Oct 10, 2011


i know b2st in 3.2010 (SHOCK promotions)
but began to LOVE (ADDICTED) them starting 9.2010 (SOOM promotions)
i love them because they are B2ST!♥
they’re special because they have individual charms and talents
making ppl fall in love with them every single second!
well at least my love for them grows bigger each time I think of them♥
my bias=yoseob! i love yoseob because he’s:
perfect, full of himself, not afraid to show his wackiness around ppl and because has an awesome VOICE!
i NEVER get bored listening to him.. his ability to make bird sounds attract me so much! seeing him during the Fan Meeting in Malaysia on 1 July 2011..i totally fawned over him and now i cant get him out of my mind! =D
thanks to them.. I now LOVE korean language and even learning by myself the language..now i can read but still cant fully understand it! BUT im gonna work hard and master this language for them
b2st hwaiting! love you so much!!
비스트 화이팅! 너무 사랑해요!!
Congratz: 2nd year anniversary!!
2회 기념일 축하 해요!

something i posted in a FB event.. haha~

Oct 5, 2011

chunji oppa's big day! =D


guess what day is today?


CHUNJI Oppa's Birthday!! =D

keke! he looks so perfect! xD

oh btw on the picture it states :

CheonJi gun ui saengil-eur chukha habnida 

Happy Birthday to our heavenly ChunJi
(that's wad i think it means.. LOL)

hopefully he has a wonderful and awesome day =D

love ChunJi oppa! ♥

Haha jeongmal gwiyeoyo ne? XD

Oct 1, 2011

woots.. its already OCTOBER

wow cant believe how time flies so fast!

it's like ytd i just sat for SPM.. xD

anyways.. just last Saturday (24th Sept 2011)

i attended the KOREAN MUSIC WAVE!

오 마이 갓!!

i went with my bestie Kah Yan!! ♥

Her bro fetched me and his friend..

so four of us went there =D

so freakin cool!

we bought some badges and managed to see :

1. FT Island
2. Teen Top
3. 4Minute
4. U-Kiss
5. Park Jung Min
6. SeungRi

keke.. i classed them all according to their

official fan colours! Big Bang doesn't have an

official colour so i left them in black.. paiseh.. 

oh yea.. and chun ji is like neomu GWIYEOWO!!

omg.. LOL.. i just added another 오빠 to my list!


oh anyways i've just spotted YOSEOB my nampyeon's

new picture in twitter! he's so adorable.. XDD

funny thing is my mom likes him too! LOL.. and she calls

him my namja chingu..

oh imagine if he was here in malaysia~~

then can really be my bf (che-wah)

uri eomma sure approve!! ♥

check out his cuteness!

oh yoseob oppa saranghaeyo!! ♥