Nov 9, 2010

14 days to SPM

Kya~ ♥

It's already 14 days to SPM!
cant believe time just
passes by so fast to the extend
i feel like i'm old..

yesterday just seems like
it was the 1st day 
i entered SMK BBSP!
and the nervous feeling still runs
inside my tummy!
it's filled with butterflies! =X

haix.. i reli dun wanna leave
school just yet.. so many
memories there
and i can't just leave it!

but i guess it IS time for me to fly~
fly to the open world where
we can experience what
people call the actual LIFE..

well.. sadly i'm chosen for NS 
and well.. i tried to get the
deferment letter from HUKM
but the donkey doctor refused to gv me.. =(

she says 
"Yours is just a mild case"

wow.. bleeding excessively under the hot
sun doing outdoor activites is called
mild case.. then wad is serious?

==! anyhow.. it might be God's
plan to send me there.. =)

so hopefully my prayer comes true.. 
and i guess i should follow what
the Bible says in Joshua 24:24

"The Lord our God we will serve, 
and HIS voice we will obey"

If it is HIS will to send me there..
then i have but no choice 
to go there.. =)

P.S : this teaser is awesome! haha 
click the link.. =)