May 30, 2008

UKM?! Whee!!!!

Lol..thought after the last round of
competition where we were knocked out..
we wouldn't be participating in anymore match..
But den suddenly that day Hisham called me..
saying, eh.. were goin to UKM on th 6th-8th June..
i was freakin happy.. OMG.. nvr imagined could go there...
But i see the topics aren't as easy as i thought it would be..
but i guess i can still pull through with my team.. hehe
plus.. the school is gonna bear most of the fees..
so of coz happy la.. hahah..
BUT hv to go to school on the 3rd for practice.. walau eh..
so long nvr practice ady.. now cumin bak for it.. wah!
Happy but have to work hard.. haiz.. lol..
like dat wan la.. i hope there's gonna be a certificate for the
participants.. hehe.. den can keep it in my hse.. feeling PROUD!
lol.. btw.. that's all i wanted to post.. kk la..

May 24, 2008

holiday arrived.. 2 weeks orh!!! damn it

I ar.. siao ady..
i hate holidays.. freakin boring cuz i cant do anything..
Haiz.. i think i'm gonna be nder pressure A LOT now..
Its cuz of my results this time..
i managed to score 5A's, 1B and 1C..
Pn. Tan is very happy.. BUT
now she's expecting me to get 7A's for the next term..
which i'm scared i many not maintain my results..
Haiz.. damn worried now.. cuz my Sejarah can still never reach
a damn freakin B!! so damn angry la..
That's why i have to buck up now! and prove that i can do better..
oh ya.. better skip this topic..
holidays for 2 weeks has arrived.. but i'm not happy..
so damn angry cuz i'm gonna be bored like hell le..
plus.. got ntg to do..
Haiz next week pulak am gonna cut my hair..
this time i cut layer.. den gonna straighten it.. hehe
lol.. i tink i may have some problems in school..
Its not a normal problem.. its those crushing problems..
ahhh! its seems i'm starting to like a guy i didn't expect to!
and the worst part is.. i keep dreaming about him!!
really damn it! i never imagine it would have happen..
Haiz.. though i din tell any1 about this yet cuz my
frens all know dat i find him quite annoying..
but i dun understand why am i falling for him?!
shyt la.. Haiz.. the reason why i din mention his name cuz
i dun wan people to know!! haiz..
anyways.. i got nothing to write.. quite frustrated ady..
damn it.. dahla i got no idea to write my story..
wrote til chap 11 oni.. den no ideas anymore..
K la.. Byezzz

May 19, 2008

3 hari cuti..

lol.. hv 3 days of holidays oni..
cuz of HARI WESAK.. so bo classes..
haha.. these 3 days.. went
to Penang to visit a fren..
1st day stay in hotel.. 2nd day
oni stay at their house.. haiz
like not enough oso..
cuz went there yesterday den balik today..
so little time wif them oni hor??
haiz.. have to wait atleast 7 more months
den can see them again.. hahah..
i siao ady.. went they den got but things la..
haha.. my mummy bought for me a mini skirt..
den a bracelet.. haha.. from one place to another..
so many shopping complexes.. lol..
i went from Georgetown-Butterworth-Batu Feringgi
den after dat back to butterworth again..
i passed by de Penang Free School
damn nice.. den i passed by a lot of OLD OLD schools
i tink should be during the time where
British ruled our country cuz..
da schools names are in ENGLISH.. and there was one
wif the name.. Dalat International school/Dalat High School
it was ady abandoned wan.. da name i 4got izzit da
1st wan or da 2nd wan.. haha.. confused..
so i thought should be during when da British ruled la..
haha.. ok la.. quite tired of typing ady le..
wan watch chinese show, mandi den go TIDO!! haha..

