Jul 27, 2010

haix.. hectic week..?

dun reli wanna use the 
word "BUSY" anymore since
i got some clue abt 
wad it meant..


hmm.. get wad i mean?
anyways.. this week
is quite hectic for me..

initially i wanted to
skip skul today.. but due to
some circumstances..
i was unable to do so~ >.<

Thurday is already my
National Physic Quiz!
oh dear.. freakin out..

there will be 
70 objectives
it'll be on going for 2 hrs 30 mins!

lolx.. hopefully nothing
goes wrong~ :)

Jul 15, 2010

National Chemistry Quiz 2010!

Fuhh! i tell you.. 
The National Chemistry Quiz is no joke.. =.=
seriously.. if those kinda Q just
appear in SPM question i can say byebye 

this is the pic of the cover
lol.. just took a random snapshot.. :)
umm.. i oso took two page of
the contents.. hahax

lolx! haix.. if i can even score 20/40
i will celebrate.. xD!!
but thanks to this i  hv extra 17 point for my koko

now just nid to prepare for my
its on the 29th July.. wish me luck! :) hehe