Nov 27, 2008

Outing at MV wif some unknown ppl?

well.. ytd went to SP station early in the mornin
8.15... met up wif some unknown ppl..

no la.. jk oni.. met up wif ching's primary frenz?
CS, MK, Esther..and Mi Hui.. lolx.. after dat sat on the
train like cacat oni.. so silent nia..
reached the BTS
station der.. hv to wait for this Tania and Laopo to
come.. lolx.. came oni around 15 mins later sia..
den got onto the KTM lo.. a lot of ppl wei.. so hv
to stand..reached the MV der at around 9.30am
shops oso blm open yet.. like siao lang
oni.. so
walked up go to the cinema der..saw Alex again..
but could'nt take her pic..*cries* again... haiz.. nvm..
CS so 38 went down cuz we saw ppl taking free food??

or izzit nid to pay?? hahax.. dunno la..den after dat we
went to McD der play chor dee.. wth.. CS bag gt 2 deck
of MK play wif Mi Hui and Esther lo..
we 3 play by ourselves.. Like so left out nia..
Lolx.. anyway.. managed to get a shot of Laopo..

hahax.. sry nia.. just dun kill me and i'm happy liao..
after dat moving on to those playing chor dee.. den
another guys came along.. Xie Chiang i tink his name...

den Marc came?? i dunno the name la..tembak oni la..
not long after is Wei Shen and dunno hu came.. swt la..
no introduction like dat la.. dunno names.. zzz.. den oni
went to watch Madagascar 2 again..lucky
MK so nice to belanja me.. feel so bad to him oni..
anyway.. b4 watch kena ejek my MK.. haiz.. i tot

skul holiday no1 will ejek me besides some stupid
senior in skul (fs).. den oni we walk towards the cinema
der to buy popcorn and such..hahax.. went in.. walked to

den wrong again and i laughed oso.. babi betul..
after the movie was over.. 3 of us went to de arcade
and de rest went to the bowling centre.. so we also
went der.. zz.. gt more pics?

wan take pic oso dun wan.. now luk like dead body oni..

Wah.. MIB ar??? lol.. except for those 2 der..

oo.. look like Mike Wazowski from Moster Inc..

OMG! wad is dat we see??
imaginate urself la..
den last shot at the Bowling centre der... cacat..

like camera fight oni
well.. now we move onto goin to eat? lolx.. we 3
and Mi Hui din eat la.. Ching and I was full
from the Popcorn and drink from de cinema.. zz..
Tania and Mi Hui dunno la.. hahax..

they eating oso wan f
ight wif camera.. lolx..

Now gt red flash ar..
after ate ady.. den walk walk lo..

they were discussing where to go next.. look like sesat oni..
Hahax.. stupiak camera.. old liao.. take oso damn
blur.. haiz.. wadeva la.. as long can still see a bit of the face..
went bak to the arcade.. lolx.. so all went and play..
Tania as usual went to the Para Para Paradise machine..
whee.. den the rest of the gang went to play game sendiri..
took a shot of Marc (i tink) and MK playing Time
Crisis 2.. lolx.. quite blur la.. wadeva la..

swt.. after the games at the arcade.. all went their separate
ways.. lolx.. but we 3 stayed on wif MK, CS and Esther.. but
den dunno where she went after dat.. dun care la..
we went to MPH der.. so happy.. lots of books~~ whee
but den like cacat oni.. cuz dunno do wad.. can't find
the music book i wan.. *cries*.. den found a bible dat
maybe interesting to read.. stupid price so EX.. RM 82 nia..
haiz.. wadeva la.. den another guy joined us.. Xie Chiang i tink..
hahax.. after dat gt so tired we all found a place to sit..
so lepak der lo.. sit sit sit.. til 4 ady lo.. den Tania's dad call..
aiyo.. he angry nia.. cuz scared gt jam ma.. i sendiri
oso takut bro kill me.. haiz.. so finally Tania say wan go bak
lo.. kk.. den we walk go the KTM der.. stupid Touch 'N' Go card
can go to hell la.. keep cant go through.. idiotic la..
den finally it worked.. wanted to let Tania use.. the bloody guard
go say "Ini Kad hanya seorg saje".. eleh.. aq pon tau la..
babi syaitan.. dahla malas giler.. ishk.. sat KTM and LRT den
went home lo.. go home den went out for dinner.. mom
ask.. why din ajak Ian go wan?? how should i know la.. ask them la..
grr.. dahla so sleepy.. eat oso wan to faint.. hahax..
dat's all i guess

