Mar 26, 2008

haven post so long!!

Wah.. haven post ady so long..
too busy wif my competition.. hehe..
well.. we managed to pass our first round..
its all seriously thx to
out dear abang Rizal..
hu helped us out a lot..
we won over SMK Bukit Jalil..
hehe.. tomolo we'll be facing another
one more skul.. tis time we're
having sum probs
cuz we oni manage to hv one day to
prepare our papers.. and dat day is TODAY!
so cacat.. haiz..
da skul we'll be facing
tomolo is SMK Seri Saujana..
lol.. its quite UNFAIR cuz..
they straight away
enter da 2nd round..
lol.. anyways.. we'll hv to reli pray hard
to win tis round and to make our skul proud..
Mr. Derek oso is wanting us to win..
cuz our skul lost in so many things
such as sport, and studies..
haiz... so now we're sorta left wif this..
dat is PERBAHASAN or also known
as DEBATING.. haha.. ^^
our 1st speaker is Hisham..
2nd speaker is Haifa
and da 3rd wan is Neesha..
i am da reserved wan..
so is Hasliya.. she's from 4G
lol.. i reli cant think of wad else i should type le..
EH?!! i 4got to add one more thing
dat is Hey!Say!JUMP came
out wif their new single
entitled "Chance to Change"
hehe.. i fully support them always..
though now i am in love wif NEWS..
haha.. anyways.. Hey!Say!JUMP
will always be my Favourite group
43va!! haha.. ok la..
tis time reli dunno wad else to add ady..


Mar 16, 2008


Skul soon to re-open..
jz 2 more days left
for me to endure.. whee~~
i tink i'm insane anyways..
cuz i'm da oni fr34k dat
cant wait to go bak to skul..
h4h4.. wtd? i siao ady ma..
lol.. these few days.. mmg got prob ady
la me.. keep tinking about JAP guys...
*daydreaming* OF :
1. Ryo-chan~~
2. Yamapi~~
3. Tegoshi~~
never knew since when i was
interested in yamapi and tegoshi..
h3h3.. i reli 'ke siao'..
dunno wad to do ady la.. maybe post da two guys i was
sayin la.. hehe..
tis is Tegoshi
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tis is Yamapi
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i guess dat's all.. h3h3

Mar 11, 2008

lol.. after pics.. den all written pulak.. ^^

Eh.. cacat la.. though i feel so happy posting
all da cute pics to make myself happy from kena ejek
from da cacated senior WISELY..
2day bad luck gua!
Go pasar malam wan go bak ady..
saw ______ (dat fella!)
argh!! so unhappy.. though i felt funny..
haha.. dunno la.. cacated senior 2day..
din on9.. haha.. if he did i wan to scold him kaw kaw..
cuz bring me horrible luck!.. lol..
still have a LONG time b4 holiday ends!
tell me wad to do.. no idea how to fill in ma time...
shyt la.. dats all la..
Bye byee!!

all pics.. ^^

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Mar 8, 2008

Holiday has arrived... buhuhuhu

Haiz.. 2day sherman's Bday..
sms to wish him... but he din reply..
maybe he angry i call him chow chow gua?
(though he's da one hu said so!)
hope he not angry le..
since ytd oso he like dat ady..
saw him.. but he din ejek me orh..
feel little bit weird ady~~ cuz he luv to ejek ppl..
especially me and tania (who he always call stomata)
but ytd surprisingly he din wor..
zzz.. haiz.. pls dun be mad la.. i will say sorry ba...
haiz.. wad to do? haha..
anyways.. 2day start holiday! cacat la..
i hate holidays da most.. cuz so damn bored...
but tis time holiday i tink not so bad la..
cuz at least i hv some time to think bout da points for debating..
haha.. eventhough am da simpanan.. but reli hv
to crack ma head oso.. lol... competitions on 18 Mac..
so near!!!! oni hv a week left to get all da points..
as da pencadang and also da pembangkang!
how le?? thankfully got my bro..
but he say these topics are all last time his SPM de topic lai de wor..
hehe.. he gave me lots of points BUT i still hv
to gather all da infomation for my teammates and myself..
haha~~~ dunno wad else to put here le..
nvm la.. ahaha.....

imikimi - Customize Your World

luv tis pic... hehehe...

Mar 7, 2008

ady got few results...

Quite sad 2day so the bad results will be written in YELLOW
Cuz dun wan let ppl find out bout my disappointing results..
especially aq punya abang...
haiz... disappointing la..
GEO -40% damn.. but wl definitely work harder..
SJ - 60% but not confirm yet la..
KH - 70% not bad.. haha.. 4 NOT touching da buk..
SC - 65%.. its a B.. hehe.. better den a C la..
hehehe.. now oni left.... BM, ENG, and MATH!!
i'm behind neesha by 5 points...
argh!!.. must beat her.. che wah..
haha.. dun reli care la..
as long as next exam MUST DEFINITELY IMPROVE!!!!

Mar 5, 2008

so damn disappointed...

argh!!! FREAK LA!!!
Geo punya A go bye bye ady..
So sad!.. luckily da Maths was easy..
now tomolo oni left...
SEJARAH, KH and moral..
hehehe SJ.. found out some of da Q la..
hehe.. me so naughty..
got soalan bocor.... psps
dat oso 4Q oni.. wad la..
haha.. better den ntg..
But khen foi's da luckiest..
he got da whole SJ paper.. he so lucky
Freak la.. he get from his fren is Saujana..
huhuhu me oso wan.. but CANT
lol.. anyways.. de Q he gave me oso easy de..
ZZ.. hehe ^^.. cuz wad he gave me i so happen to read ady..
lol.. ^^ *peace* *smirks*
oh ya.. 4got to add tis video 2days ago.. so now i add...
lalalalallala :

Mar 3, 2008

hehe.. exam went well i guess??

2day's exam was FUN!!
well unexpectedly la.. hehe.. SC wasn't dat tough..
Except P2... haha.. well not reli dat bad la
i tink i can pull through.. and maybe score an A
i said MAYBE so dun tink i wanna boast ar!
hehe.. tomolo no exam.. so can lepak a bit..
BUT tomolo.. go to skul..
MUST study!!! haha..
Thank GOD in skul got li ann to guide me..
haha maybe can do revision together tomolo..
Haiz.. tis cacat derek ar.. cum my place oni kacau..
wad la he.. on9 oso he wan siao siao..^^
Tis neesha lagi teruk... ppl exam i wanna sleep..
she pulak x abis2 wif da "SU-ZU-KI"
maybe she pulak like him.. hohoho..
den she betray Sanji lo.. hahah.. kk
I suppose to post a video.. haha..

Mar 2, 2008

wah!!! exam tomolo lo!!

woah.. 2molo exam ady..
so 2day post all in RED..
haiz.. haven't read finish my SJ and KH..
damn.. argh.. den ytd wad the heck wei..
dreamt of some1 unexpectedly..
know hu?? is KL!! omg wei..
haiz... argh...........................................................
wad to do???? gonna die!!
have to hafal SJ and KH ASAP!!!
orh...... ytd din go PP..haha
gv excuse as raining.. no trasport..
haha.. smart lerh???
kk la.. dunno wad crap to post here anyway..
haha... signing off~~~~