ^^ the game took a long
time to complete so we were delayed for lunch just by
a bit.. Lolx.. its oK anyways.. since everyone was so
full.. HAHA

though lunch time was chicken rice.
.its sorta sad la.. why?
cuz most of us din eat
finish due to the tiny amount
of space left in our
stomach which consumed sooo much during
b'fast and morning tea.. after dat we all
bak to the hall.. == and the next event
is the charades?? duno la.. but suppose to act it out..

its quite hard cuz got some they ask us to do
such as.. : KLCC, EARTH HOUR (wth??) and SPEAKER
how the heck are we suppose to act these out?? xD
but anyways.. we managed to do so la.. HAHA!
den moved on to the next wan la.. which was the
VISI MISI thing where they will pick the names
to read out the VISI MISI... but den cacat cuz
they repeated the stupid reading of the RUKUN NEGARA
and how they handled the assembly..

well.. thankfully after dat i had to go home
so the ending ceremony for the prefect orientation
i HAVE NO CLUE.. xD.. dat's all.. ^^

Mar 24, 2009

tight schedule!!

Oh!! finally i'm able to
post here wei.. Haiz.. reli
beh tahan la.. my schedule
for the week seriously FULL

check out la my
schedule.. (excld skul timing) :

- 1pm-2pm (Editorial Duty)
- 2pm-4pm (English Debate)

- (this day is 'free' for HW)

- 4pm-5.45pm (Tuition)

- 1.10pm-2.45pm (English Society)
- 3.15pm-5.45pm (Tuition)

- 12.45pm-1.50pm (C.Fellowship)

- 2pm-4pm (Badminton)
- 5.30pm-7pm (Tuition)

- 8am-10am (Pandu Puteri ==)

- 2.30pm-6pm (Alpha Course)

9.30am-2pm (Church)
- 3pm-5pm (H. Fellowship Badminton)

Haiz.. dahla EVERYDAY
got new hw to do.. HaiZ..
anyways.. bak here.. just wanting
to mention.. i CANT freakin seem
to get over him la.. Argh!! KY, TANIA
CHING!! PLS help!!

Mar 19, 2009


Do not copy the answers.
The tag questions must be 100% same.
Tag people after doing the tag.
No tagging back.

1. Wee Ching
2. Tuna
3. Meng Keat
4. Choon Sien
5. Chee Kuan
6. Ying Xing
7. Sook Kuan
8. Wee Chien
9. Queenie
10. Soon Yin

How do you know 1?
- skul lo.. through arguements

What would you do if you never met 2?
- dunno.. nvr get to kena belanja?? xD

What would you do if 3 & 4 dated you?
- OMG!! can never imagine it wei! c'mon la.. ==

Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
-dude.. they are girls.. lesbian meh..

Do you think 7 is attractive?
- Haha.. well.. ya gua.. xD..

Do you know anything about 8's family?
- yea.. quite lo.. Lolx..

Tell me something about 9
- fuyoh! cute girl.. but den the mulut very geng!!

What language does 2 speak?
- English, Malay and Cantonese

Who is 3 going out with?
- still single.. xD

How old is 4?
- 16 (same lo)

Who is 6's favourite singer?
- dunno..

Would you date 7?
-i aint lesbian..

I prefer 10 single?
- dunno.. he's just a fren anyway..

What is 9's last name?
- chan i tink...

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
- she's my laopo! xD..

Which school does 2 go to?
- same as me? ==

What do you like about 3?
- a sweet guy.. but a bit DEAD

sry.. not in mood to use
bright colors after wad i
heard from calvin.. haiz

Mar 18, 2009


well.. today my post it
for prayers.. hv to do so..
those dat dun wanna read..
its oK..

dear lord,
my prayers today
are for William Teo (18)
who is in Sandakan now
for his NS training..
I pray that you will guide
him through his days
there and get along wif
the people there.. Pls grant him
safety and good health as
he will be there for 3 months..
My second prayer will be for
my dear junior, Bernardo (15)..
Help to guide him as his father
has stroke and currently is
in the hospital.. i pray you will
give Bernardo strength and wisdom
as he is close to his father..
I ask this all in Jesus' name, Amen.

Mar 16, 2009

Mv Outing~

went to MV for another outing.. xD
went der at 10am+ Lolx..
tis time there's 10 of us :

1. Jqi (myself)
2. Wee Ching
3. Tania
4. Kah Yan
5. Ian
6. Choon Sien
7. Meng Keat
8. Oscar
9. Arthur
10. Amirul a.k.a pau

pics :

the tickets.. xD...............................supposingly ching's and my seat..
oscar and pau took it away..
JO3 = Jacqueline Ong 3rd............................Arthur, Ky and cs ~
(my bday~)
arthur the leng zhai.., ian and pau~
a bit special cuz the one
mv he as me to delete..
bowling.. Arthur = 61,..............................look yeng.. padahal enter
cs = 64 and k= 66................................
fuyoh!! gf/bf wei.. couple pulak.. xD luk at
.....................................................the hand der.. xD

group photo become 2 cuz no cameraman for us.. plus
its not complete cuz MR ARTHUR, CS, OSCAR AND MK
go balik rumah din tell us.. ==

anyways.. went to the KTM at 6.. ZZ waited
til 6.30 baru gt KTM.. (3rd wan)
tired like shyt oni.. run so much la today.. xD
tania, ching, ky.. u guys know why la.. xD