May 16, 2008


Today am very happy so use all in
tis color (except for some).. haha ^^
damn happy like hell wei..
i got 5 results so far.. dat's
NOT incl da unimportant ones..
so.. tis are the scores la :
BM - 75(A)
MT - 77(A)
KH - 75(A)
GE - 67(B)
SJ - 60(C)
well.. atleast i scored 3 A's..
though its not strong A's.. lol
now i oni left my SC and ENG
papers to collect.. hehe.. wah..
tomolo go Penang lu.. den bak on monday
so dat on tuesday can go to skul..
hahah.. i siao ady..
lol.. actually i guess dat's all i wanted to post
cuz terlalu happy ady.. hehe..
3rd laopo.. if you're reading tis..
pls dun feel sad or anything..
cuz i know u can do well for ur exams too..
and you've put all ur effort in..
so i hope for all da best in ur results..kk?
lol.. Byez..

May 12, 2008

mother's day over.....

Mother's Day jz over ytd night..
hehe... suppose to belanja my mummy de..
BUT instead leh, we went to Aunt Florence's place..
so eat lo..xkan la go ppl place dun eat rite..
haha.. other den dat, i did a Mother's Day type of
certificate.. haha.. stole from da buk shop de..(jz da words oni)
lol.. as long as da heart counts la rite??
hehe.. whee~ 2day SC and GEO test abis..
left oni TOMORROW! da last day.. den no more exams..
whee~ tomolo is SJ and KH.. i'm not gonna bother abt da
damn PJ sub.. we din even learn anything at all
babi syaitan betul la.. take dunno 4 wad oso!!
geram like hell.. wah 2day.. GEO i was damn scared
cuz i din reli read much.. thank GOD dat when
i checked my answer wif Kha Nih Tha..
i got 40 Q same answer as her.. so damn happy
cuz she's one of da bright students in my Form~lol..
den SC oso.. i was quite scared.. but i tink maybe can reach an A
hopefully la! i reli wanna get atleast 4A's tis term..
especially on my MT.. cuz i reli studied on dat A LOT..
my SC i tink can la.. well.. hopefully la.. though i din reli study much..
but i hope for da BEST in da result..hehe
now ady quite late.. owh ya! jz wan add one more..
ytd on SC.. got ryo-chan's new solo..
whee~ he's so DAMN CUTE!!!'s da video: enjoy~~~

May 9, 2008

誕生日おめでとう 涼ちゃん!

today use oni tis colour la..
today is Ryo-chan's birthday~
whee.. 9th of May 1993 is his date of birth..
hehehe.. dat's y today i'm so damn happy..
2day's my 4th day of exam..
i still left 2days of my exam..
monday and tuesday.,. haiz
nvm since today is ryo-chan's birthday..
i'm soooooo happy! tanoshi desu ne!!
hehe.. plus.. today in skul
i managed to see Kei Vin so many times
h3h3h3.. 1st was during de
damn boring prefect taklimat..
hehe.. he was like on my right..
though it wasnt near.. but atleast i could see him,rite?
heheh.. den after dat was during da Form 5 recess time
we were gonna go up soon..
den suddenly Neesha said, "eh, Kim Loong!"
so i turned around la..
den i was so surprised cuz i saw Kei Vin!
wah~~~ damn happy wei... h3h3h3
back in cls pulak.. damn funny like shit oni..
tis derek ar.. betul2 wan kena punya.. keep taking pics..
so i tried to kenakan him bak by taking his pic lo...
but DAMN it x jadi.. cuz he was smart!
BUT i managed to take a video wif his face in it la..
muahahahah... geng le..
after dat when exam time.. keep throwing
paper at me.. babi betul..
den after dat.. my 2nd laopo.. got so angry at him cuz keep
wasting her stapler bullet.. and throwing paper at her oso..
so while he was picking up da papers i threw at him..
guess wad my laopo did??
she pour water on his head! hahahah
damn funny like shit..
not oni dat.. derek oso act exactly like a girl..
he was screamin, "Ahh.. Ee Von is touching me! ahh.. i'm being molested!
help! she's trying to rape me!!"
dat scene was da BEST i've ever seen!! haha
anyways.. dun wan write anymore le..
byezz.. jz wan add one more thing:

誕生日おめでとう 涼ちゃん!!

