Aug 30, 2009

evangelistic night!

was awesome!! haha.. the whole sanctuary
was full house wei! but this wan is the L5
wan at Wisma FGA.. cuz the main sanctuary
has the evening service goin on.. but nvm la..

the evangelistic night is meant for the
youths actually.. (me!) xD so the place can
oni accommodate about 200-250 people..
haha.. anyways.. the poster dat was sticked
at the lift (which i snapped) oni have one la.. >.<

see? yea.. ps philip is the guest speaker as well..
this is CHUI WEN.. for those dat know her la.. xD
yea.. the youth~

again.. by the grace of the lord.. about 40-50 youth
accepted Jesus into their lives! ^^

AMEN rite? haha.. i believe in miracles! as one of
the girl from the CYC gave a testimony rgrd
how she was b4 she came to Christ and the after
effect.. How she transformed into a better person.

Aug 29, 2009


great! awesome! haha.. okie.. i've been
attending pastor philip mantofa's conference
for 2 days ady.. and its AWESOME!! hahaha
woots!! kekee.. *too hyper ady*

ytd the songs were great.. like rock concert
til my mom was like "why the music so loud?"
hahaha.. i enjoyed 99 la of coz.. kekkee..

so far this is the oni pics i got le.. >.<
Daniel and Ps. Jonathan from CYC
c'mon! praise and worship time!!
hehehe! Ps. Soh and Ps. Philip~
str8 view.. xD
this is the altar calling.. nearly 80 ppl accepted jesus
into their lives.. AMEN!
b4 goin bak.. see the crowd in front? those are
the ones decided to commit their lives to jesus.. ^^

oh yea.. b4 im gonna end this.. i wanna invite you
guys to come for this sunday merdeka rally! also
by Ps. Philip.. (his last day in M'sia this yr)

this is reli awesome!

come la! xD kekeke

Aug 25, 2009


okie.. i tink i've lost it! i tiba2 got so
indulged with YIRUMA~ yea i know he's
an AWESOME pianist.. xD.. but just
out of the blues.. i keep listening to it
over and over again.. ahhh!

so cool!! *screams*
so handsome!! *muahahaha*

Link will be given.. ^^ if requested.. xD
i'm gonna list out the music i've listened : *cheers*

1. River Flows in You *ultimate fav*
2. Kiss the Rain
3. Do You..
4. Yellow Room
5. Dream
6. Maybe
7. Tears on Love
8. Passing By
9. It's Your Day
10. One Day I Will, Leave Behind
11. Chaconne
12. Love Me
13. The Same Old Story *this is a SONG*
14. Happy Couple, Sad Couple, N' Sad Again
15. Shining Smile
16. Papillion
17. Promise... Our Same Word *very touching music*
18. Mika's Song
19. Love Hurts

this ain't all his music.. still got more.. kekeke
lolx.. i tink u guys feel dat i sakai ady.. xD
sry la.. cuz i'm a major PIANO lover~ haha!
plus.. why i like yiruma so much is cuz he plays
all his pieces with so much emotion and feelings...

i can guarantee for those who love music like me..
once u listen deeply into his songs.. u can seriously
cry.. cause u can feel the emotion in the music itself

* Hopes to be just like Him *

if u guys are wondering why i used the word "music"
instead of "song" den lef me just clarify dat the word
"song" actually has words in it and u can SING it..
whereas "music" is just the tune u hear.. ^^

thx jamie for today~! lolx.. and ur mom too~ ^^

Aug 18, 2009


ok.. i screwed up my bio paper today??
argh! babi betul.. question like shit oni..
xD.. anyways.. let u see one example la..

this Q states :

Draw the gametes in meiosis that are produced
by the animal. (2m)

ok.. like wth is dat? den u know wad? the
damn bio teacher said.. "ko tau kan yang
process meiosis tu ape?" "tau ia produce
4 haploid cell kan?" "lukis tu la."

i was like.. wth does the haploid cell got to do
with the gametes?? argh!! babi la..

anyways.. went for BIO tuition today..
walau eh.. so freaking long ar.. took us like 1 month?
duh.. chap 6 so long.. xD

we found out some stuff from alvin oso.. xD
Height : 178cm
Weight : 56kg (omg!)

then u know wad surprise we got from alvin??

Alvin : Okay guys.. we have good news!
We : O.o? wad is it????
Alvin : We've finish our chapter 6!!
We : Cheh... hahahhaa
Alvin : BUT! I also got bad news..
We : Huh??
Meng Leong : Yao meh orh lou si?? kong la..
Alvin : Next week.. YOU GOT TEST! *grins*
We : YOR!!

darn.. so next week we're having our BIO test
on chap 6.. Ahh!! scared la.. i cant rmb the
stupid photosynthesis part.. cuz its super long..
and got dat cacated equation!

lolx.. anyways.. dats all..xD

Aug 17, 2009

3rd testie

wow.. i'm seriously packed! argh.. =.=
well.. got bak some of my results..
now i left with 4 more papers to take..

BM (b)
PM (b)

so... i've got my results.. and so far :
MM - 76 (A1)
CHEM - 66 (A2) haix
SJ - 72 (A2)
PHY - 62 (B3) haix

well.. nvm lo.. will definitely do my best
for my finals in oct! jyjy!!
haix.. now am totally busy ar.. how ar?!

omg la.. the oni rest days i have is on
monday and wednesday.. others i'm FULL!

oh yes we have an additional guest in our
alpha 9! woots.. her name is
Yyvone~ i dunno wad's her age.. kaka

Aug 9, 2009


okie... look! sorry ya.. the last episode of the story..
is still in production? xD so time to tink of the
ending.. so i sincerely apologise..

my topic is about alpha~ xD
i've been part of alpha since Jan 09'
which was then known as Alpha 7~
cuz it was the 7th session ma.. then i moved
onto Life Worth Living.. which i just
graduated from about a month ago..

Now i've endulged myself to serving the Lord
for Alpha 9! woots!! this time.. i'm as the helper~
so my group is oni YOUTH! *excludes L1 & L2*
this time around is great cuz there's a lot of
youth coming in now.. YAY! ^^

Is there more to life then this??

this is the list :
1. Jacqueline *me*
2. Ginsky *helper*
3. Zakee *helper*
4. Caroline *12*
5. Xing *13*
6. Jonathan *17*
7. Ern Yik *19*
8. Daw Shin *17*
9. Yee Shen *14?*
10. Chun Wun *15*
11. Natasha *14*
12. Pearl *11*
13. Tanusha *13?*
14. Whitney *20*

as you can see... all are youth!! xD
Blue - Guys Pink - Gals
so we're very blessed this time around..
plus.. 70% here are non-christians whom
wanna know more about the Lord..
so we're here to guide them.. ^^
If you're interested come and join alpha! ^^

Time : 3.00-5.30pm
Day : Saturday

*food is provided* ^^
trust me.. the food is luxurious..

Aug 1, 2009

busy busy busy

hey.. almost one week din post wei.. >.<
wad to do? super busy with skul stuff..
now with the new annoying buffalo idiotic
BIO teacher.. argh.. dunno when gonna
post another one.. *apologizes for the delay
of the story*

anyways.. this is my umm.. schedule for the
weekly activies i have :

monday - no more prefect meeting this day!
tuesday - bio tuition
wednesday - classes til 1.40
thursday - phy and chem tuition
friday - bm and add maths tuition
saturday - alpha youth session
sunday - youth church and fellowship

so as u can see.. i practically busy 90% of the
week.. haix! i guess dats all for now~