Nov 22, 2008

yesterday's outing~

i went out wif my dear
Kah Yan and Tania.. went where?
the same old boring MV lo! cacat..

anyway.. we watch IGOR lol..
so cute la! hehe.. oh ya.. got

a bit of romance in it.. hehe..
b4 the show began.. we walked around
the same floor la.. went to the arcade..
go see people dance.. got this dude
ar.. wtf.. saw a 'him' dancing..
cuz this game "Para Para Paradise" is
normally gurlz dance wan ma.. BUT!
guess turns out dat
de 'him' was actually a 'her'.. lolx!
we were laughin like siao wei..

den after 'her' leh.. another person
pulak came.. tis time is a GUY who's
like sooooo short.. haha.. but so geng
in dancing..he play out the tough wan?

Freestyle Non-Stop Hard..
geng bo? haha.. den after him.. finally
Tania could dance.. tis is da proof..

now.. getting bak der.. this is the screen la.. and the other is the name of the machine~

well.. after the games were over.. went to go
and watch the show le.. and if i ain't mistakes.. some
guy go and throw at me popcorn.. darn it.. somemore
its da same guy dat we 3 saw at the washroom der..
can somemore smile at us.. do i know him?? lolx..
anyways.. after the movie.. went walking around..
go play at the mini arcade der.. hehe.. den Kah Yan and
me go play racing.. i won! haha.. wtf la.. lol..
wasted my money oni.. anyway.. after dat.. decided to
go bak home ady.. so go to the car park to get to

the car lo.. babi syaitan we got lost! we searched i tink for
nearly half an hour sia! ishk.. so we tot..
since we're here..
lets take pic.... and here it is.. haha..

hehe.. ntg to do ma.. anyway..
after dat we went home.. lolx.. reached bak nearly
6.30pm sia.. den mom pivked me up.. went for some
fuckin dinner wif some bitch and an asshole..
after that totally lost my mood sia.. dahla went
to HF late! i lagi got pissed off.. lucky got Kimberly
to teman me.. hehe.. cuz she oso was pissed off earlier..
hahax.. well.. i guess dat's all... hehe~

Nov 21, 2008


Question: What is your name? (Please give one answer)
1. Jacqueline

Question: What is your nickname? (Please give two answers)
1. Jqi
2. penguin?? wtf? lolx

Question: Three books which you often read? (Please give three answers)
1. Jean Ure novels..
2. Ghost Stories..
3. Romance thingy~~

Question: The things gained from Blogging? (Please give four answers)
1. more links..
2. can disturb ppl's cbox..
3. i can talk bad abt the person and he/she dunno?
4. Get to use cool templates~~

Question: Your favorite food? (Please give five answers)
1. chicken?
2. sausage?
3. egg?
4. bread?
5. rice??'

Question: Favorite songs? (Please give six answers)
1. Hoshi no nagareru yoru ni
2. Heavenly Days
3. Kiss~Kaerimichi no love song~
4. Angel Rock and Roll
Sakura Kiss
6. Seishun Amigo

Question: Places that you wish to go? (Please give seven answers)
2. Vancouver! (visit my aunt)
3. Disneyland in Florida?
4. Korea?
5. Singapore?
6. Australia?
7. dunno yet~~~

Question: All-time favorite movies, dramas, or animes? (Please give eight answers)
1. Sensei wa Erai!
2. One Pound Gospel
Ichi Rittoru no Namida
4. Taiyou no Uta
5. Tantei Gakuen Q (All)
6. Proposal Disakusen (All)
7. Nodame Cantabile (All)
8. Koizora

Question: Items that you wish to obtain? (Please give nine answers)
1. Money?
2. High Heels in my favour?
3. Gown?
4. Money??
5. Piano Sheet of my favorite songs?
6. Straight A's!!!!!
7. Money???
8. Money????
9. Money?????

