Dec 31, 2010

trip to Selayang 29.12.2010

Well.. i slept at nearly 1am watching the Oh My School repeat.. HAHA
then i woke up at freakin 6.22am to get ready to go Selayang =D

Reached there at 7.45am due to the morning traffic.. (took Aunty Florence's car)
so went there to see Aunty Cheng Yee for some time in the HOT SPRING..

gosh i didn't even know that malaysia has their very own NATURAL HOT SPRING.. =.=
how urban can i be?! LOL.. and the water there is freakin hot.. i almost burnt my legs
if i hadn't take them out of the spring water.. hahax

anyways.. we spent there like an hour or so.. then went back to Aunty Cheng Yee's place
for fruits before taking our lunch... chit-chat for about roughly 2 hours and we drove
out for lunch at some "Nga Poh" place.. waseh the food there is NICE! and cheap too!

i had "Nga Poh Lou Shi Fan" which is super filling and nice for only a price of RM4.00
how cheap can that be?? i eat a seri petaling (some not that nice) at a price of RM4.50.. =.=

On the way back from lunch, we dropped by at Aunty Cheng Yee's Kindergarten (under my request)
so had a look around at the kids ages from 2-4years old.. so cute!

Aunty Florence has helped them to draw up the menu and walau! the kids seriously
get A LOT of good food.. >.< even my kindergarten couldn't provide 3/4 of the food there!
how blessed are the kids?? hehex

that was seriously nice.. then on the way back from the kindergarten.. Aunty Cheng Yee took
a turn to Seri Hartamas to pick up Yen Wen (same age) from her friend's place..

so we came back to her place.. then the adults went to some music room to relax
and dunno do wad la.. Yen Wen and myself started chatting about how our EST paper was like..
and how crappy the invigilators are when they "invigilate" our respective classes..

turns out.. 95% of our invigilators are useless.. since both our school's respective invigilator
dun really bother to see whether the students cheat or not during the exam.. =.=

well.. anyways.. that's all i wanna say.. =D

Dec 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Junsu! ♥

i know imma insane~ 


Happy Birthday JunSu!!!

HAHA~ My JunSu oppa~

생일 축하합니다!!!
 Jqi 김준수 사랑하는!!

Dec 10, 2010

holiday fun!

Well.. SPM is finally over!
ugh.. not officially for me
cuz i still have EST!

oh well.. but plans for 
hanging around with buddies 
have already arose.. =D

i just went out with some
of my classmates
yesterday for class gathering!

after that we went KLCC
intended to buy Christmas gifts
but turns out ALL of us are those that 
are super stingy xD!!

anyways.. plans to have an
awesome reunion with our "family"
have been done..

so the outing is on the 23.12.2010
At Pavilion where our
1st family meeting took place.. hehe

but this year we're hoping to 
welcome a new 
family member~ HAHAHA

Name of that newbie wont be mentioned..
scared after some babun 
come and attack me.. den die lo.. xD

anyways.. so far mk, wc, ky
and me have planned to

Guess wad song we're gonna sing?


I know wad u're thinking~
but Hey dun look down 
on us.. we can sing it 

and even dance it out..
yea.. we're sorta
HUGE fans of K-POP!

the songs chosen so far is :

1. HOOT ♥
4. GEE

other than that is not confirmed.. but
MK said he's gonna RAP!

i so wanna hear that.. maybe
i should let him hear

den he'll be super impressed.. xD!!

Dec 4, 2010

lolx.. birthday post

whee~! ♥

it's funny how time flies by so fast!
my birthday was just yesterday.. xD

hmm.. lets see..
i spent my day together with Kah Yan
at the office of PLKN.

our purpose was to switch
to 1st batch for NS.. =)

which as usual.. the ppl will say 
"tunggu 2 minggu ye untuk mengetahui
keputusan permohonan anda"

so ended up i wasted like 3-4 hours.. 
just for that.. =.=

and my birthday gift was:
1. Slight fever
2. Sore throat
3. Headache!

how generous of my immune system.. 
LAWL.. nevertheless,
i cheered up cuz of all my friends 
who remembered my birthday!

those that called, sms and fb-ed me..
lol.. =)

since i cant list those who fb-ed me..
i'll just list down those that sms and called me

special thanks to:
1. Shin Mei ♥
2. Li Ann =)
3. Dina huhu =)
4. Kimberly ♥
5. Rachel! =D *friend for 10 years!*
6. Wee Ching ♥
7. Wisely =D
8. Neeshanthi =D
9. Keshmeet!
10. Hema!! =D *friend for 9 years!*
11. Ginsky lawls

Dec 2, 2010

3/4 of Spm~ =D

Woah~ It's already  towards the last day of SPM!
How fast can this be?? xD!! super happy~

Yesterday wasn't that great tho..
cuz Add Maths  was quite the KILLER o.O

I had like not enuf time to do my checking..
thankfully God gave me enuf time to 
complete all my questions~ so i guess it's ok?

hehe.. anyways.. now its 7 down 2 to go!
well.. except for me.. =(

cuz i still have my EST test on the 15th.. 
so saddddd.. cant enjoy much lolx.. but wadeva!

imma still gonna go for my class party
on the 9th at SEOUL GARDEN! ♥

P/S : Some freakins PIGS keep spamming at my Cbox!
I'd appreciate if the PIGS can just get lost.. tq