Sep 15, 2010

2 weeks of holiday

i sincerely feel that these 2 weeks of holiday.. 
which is coming to an end..
has done me nothing good! :(

i mean.. in these 2 weeks.. 
the only subject i've
revised is PHY, AM,
BIO and SEJ..

i don't really see myself touchin
the other subjects like
CHEM and MM.. :(

gah! my trials are like really
soon.. and i dunno wad 
to do?! help!

i just wish i could fly
through time.. maybe
skip the SPM part.. LOL
just jump str8 to college..

maybe it'll serve me better?
then i may not stress?
or will i regret?

the pic is like me now!
too much info to absorb!!
and it's killing me.. :(