Question: You want to pass this tag to? (Please give the names of 10 friends)
1. Hsin Yee
3. Wee Chien
4. Sze Hui
5. Pui Yee
6. Kah Yan
7. Kei Yan
8. Ying Xing
9. Alex
10. Jun Yeong

Nov 18, 2008

new story?

well.. i've had a tot..
i tink i'm gonna start on my
new story!! whee.. sort of
got some inspiration.. but den
scared after i 4get le how to
continue the story.. haiz..
always like dat de.. everytime
write half way.. den mati.. hahax..
well.. tis time i'm gonna try
like siao til i finish it.. cuz my
beloved frens.. (some.. not all~)
are wanting to read some stories..
but den tis yr could'nt get any
freakin inspiration.. hahax..
anyway.. i tot of the title ady..
its gonna be.. umm..
The Diary Of How I Met My Boyfriend..
dun think sideways ar..
ths title i tot of cuz i been reading
so many mangas til i got tis
idea de.. hahax..

Nov 17, 2008

New Template!

well.. i changed the blog template...
technically I din change it la.. my
brother did.. lolx.. i hope
y'll like it la.. i was searching for a
better one.. but den dunno hilang
where ady.. so i took tis wan la..
so sad le.. dunno whether am i
gonna continue to work bo.. the
uncle next door oso like bo suka
oni.. haiz.. i tink i beta stop ba.. haiz..
so sad le.. buhuh..but i can't do
anything oso rite?? hehe..hmm..
i wonder tmr gt Ladies Fellowship
bo.. reli wan to go lo.. haha.. i oso
wonder when can i go jln2 wif
my frenz..or my jie from HF.. lol..
wanna go out! dun wan stya in
all the time le.. so bored.. well..
can't do anything rite? the oni
thing i've been doin is watching a
freakin sad show "ichi rittoru no namida"
about a gurl wif an incurable disease..
buhuhu.. love dat show.. now reading
manga oni.. sien like hell sia.. anyway..
dat's all for today~~

Nov 13, 2008

Work again~

well.. today i went to work..
and it's labeling job again..
quite easy la.. not dat tiring..
well.. instead of earning RM32..
i earned myself RM36.. an extra
four bucks! hahax.. but den it went
bye bye cuz RM4 was my dinner..
lolx.. wad the heck la.. anyways..
tml will be goin to MV,Sungei Wang or
maybe BTS
Not wif Kah Yan..
but instead wif Samantha Jie Jie~ umm.. dunno la wad to do..
hehe.. then this Sat pulak got
dear Natalie's birthday party.. hahax..
Sam and I will do a B'day card for her gua..
a extra special one i guess. hehe.. cuz
she's celebrating her
1st Year B'day..
anyway.. i guess dat's all~~

Nov 12, 2008

Today's Visitation

Well.. i'm bak from today's visit..
Was quite fun la i guess.. hehex..
When i went der.. i found out
dat.. yuen lai Jason's not blind since
young.. lolx.. i tot he was.. it seems
that because he spent too much time
on the computer and handphone..
there was a tumor in his brain..
i tink u guys know abt the radio wave thingy rite??
so..he underwent surgery last CNY..
and though the surgery was a success..
he lost his sight.. it's funny how went i first
saw him.. i tot he was 15 years old..
lolx.. but actually he's 17 years old.. it's
cuz of his small built body.. he looks extra
younger.. hahax.. but today was quite fun
i guess.. he's actually quite cute oso la..
hehex.. anyways.. i heard that he's actually
quite depressed la.. it's NOT cuz he's blind..
but because he couldn't persue his studies
in the SC stream.. instead he had to
restart his form 4 syllables in Art Stream..
this is because, the defect from his sight..
he's not able to conduct any experiments
which is given from the SC sector.. such as
dissecting a frog and et cetera.. all i can
do is pray for him i guess.. i hope that those that
read my this post.. pray for him too..

Nov 11, 2008

1st day working!

Today was so awesome..
well.. i went working
wif my neighbour.. (auntie Jenny~)
hehe.. so i worked from
umm.. 8.30am-5.30pm..
gt break la.. at 12.30pm-1.30pm.. hehe..
de job was so simple.. oni
do labeling.. hehe.. so altogether..
i earned RM32 for today.. great
isn't it? hehe.. well.. tml i can't work
cuz i have my ladies' fellowship meeting..
its a special event..cuz we're gonna
Visit a guy (17 yrs) who's blind..
we're gonna pray for him i tink... hehe..
den i'll be bak to my work on thurs..
can't wait for it! hehe.. den can earn
RM32 again.. hehe..
anyways.. i guess dat's all i wanna post
here.. tata~~

Nov 10, 2008

Cute's Blogger Award

Thanks to lovely Jolyn for this Cute Award!! ^^

So here's the rules that you should obey if you are tagged.

