Jan 31, 2008

Pn. Chen's retirement day...

Haiz.. 2day is Pn. Chen's retirement day..
Very interesting but boring at the end..
Cacat wan la..Stupid Suzuki must appear..
Why must he come to skul 2day!!!
Luckily Li Ann x dtg..
if not i sure kena ejek til I 'ke siao'!
Well.. actually i kena ejek oso..
By the stupid Neesanjivan!
I kena ejek by her cuz her lil bro's fren
go say i am HIS gf!! WTF?!
2day oso can say lucky la..
cuz din reli nid to bertugas...
I hope Shin Mei, Ee Von and Li Ann (especially her!)
will 4get bout the stupid Suzuki guy and wadeva dat
Happen on Wednesday!

Jan 30, 2008


I so malu la 2day..As it is got da stupid ceramah..
i hv to go help En. Talib go find Haniff ..
so damn embarassed la.. cuz En. Talib said get 'Hanafi'
So I reconfirm da name as Haniff or Hanafi..
He keep say Hanafi..So i enter 6A lo..
Den I say wan find Hanafi.. da whole class go laugh at me!
The stupid Mark oso another wan.. keep kacau oni
Dahlah he so useless! "Si be kuai lan!"
Not oni dat ar..I was so embarassed when Li Ann go ejek me
say i like da 'Japanese guy'.. He somemore keep passing by..
Kacau oni! Make Ee Von and Shin Mei keep ejek me oso!
So GERAM!!! I wan go out to teachers room oso..
They keep say he staring at me la... blah blah blah!
I so geram la! Dunno wad to do! So Frustrated!!!
CACAT!!!!!!!!!! Haiz.. dunno wad to do now!
Haiz.. i tink me go sleep better la..
No nid tink bout da stupid so-called Japanese guy!!

Jan 29, 2008

zzz.. tired

Haiz.. so tired la today..
In skul.. rushing like HELL..
Da teacher oso like siao siao wan..
give HOMEWORK for BM..
Tania, Kesh, Li Ann, and me 'bok meng'
to finish da Manila Card for Madam Chen..
Happy oso la.. managed to finish it..
I got Happier news! tomolo no Arts..
Teacher said he is very BZ wor..
yea rite la.. he oni wan to skip teaching out class oni ma..
But hu cares la! In skul ar..
Tis Derek oso si siao lang!
Me not in class go take my bottle! Lucky my 'wife' told me..
Me wan smack him la!!
But he's not de oni wan..
I'm SO freakin mad at da damn PREFECT BOARD !!
Mark oso another one.. as da HEAD PREFECT he's so useless
Haiz.. no matter wad.. Yew Jin is still THE BEST HEAD PREFECT eva~
Anyways.. very tired liao la..
me wan go 'oi oi chu' h3h3

Jan 28, 2008

Haiz.. so angry!

Haiyo.. stupid electric tripped..
make me cant on9 oni..zzz
i giler liao.. x abis2 praticing my piano piece THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA..
hehe.. cant wait til my frenz come to my hse tomolo..
Den i can play for them tis song.. ^^
me lukin forward to skul tomolo..
But i dun wan go to skul on WEDNESDAY
cuz i hv no freakin idea wad to do for my arts~!!
The oni thing i can tink about now is wad to do
and how to hand in to EN. REDZUAN
without any probs!

♥1st day of Blogging♥

Hehe~2day oni starting to blog~
Cuz my fren la >> Jolyn ask me to do a blog so i do lo...
Dunno wad else to write here lerh...
Maybe i start bout today in skul le..
My class so Quite cuz da stupid moron (Jeffrey) din cum ma..
He must be studying to much (Yea, rite!)
So, as usual today.. da stupid MONDAY..
Freakin perhimpunan so long!
haiz.. enter class pulak.. i sitting next to Jolyn..
Den she like siao lang..Keep laughing for no reason..
Some of my other frenz and I got to da counseling room to finish up da
manila card for Madam Chen
But i sit there lepak like bo song oni~
Make me feel like last yr 'kain rentang' oni..
Aiyo! No idea type liao lah!!
Wait for my Next post, kay??