May 8, 2008

few more days for MERDEKA!

Haha.. lol.. 3days of exams
jz oni passed.. dat oso have oni
3 subs taken : BM, BI and MT
Hmm.. tomolo stupid wan..
hv to take da damn PM and SV haiz..
whee.. i was told dat i got 40/40 for paper 1 Eng!
well.. hopefully its true... hahah..
lol.. da place dat i'm sitting..
i din notice dat i could see Kei Vin..
haha.. happy la! i jz oni notice it 2day..
not oni dat.. he sits near to da door..
which means i can see him even clearer!
Wah.. so HAPPY!! lol..
my laopo told me some extra tips for SJ and Sc
how lucky am I to hv her.. (da laopo is 2nd wan)

> to my 3rd wife..
if u read tis.. dun worry i still will sayang
you de, honey!
haha.. jz for fun.. still got 3 days for my exam
after dat can FLY!! haha.. i wish la..
still got exams cumin ahead of me..
well.. 2day got mood oni i write.. haha
i tink Derek reli siao wan la.. keep taking pics
of me and tania.. siao lang! wad la he
i tot he doin wad.. taking pics.. wif his HP
summore! ishk ishk ishk...gila punya orang..
but hving him aroung is so much fun~
lol.. i hope our group will never separate..
dat's incl. Derek la.. haha.. cuz wif him..
oni we all can laugh like hell.. (he's sorta da CLOWN)
lol.. i tink dat's all to type la.. ntg else to
add ady here.. haha.. owh ya.. btw
i chged my HP ady..
so now in my HP can hear all da HSJ songs..
whee~~ happy like shit oni me.. da background is
my beloved ryo-chan's face.. haha
kk la.. tis time reli ntg to add ady..

May 1, 2008

shyt.. tis time nearly 1 mth din post..

been freakin bz la tis few weeks..
exams all around ca corner..
now my diagnostik is next week..
hv to prepare like shyt oni now..
haha.. my intervensi 2..
is quite bad la..
BUT i did improve..
haha.. no more a DAMN red mark..
for da last test i got..
2A's.. 1B's, 2C's and 1D..
next test trying to aim NO d's..
OMG.. dunno wad to do la..
i'm trying real hard on my SJ and
my freakin MATH.. luckily got KNT to help..
haha.. let's skip dat now..
in skul.. i fallen for my senior! he's from
5G.. hehe.. no idea y i like him oso..
den.. i hv another cacat senior..
from 5F.. he ar.. teruk wan..
always ejek me cuz he knows my secret..
he even ask me.. "u wan me to help u and Kevin cpl ar?"
i was like "NO".. den he ask y.. and den i say la..
"so young wan cpl for wad?" true rite..
den not oni dat.. neesha ar..
x abis2 keep disturbing me.. sayin "eh.. luk der.. wisely~~~"
i was like "shut up la!"
ytd was da worst wan.. she saw Kevin ma..
den she was like "Kevin~♥"
he looked!! i was like so freakin embarresed..
i hope he dun sangsi anthing la..
den i whacked her.. and quickly walked away.. haha
tis w33k ar.. i dunno wad's wrong wif me..
earlier tis w33k.. i dunno wad da hell la..
ms renuka ask me to call SUZUKI in ma.. cuz i tink
he din freakin do his hw.. so i said "Teacher.. i dun wan to tok to him.."
so i tink maybe i said sumthin dat hurt him???
after dat.. i went for my duty.. cuz its ady recess time..
after dat.. when i pass by his cls.. he kept on staring at me!
i started to feel weird.. haha.. though i'm happy i said
dat.. so he no nid so perasan dat every1 LIKES him..
hahah~ for all i care i dun!! i oni like da form 5 guy... hehe
anyways.. i tink i wrote too much ady.. haha
i tink wont be posting again for long gua..
cuz of my diagnostik next week..