Mar 15, 2009


tagged by Wee Ching my laopo~

10 things about the person that tag you

1. my best friend/wife~
2. Majorly pretty
3. cute
4. siao
5. funny
6. hot-tempered.. xD
7. loves Audi
8. loves goin on9
9. hates homework
10. tsunami baby


10 things about the tagged victim

1. insane..
2. loves chatting..
3. love ma frenz
4. hot-tempered.. ^^
5. dislike some of my classmates
6. lazy.. majorly LAZY
7. loves my chem/eng/bm teacher!!
8. loves Audi oso.. but cant play.. ==
9. simple....
10. loves WINDOW-SHOPPING.. xD

tagged :
1. tania
2. Kelly
3. Choon Sien
4. Meng Keat
5. Queenie
6. Kah Yan
7. Wai Ken

-- The End --

Mar 14, 2009

badminton again~

whee~ bak wif another post..
as usual we had another badminton
game.. where we can all
meet up la.. xD
here are the photos :

ian and tania.. xD

fuyoh! hving game oso gt time to look at each other.. xD

neesha (gt pose wei.. xD) and kalevani....

amirul (Pau) and Danial.. xD

cs (the so-called pro..) and mk..

kevin.. so quiet la this dude.. (sry
for taking ur pic w/o permission.. Hehe)

well tis should be the same group
i'll be meeting on monday..
but gt extra ppl oso la.. though
this group of guys wanna watch dat
dat's all i guess.. Lolx

Mar 8, 2009


am bak to blog.. xD
well.. ytd was my trip
to peacehaven.. it was
THE best place on earth..
i had lots of fun there..
anyways.. bak to the actual topic..

i'll be touching on the topic..
..the holy spirit..
why i chose to speak about tis?
well.. for all my life being a
christian.. i always had in God..
i felt that sometimes He did not exist..
and after wad i went through last night..
i'm assured that He DOES exist..

well.. ytd i requested for a prayer in
order to receive
the holy spirit..
at 1st i was a bit nervous.. but then
Aunt Faith told me to relax and
concentrate on Jesus.. and so i did..
Aunt Faith and Aunt Michelle did
the prayer for me.. amazingly i DID
the holy spirit and woah it was
too excited.. i cant describe it.. and
suddenly tears started flowing out..
i just couldn't stop.. i din know why..
after dat my legs felt awfully weak and
then i sorta fell down.. hehe..

after that was over i just felt so overjoyed!
i kept on crying.. i just felt so.. touched..
after dat i went to the washroom to clean up..
and return bak to my group.. i was then
granted to speak in tongue.. i was
shocked to hear the ppl around me saying
that i could
speak in tongue.. i mean.. i cant
even tell dat i did it.. for those who doesn't
know wad
speaking in tongue means.. i will explain..

speaking in tongue is a very special way
of communicating with God.. when we speak
in tongue.. it means that the DEVIL cant understand
and try to intercept wad we're praying
is a very secure way to speak to God.. though
we DO NOT understand.. and i repeat.. DO NOT..
everything that is spoken though our mouths are actually
coming from our heart.. and when we speak in tongue..
sometimes we will be unaware about it..
i cant persuade those that dun believe.. because
i myself
once did not believe it too.. all i can say
is that.. you hv to experience it to believe it..

p/s this is the most significant thing that has
occur in my life.. ^^ thx for reading..
and happy birthday sherman!!

Mar 2, 2009

tagged again... ==

Once you've been tagged,
you have to answer all the question HONESTLY.
Lastly choose 6 people to be tagged

How old were you when you had your first relationship?
muahaha.. nvr been in one.. XD

Are you taken/single ?
aint it obvious??

Do you like anyone right now?
Lolx.. Yea

Ever had your heartbroken?
by fren?? yea..

Miss anyone right now?
yea!! my frenz.. and some seniors..

Who was the last person you sent a text to?

Last person to text you?

Last person you saw?
mom and bro.. ==

What was the last thing you said to someone?
stupid control oso dunno where..

Who is top in your top friends?
umm.. dun wan mention.. takut sensitive wei..

Who do you trust the most in your life?
i dunno.. cuz ppl betrayed me many times..

Who do you love most?
isnt it obvious?? mom, bro and friends la!.. oo.. my few fav teachers oso!

Ever been in love?
i dunno.. i oni can say i like him.. not yet the stage of love.. ==

Who has hurt you the most?
good Q! gt la.. names arent to be mentioned though..

Has a tragedy ever happened in your life?
umm.. does the event which my idiotic father betrayed us considered one??

Are you happy?
am i?? always!!

How many good friends do you have?
a couple.. ^^

Are there some songs you cant listen to because they remind you of someone?
not reli.. cuz whether i listen or not.. he's still in my mind..

Have you ever cheated on a partner?
dude.. still single la.. nvr had a relationship anyway..

Ever been cheated on?
same as the above..

Ever been told someone loved you?
yup.. everyday.. by my mom!XD

Ever told someone you loved them and meant it?
my mummy lo.. XD and my friends..

Not meant it?
umm.. dun tink so.. cuz if i dun mean it.. i'll nvr say it..

What is your idea of true love?
well.. i tink dat it means.. dat both parties will still love one another though needed to go through hardships and sufferings..

Do you believe in love at first sight?
not reli.. cuz i believe dat u nid to know dat person and not just by the out-look impression..

Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?
well.. i guess so.. cuz u cant just jump into a relationship rite? LOL

I shall tag :
1. Wee Ching
2. Kah Yan
3. Wisely
4. Choon Sien
5. Tania

6. Anne