1. each blogger must post this rules
2. each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names
4. don`t forget to live them comment telling them they`ve been tagged and to read your blog .

Ten Random Facts About Me
1. I Love Who I am !
2. I Love My Frenz !
3. I Love My Family !
4. I Love to do Siao Things !
5. I Love being An Insane Person !
6. I Love the Crazy and Inhuman side of me !
7. I Like Window Shopping !
8. I Like Visiting People's Blog and Pretend to Be Some1 i ain't !
9. I Like Gaming !
10. I Like Listening to Songs and Watching Anime/Drama/Movie !

Well.. i think my blog is awesome! (just to follow the rules.. damn)
And It's PINK! hehe.. The Blog has a lot of taggies now a days..
I can't wait to change my blogskin!

I tag these people:
Wee Chien
Hsin Yiee
Sze Hui
Chee Kuan
Kah Yan
Pui Yee
Chee Mun

tagged again...

The Self

[01] Real Name: Jacqueline Ong
[02] Nickname: Jqi.. gt some more but i definitely ain't gonna mention
[03] Married: ?? dude.. i'm still single la!
[04] Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
[05] Gender: 100% Female..
[06] Age: 14+++
[07] High School: SmkBbSp
[08] College: Jqi's College~
[09] Height: 150cm...................
[10] Weight: 53kg.. damn fat...
[11] Do You Like Yourself: Duh! Except for my size....
[12] Piercings: Yea~
[13] Right or Left: both la.. ear ma!
[14] Are You A Freak: Ask my frenz
[15] Hair: Dark Brown.. dun believe? wait til i stand under a hot sun den u can see brown colour..
[16] Skin: Brownish?
[17] Allergic: Yea.. it's Eczema
[18] What Are You Doing Now: Typing, Listening to music, breathing,
et cetera..
[19] What Will You Do 1 Hour Later: Watch Tv..
[20] What Will You Do 10 Years Later: Should be teaching/cooking/married..wadeva happens la
[21] Live With: Mom and Bro
[22] Siblings(Include You): 2
[23] Eldest: My Bro
[24] Youngest: Moi~
[25] Love/Hate Your Family: Sometimes Both... hehe~

The Love

[26] You Found Yourself Another Half: Not the time yet~
[27] If Yes, Who Is She/He: Not the time yet la!
[28] If No, Who Would You Want She/He to Be: How de heck should i know?God will pick 4 me..
[29] Time(s) You In Relationship: None.. so Happy~~
[30] Ever Woo A Boy/Girl(0-100000): Dun tink so.. hahax.. ask my fren la.. den she'll tell u..
31] Anyone Woo You Before(0-100000): How should i know? ishk..
[32] Did anything wrong to the other half: I dun hv the other half yet!
[33] When Was/Were The Wrong You Had Done: My answer's the same as the above!
[34] Ever Argue With The Other Half: Same as the above
[35] You With Your Other Half Since: Same as the above
[36] Are You Straight/Lesbo: Straight!
[37] Reasons You Love Your Other Half:
Grr! I said I dun hv the other half yet!
[38] You And Your Other Half In Which Stage: Same as the above
[39] You Woo He/She or
He/She Woo You: Same as the above
[40] Ever Think Of Marry He/She: Same as the above!!!!!!

The Friends

[41] Your First Best Friend: Obviously In Primary.. now not reli gua...
[42] Your First Enemy: umm.. Oh Ya.. The Lanun Darat! hahax..
[43] The Friend You Love The Most(1 only): Of coz >>> Wee Ching~
[44] The Enemy You Hate The Most(1 only): The idiot dat wrote my name in the toilet!
[45] Your Most Beautiful Girlfriend: You mean in Besties rite... of coz la Wee Ching
[46] Your Most Handsome Boyfriend: Hmm.. None~cuz all look the same.. lolx
[47] The Kind Of Girl You Hate The Most: The ones dat pretend..
[48] The Kin
d Of Boy You Hate The Most: Same as the above..
[49] You Fall In Love With Your Close Friend Before: I do love her BUT not in that way
[50] You're Best Friend Is Your Ex Lover: No.. i dun have an Ex!!
[51] If Your Friend Backstabbing You: Leave it la.. what can i do rite?
[52] If Your Friend Betrays You: Then i guess its Bye Bye..
[53] If Your Friend Woo Your Lover: dunno...
[54] If Your Friend Fall In Love With You: dat's not possible.. cuz she ain't Les
[55] If You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend: Like i said.. I do Love her.. but NOT in dat way!

