Jan 30, 2009

outing at Mv 2

Well.. back wif more stories..
went out wif frenz.. the same
ppl la.. Me, Cs, Tania, Ian..
and a new member.. Kah Yan
we met at the BJ station..
den TS.. (tania) den chg KTM..

CS so song ar.. gving the cards..
well.. reached MV.. straight went to buy
the tickets.. so we bought.. THEY WAIT
den the 2 dudes wen to McD to eat.. we gals
went walking around.. haha.. den i went bak
to McD 1st.. seeing them waiting to gamble..

Cs eating oso wan take out cards.. aiyo..
Lolx.. and managed to snap these.. 4gt to
take more.. >.<

aiya.. this Ian so paiseh.. Lolx..

see la this money.. it aint all.. i din take the ones
where ian hutang cs rm 10.. cuz they played rm1 p/game
Kah Yan and i hear money terus say dun wan
play.. LOL! after lose 99 kesian oni..
Whee.. movie time.. HAHA..

oops.. KY's face cant be seen.. nvm..
CS looks so surprised.. ROFL la.. ^^
den movie started.. it aint as scary as expected
la.. i tot i would freak out.. but.. -.- nope i din..
but leh.. in the middle of the show..

CS wrote : GHOST 4x !!!!! I SCARE!!!! T.T

CS wrote : What? I screamed!!!! I wan cry...
this aint a joke wei.. dun believe rite?? ask Ian
or Kah Yan or Tania la.. tis dude ar.. dunno
scream how many times wei.. XD.. its da laugh of my life..
anyways.. after dat.. had some fun at the arcade..
and bowling centre.. (as usual.. din spent.. ZZ)

CS... so called pro..

KY.. his competitor.. XD

these were the scores.. darn it.. beginning KY
was winning.. tiba CS gt a strike.. den he won..
but oni by 3 point! LOlx..
after dat.. tried to search for KIM GARY..
for lunch so LONG.. but here it is.. :

Ky's Food.. came 1st..

Ian's one.. 2nd to come..

Tania's one... and of coz..

MINE.. ^^

Total = Rm70.65 = OMG!! (tax is covered by CS..
so we paid for our food and drinks oni.. ^^)
den we went to the Gardens.. searching for
RedBox.. so lepak around la same time..

Pretty deco.. (i 38 ady..)

see this bunch of 'lepaker's?? HAHA.. tired jor..
we found the RedBox at last la.. but leh.. haiz..
cuz its ady almost 5pm.. we x jadi enter cuz.....
its Rm 30++ for 4 hours.. (so each abt rm 6 la..)
but cant la.. xkan we wan go der til 9.. wan
die meh.. killed by parents wei.. XD... anyways..
this is our 'family photo' :

from left : Papa, me, da jie, er jie and kor kor..
HAHAHA.. XD dat's all..

Jan 29, 2009

cny pics..

bak~ with pics..
ntg much.. just wanna
post dat i went
to few of my
relatives hse..
as usual to frenz
place la..
still got more
places to go.. XD
1st day

hehe.. cute mou?? her name is
Ng Si Min.. (my niece.. i tink..XD)
Lolx.. her cantonese way of pronouncing
is same as mine.. ah mun.. ZZ
went back relative hse oni terus hear
ppl call me.. "Puey Mun! Gong hei fatt choi!"
-.-".. anyways.. quite fun (money ma~)
2nd day

tis cute boy is 7 yrs old~ very cheeky!!
sayang him(Edwin)..(ex-neighbour's child..)
haiz.. 4gt to take his little brother(Edmund)
LAGI CUTE wei~ lolx.. baru 4 yrs old oni..
but very energetic.. run here run der! ^^
3rd day
Aiks! No pics.. cuz bz playing dao 4gt.. Hehe.. well.. went to Uncle Jay's hse..
(one of my HF members~) had lunch..
den had few rounds of Chor Dee.. played
wif Joshua, JohnNathan, my bro and Samm~
the position my bro sit like suay.. keep lose!
Lolx.. other positions is ok.. den after dat
had a game of RISK.. quite fun.. its about
dominating the world.. LOL! played dat
for abt 4 hrs.. and still not done.. ZZ..
but i terpaksa come home jor.. cuz they
had to go out for dinner with their relatives..
4th day
haha.. tis one ntg special.. just
bro frenz coming to visit.. LOlx.. tmr
will post another~ (btw.. da frenz name is
LCY.. Lolx~)

Jan 25, 2009

Happy CNY!

Yo.. Happy CNY guys~
Hehe.. early wish cuz
dunno can on9 tmr or not..
biase la.. hv to go ppl hse..
sien~ anyways..

