Jan 29, 2010


Now exam is finally over~
lolx.. but got lots of things to do le..
club and edi board both have great commitments..
hmm.. lots of things in my head!

haix.. was voted as President..
now mampus la?
everything i plan and gt to see teacher..
cham lo me.. summore on monday..
shyt la.. clash with ERT
lucky ERT bo position.. if not lagi die

Christian Fellowship~
hmm.. tis wan not so big gua?
just holding a mere position.. xD
its my fav position : TREASURER!!!
lol.. money come! ^^
but le.. i feel i do a LOT wei..
more den wad a mere treasurer does..

Pandu Puteri...
hmm.. just a Naib Pengerusi..
so all the job to KHA NIH THA! xD
lesser job for me..
thank god.. we same class..
summore good friends..easy to work with..

Editorial board <3
lolx.. Neesha and I both are the Editors..
wohoo rite? cuz we're a great team
but our job is..NEVER ENDING~!!!
our current task is to find ALL
the Editors of past 14 yrs
how the heck la to find wei?? haix
summore our time is quite limited..ZZ

Jan 22, 2010

busy and pissed

this pic is like so me.. =.= frus!!

okie.. 1st week of exam just passed.. and it SUCK 99.. =.=!
all the papers were horrible and terrible.. almost becum vegetable!!

mon - BM1 n BM2 can considered ok la.. but still a bit tough.. esp the NOVEL..
tues - BI1 and BI2 oso can say normal la.. but the section D (s.story) cacated..
thur - SJ1 and SJ2 hahaha.. can mampus 99.. paper 2 like shyt oni..
frid - Bio1 and Bio2 suck.. paper 1 and 2 were both equally tough!! ...

i seriously dun dare to tink abt DIAGNOSTIC IN MARCH


anyways.. clear dat off.. today so cacat.. got 3 meetings at one time.. =.=!

1st - Prefect Meeting
2nd - Editorial Board
3rd - Pandu Puteri

skipped Prefect.. bwhahaa.. but Li Ann said ntg much la.. so who cares?! xD

went for Pandu Puteri 1st if not teacher put me absent.. so went der..
chat with kha nih tha.. den at the end she became Pengerusi (YAY!!) and
i became Naib Pengerusi (i wan bendahari!)

lastly went to Edi Board.. talking abt the magazine tis yr.. and
our schedule for the upcoming members dat are yet to be interviewed.. xD
so anyways.. i guess dats all la? at the moment i'm holding 4 positions

1st - Ketua Patrol in Prefectorial Board
2nd - Editor of School Magazine
3rd - Treasurer in C. Fellowship
4th - Naib Pengerusi in Pandu Puteri

so gonna be BUSY! plus.. english blm tau position yet

Jan 18, 2010

suju 2nd asia tour!

aiyo! i damn sad ady.. dying to go!!!

go for wad? GO FOR SUJU 2nd ASIA TOUR!!

Date : 20th March 2010
Venue : Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium
Time : 7.00pm

ok.. i seriously WANT TO GO~!!! darn

Jan 16, 2010

exam schedule

okie.. ZZ exam schedule out ady on thurs...

so kacau la. so unfair we hv to sit for ALL papers.. >.<

18/1 - BM1 & BM2
19/1 - BI1 & BI2
20/1 - MM1 & MM2
21/1 - SJ1 & SJ2
22/1 - BIO1 & BIO2

25/1 - CHEM1 & CHEM2
26/1 - PHY1 & PHY2
27/1 - AM1 & MORAL
28/1 - PHY3 & AM2
29/1 - BIO3 & CHEM3

blue - not worried
purple - okok
red - scared!

Jan 13, 2010


if oni.... I WAS SO SMART! >.<

wonder if u guys read the news abt Lai Kai Rou, 16
the TOP scorer for Singapore O Levels...

"SINGAPORE: A Malaysian who studied in a Singapore school emerged tops when she scored 10 A1s in the 2009 Singapore Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) examination." - The Star

i want to be as smart as her!! >.<>
which is so IMPOSSIBLE.. now just need to study my head
off for next week's intervension test haix..