The Studies

[56] Are You A Good Student: Maybe... Maybe not
[57] You Always Done Your Homeworks/Assignment: Yup!
[58] The Teacher/Tutor You Love the Most: Too many la..
[59] Always Late To School/College: Nope..
[60] Your Class: 3G
[61] You Love Your Seniors: I guess so.. though they bully me..
[62] Seniors Who You Love The Most: Dunno wor..
[63] Your Classmates Good/Bad: Both..
[64] Excellent Results Classmate: Ee Von
[65] Laziest Classmate: the aqua? >> Daniel
[66] Smart People: Ee Von, Kha Nih Tha, et cetera
[67] Stupid People: i rather not mention
[68] Good Looking People: Dun wan say.. hahax
[69] Ugly People: Can i say the aqua?
[70] Funny People: Ammar and Derek
[71] Cute People: umm.. wee ching and Keshmeet..
[72] Bad People: Those that cheat! (i dun wan mention name)
[73] Honest People: not sure..
[74] Acting People: Puva lo..
[75] You Are What Kind Of People: Dunno.. ask my frenz

The Prefer

[76] Lips Or Eyes: Definitely the Eyes!
[77] Hugs Or Kisses: Hugs~
[78] Shorter Or Taller: Taller..
[79] Hesitance Or Spontaneous: Of coz
spontaneous la..
[80] Nice Stomach Or Nice arms: dunno le..stomach gua..
[81] Listener Or Talker: Talker..
[82] Romantic Or Rich: Romantic la..
[83] Good Husband Or Good Father: Both

The Future

[84] Age To Get Married: 20 above i guess..
[85] Number Of Kid(s): 2 gua..
[86] Career: Montessori
[87] Salary: Above 5k if can~
[88] Retirement Age: depends..
[89] Properties Value: no nid the expensive ones..
[90] Wishes: Get good pay.. a nice family.. and close friends~

Kah Yan
[92] Wee Ching
[93] Jun Yeong
[94] Chee Mun
[95] Pui Yee
[96] Vivian
[97] Kei Yan
[98] Ken Yap
[99] Panda
[100] Vanessa

Nov 9, 2008


tagged by Kah Yan lo..
Starting time: 2.22pm
Name: Jqi
Sister: None
Brother: One
Shoe size: 6
Height: 150cm.. darn short
Where do you live: In a cacat place called M'sia
Favourite drinks: Coke i guess
Favourite breakfast: Nothing..

Have you ever been on a plane?: Yea~
Swam in the ocean: Yup!
Fallen asleep at school: ya.. during exam..

Broken someone's heart: dun tink so..
Fell off your chair: i tink got..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: nope~
Saved e-mails: most of the times..
What is your room like: a dump!
What's right beside you: de mouse and my hp

The last thing you ate: apple
Ever had chicken pox: yea.. when i was 4!
Sore throat: sometimes
Stitches: Nope
Broken nose: nope!
Do you believe in love at first sight: no..
Like picnics: yea~

Who was/were the last person/people you danced with: my fren?
Last made you smile: baby??
You last yelled at: dunno~

Today did you
Talk to someone you like: my mom? yea!
Kiss anyone: nope~
Get sick: no..
Talk to an ex: nope
Miss someone: yea! Always~~
Eat: duh!

Best feeling in the world: doin anything dat doesn't concern studying
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: no..
What's under your bed: dust la!
Who do you really hate: my enemy? if i have la.. hahax
What time is it now? : 2.27pm

Is there a person who is on your mind now: not reli..
Do you have any siblings: yea!
Do you want children: in de future..
Do you smile often: yup!
Do you like your hand-writing: not reli...

Are your toe nails painted: yea!
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: hotel??
What shirt are you wearing now: normal t-shirt la..
What were you doing at 7:00 p.m. yesterday: walking around Low Yat der..

I can't wait till: my results are out! and of coz Christmas pot bless day~~~
Are you a friendly person: dunno...
Do you have any pets: nope
Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: somewhere??
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now?: sure la..

Do you sleep with the TV on?: nope
What are you doing right now?: answering this 'thing'
Have you ever crawled through a window?: nope
Can you handle the truth?: yea i guess.....