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Chinese New year Comments

oh ya! wan to add one more thing..
today went to the police station
to settle some things.. ZZ
i tink tis is like the 10th time i
actually visited a police station..
ZZ 1st time was standard 6..
due to family issues.. ^^
anyways.. HAPPY CNY~

Jan 24, 2009

sad + happy = ??

well.. posting for wad happened ytd..
(22th Jan 09')
sch started as usual.. after physics..
i was goin up de stairs lo.. and den
i saw yong ken.. auto leh.. i guess
dat HE was der.. and YES i did
saw a bit of him.. god! my heart
raced again.. argh! why?? grr.. anyways
hv to go for recess.. so i jaga de
lorong blok A.. as i jaga der.. i saw
yong ken, shee chien (4gt hwo to spell..)
and of coz.. HIM..he sorta ran..
ZZ.. so sad and sorta desperate to see him..
i grabbed neesha.. and headed to the
lorong koperasi to see him.. >.<
oni saw like de head.. ZZZ..
anyways.. was depressed again.. den
HE came bak wif dem.. dunno
for wad.. ZZ.. Hehe..
anyways.. i kept lookin up.. >.<
Haiz.. i guess i reli fell hard for him..
anyways.. now dats over..
after dat my sadness was gone.. cuz..
Chris, one of my bro's U-mate
invited me to watch movie.. and I agreed~
guess wad show.. its "INKHEART"
whee! loved it!! whee~ Hehe..
de movie was at the Curve..
my bro's frenz were all reli friendly
and very nice to me.. hehe.. they were
Chris (da one dat ajak me and paid EVERYTHING)
Darrel (his bro) and
Wai Hong
anyways.. it was damn awesome.. cant
wait to go out wif dem again~ ^^

Jan 21, 2009


Yo!! Today so happy~
We did our first Chem Experiment!!

Whoo-hoo!! the experiment
about 'determining the melting and
freezing point of Napthalene
anyways.. it was FUN!! my group ppl
were :

hehe! we made a great team.. the pics
are taken secretly w/o Ms. Sim noticing..
i tink is she saw us using hp.. we're dead
meat.. and i aint joking.. she's freaky..

The beginning of the Experiment.. It's SOLID

Its now slowly turning to liquid.. Hehe..

so hard to stir.. cuz da thing was like melekik..

Lolx! Now its fully in LIQUID..
dude.. sorry guys.. i 4gt to take pics
during the cooling part of the Napthalene C10H8..
ZZ.. so x jadi see how it slowly turns bak
to SOLID.. haiz.. anyways.. here is the pic
when its bak to SOLID form..

Can see rite?? Hehe.. last min take wan..
anyways.. dat's all.. Hehe.. hope u
enjoyed seeing my 1st experiment
of the year!! ^^

Jan 19, 2009


Whoo! CNY is coming~
ytd (18/1) saw Lion Dance
at The Store.. hoho! nice..

(Sry tis pic sideways)
anyways.. bak to today's topic..
asshole teachers made us stay
at the assembly ground til 9am..
we as prefects so kesian.. stand like hell
anyways.. we had to wait for
our important guest to arrive.. Guess who..
The freakin ass police officers.. stupiak wan..
come at 8++.. dat time ady i so shyt
angry jor.. cuz stand der for 1 hr nia.. ass la..
so wadeva la.. den talk talk talk.. finally
de upacara perlantikan pengawas.. (AJK oni..)
i din know dat we actually freakin had
FOUR Asst. Head Prefects :
1. Sanjivan
2. Siti Husna
3. Mei Keit
4. Fui Jinn
i was like.. WTH?! so many 4 wad.. ZZZ
anyways.. after it was over managed to go
bak to class.. whee~ BM.. OMG! Hate it..
sry la teacher.. not dat i dun like you
i just hate the way u teach, to fkin BORING!!
Hahax.. kk la.. lazy wan post jor.. ^^

Jan 18, 2009


Ehem! just to start today's
topic.. SO HORRIBLE~
1st of all.. went to skul.. was oK
la.. but was so freakin tired..
but studied anyways..
Well.. we had AM.. FUN as usual~
den BM.. BORING like HELL..
BI.. oKoK la.. haiZ.. den recess..
after recess lepak at the canteen..
wanna know why??
cuz idiotic F6 simply go and
suggest and agree to hv prefects
hving b'fast AFTER recess..
i was so pissed! why? cuz nvr consulted us at all!!!
anyways.. went bak to class..
ENG was almost over... Hahax!
aint important la.. den BIO..
no teacher~~~~ YES!!
so AM teacher entered~ YES!!
after she left.. SJ pulak entered..
aiyo.. there's where it was HORRIBLE!
why? cuz exam is on VALENTINE'S
how come?! my mummy's bday
and also James bday~ buhuhuhu!
anyways.. exam i heard.. all is chap 1 la
i tink.. SJ is 2 chaps.. ass la.. >.< style="color: rgb(255, 102, 102);">1 hr later for
Alpha Course..
haiz.. go lo.. anyways.. had fun! Hahax..
den come bak went to THE STORE..
went at 7.30 to buy some things..
paid at the counter at 9.30+yeng mou??
Hahax.. den i tink i saw Justin (MBS)
lolx! but not 100% sure is he bo la..
haiz.. tired.. these are the pics..hv fun viewing

so long!!
bro doin sad face
cute baby boy sad+tired

does this remind u of any1 in f1??

luk at the fkin crowd.. stupid ppl dat chiong place! Grr!!
dat's all ba.. lazy to post jor..

