Sep 13, 2011

one month?!


woah it's been a month since my last post.. xD

i've been quite busy with my work and assignments! ><

i still have 3 assignments to go.. OMG..


well.. i think im officially obsessed with BEAST!

huhu! i love them =D

i know chuseok/mid-autumn festival is like officially over..

but wadeva.. they are so cute.. so i tot i'd post :

for those not familiar.. this is Beast

from left : JunHyung, HyunSeung, YoSeob, GiKwang, DongWoon, DuJun

yes.. i totally love them =)

all their songs actually..

i love both their ballad and pop songs

oh well.. i really wish to see them in Malaysia again!

every since the FM back in July, i totally am crazy about beast.. HAHA

yes i am mad.. =.= im starting to spend money too! omg?!

after 17 years of my kedekut life.. im actually spending

money.. on KPOP! wth.. lols