Are you too forgiving? : dun tink so..
Are you closer to your mother or father? : mom!
Who was the last person you cried in front of? : myself??
How many people can you say you've really loved: few oni la.. (family and frenzz)

Do you eat healthy?: now oni.. last time no........
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: dun hv a stupid ex ok!
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?: yea~
If you're having a bad day, where are you most likely to go to?: no where...
Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: loud?? hehe~
Are you confident?: oni at certain times.....

things I was doing 10 years ago:
watch tv?

5 things on my to-do list today:
hand in my report!
visit and disturb ppl's blog!
eat buffet dinner!
watch my unfinished dramas!
imagine my best fren is wif me! (weird rite?)

5 snacks I enjoy:

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Keep a low profile!
Make sure my frenz and my family hv a great life!

5 of my bad habits:
Being forgetful!
Being lazy!
Being 'kecil hati'
Being sensitive!

5 places I have lived in:
Bukit Indah, Ampang
Seri Petaling, KL

5 jobs I've had:

5 people i tag
Jun Yeong
Wee Ching
Pui Yee
Kei Yan
W.C.F.. hahaha

Nov 7, 2008

over him!

i guess i am over him! Yes!
The torture is over? hehe... well
i tink i can be over him gua.. since
i din get to see him ytd.. my mind
sort of din hv him der.. hehe.. til
today la.. hahax.. hopefully i can
stay as i am now.. with no1 for me
to like den i can be like neesha..
Happy-go-lucky! hehe.. well..
i guess dat's all i wanna post for today..
cant wait to chg my blogskin.. cacat
la tis wan.. hehe~

Nov 5, 2008


Argh.. feeling so uneasy..
my heart feels like a needle
piercing through it! argh..
i prayed to let me see him one
more time.. but i tink i canceled
it.. well.. guess wad? the prayer
sort of came through.. now i nid
to go to skul for some report
thingy.. which means there's
definitely a high chance of me
seeing him, rite? haiz.. so sad!!!
and this feeling still ain't leavin' me..
it makes my heart ache like mad...
wad am i to do with it??
shall i confess? or shall i leave it as
it is now?

Nov 4, 2008

missing euuu..

Love Quotes from

Love Quotes

its funny dat i dun get it myself..
i told myself few months ago..
"Let go and 4get him..he won't ever
take notice of you.." but til 3 weeks
ago.. i noticed, i can't seem to let go
of him.. every minute of the day
i'm thinking of him.. i can't seem
to let go! i feel so sad, for i knew
that faithful day was going to be
the last time i am to see him..
i know that i will never get to see him
again.. but his face wont stop
appearing in my mind! argh.. i can't
help myself but keep on liking him..
anyone can give me advise? though
i know that it may not help me to 4get
him.. as it is not easy.. but i'll
try my best.... i'll keep on trying....

Nov 3, 2008

Prefect Dinner ytd~

well.. ytd was the prefect's annual dinner..
couldn't post ytd cuz to damn tired after
the party.. hehe.. it was quite fun though!
everyone dress so damn sexy sia.. especially
the 3H girls.. they seem to 'dress to kill'..
But all in all it was fantastic.. the door gift was
a notepad.. well.. at least it's better den a
freakin' cup! hehe~ there was singing by
Kah Mun (3H) dunno wad chinese song la..
and by Spellman (4F i tink..) alongside with
Chee Kuan (4G) playing the piano.. for the
song Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
it was quite nice i guess.. hehe..
there was prize-giving ceremony too.. the
Best Patrol was Patrol 2.. hehe.. most
strict prefect was Siti Husna (obviously la..
you should see how scary she is when she's
darn serious.. hehe~~) the model prefect
was Fui Jinn (yup.. guess as much liao..)
and last but not least, the best prefect...
Abang Hanif (well.. dunno wad's his full name
plus.. i have no idea why he even got that award..)
dat's done.. umm.. wad else ar.. oh ya.. we had
a few games.. screwed up rewards.. ishk..
the games were... solving the puzzle.. (won by my team
ahead of spellman by a bit..)sudoku (won by
spellman by one second b4 my team..) and oso
the treasure hunt (dunno hu won cuz my team
and i refused to play.. haha.. as we went to wonder
around outside.. lalalalala~) oh ya! i wanted to add
something.. It's THE MOST IMPORTANT info
it's important enough rite? hehe..
ok la.. malas wan type ady.. byebye