Jan 15, 2009


ytd was Mk's bday.. yes..
14th Jan Not Feb..
we had Badminton game..
1st time this year.. Lolx..
there'll be lots more coming
as my school has badminton
club activities EVERY
Wednesdays.. time is 2-4 or
6.30-8.30.. (doubt any1 will
go 4 da 2nd timing..) Lolx..
Anyways.. there we 10 of
us.. Hehe.. ta-da!
Meng Keat (bday boy)
Wee Ching (special guest!)
Choon Sien..
Thin Yung..
Shin Mei..
Ee Von..
Nishant (last min dude..)
to tell u the truth.. i tot dat
Nishant was actually a
girl.. cuz the name is like
Neeshanthi's name.. haha..
Sry ar.. ^^..
anyways.. the game was
from 2-4pm.. but leh..
the guys were too
obsessed wif the sport
until they didnt wan to leave
the place and insisted to play
longer.. (i tink til5+)
Hahax.. ^^ all in all it was
such an enjoyable day..
PS: i untung money!! cuz
Actually Nishant din nid
too pay cuz he wasnt listed..

Jan 12, 2009


Well.. A week has gone
by since we started skul..
now we hv found out out
PM BIO teachers..
Hehe.. they're ok and nice
i guess.. ^^
BI - Pn. Maya
PM - Ms. Dew
BIO - En. Arrif
well.. these 3 aint dat bad la..
Pn. Maya is a malay.. but her
english is quite powerful! which
has actually amazed me..
Ms. Dew leh.. is very busy...
so far she oni entered once..
so i not sure how gud is her
teaching yet.. hehe..
En. Arrif i tink is.. sorta
CACAT.. cuz he explain in BM..
but i guess he's much much
beta den Pn. Siti Zakiah.. the
one who ons the computer
and leaves the class..
So well.. my other teacher can
say.. is perfectly fine.. the oni
teacher i currently no so song wif
is En. Abd Karim.. so boring..
getting to him ar.. aiyo! he gv us
essay to write nia abt the topik
we talked last week! shyt la..
350 words! OMG! lucky he gave
til this fri.. dat oso hv to hantar
b4 the last period.. haiz..
but i guess we sorta did deserve
dat cuz none of us wanted to go
out and do lisan! Jeff's group la!
aiyo.. wadeva la.. Chem last fri
was the best! so fun and interesting..
so much laughter though Ms. Sim
was quite freaky to us! Hahax..
but she did make some jokes la.. XD
AM today was nice! very fun and
interesting.. she reli made the
class understood the chapter easily..
Hehe.. but den we gt hw.. haiz..
but i guess its gud! Hehe.. anyways..
i guess dat's all i wan to post
today.. Hehe.. ^^

Jan 7, 2009


Whee hoo! Hoho.. We
got to know our PJ teacher..
It's Miss Liew! How lucky!!
Hehe.. i tink she'll be
teaching us dat sub til f5~
anyways.. after dat.. we
also got to know our Chem
teacher.. woah! Miss Sim!
Hahax.. aint dat bad.. instead..
she was quite fun! Hehex..
After dat was BM.. >.<
En. Abd Karim.. aiyo..
so boring nia! but ok gua..
atleast we're not in H class..
he's their SEJ teacher..
well.. last but not least..
our Physics.. teacher..guess hu...
its Miss Nee! hoho!! fun to
bully wei.. today was reli fun..
others that are teaching us
are >>> tada! :
Pn. Lee SEJ
Pn. Farah M.Math
Pn. Wan Hazizah A. Math
so far.. we still do not know
who teaches BI, SV, PM and BIO
anyways.. in these two days
we hv entered :
M.Math Chap 1
A. Math Chap 1
Chem Chap 1 (abis)
Physics Chap 1 (activities)
considered oK la.. atleast
we've entered these few sub ady..
hehe.. anyways.. dat's all la..

Jan 5, 2009


Omg!! Sad Sad!! >.<
beginning went to skul le..
so darn happy.. get to meet up
wif my frenz ma~~ den had
stupid assembly.. so announced
we had a new Head Mistress...
Pn. Rohana..
darn it..
MALAY again! no offense.. sry..
anyways.. they oso announced
we hv a new PK HEM.. oh shit la..
En. Siva.. the most shyt
annoying teacher!! >.< kk la..
after dat hv the stupid ceramah
rgrd wad stream we should enter..
bla bla bla.. den recess..
Haiz! This is where the sad part
begins!! >.<.. i saw HIM.. omg! so
unexpected la.. on my 1st day can
see HIM jor.. sien i tot can oni see HIM
when he collects his SPM results.. ZZ..
den i saw him! Buhuhu!! i shyt kept
avoiding bumping into him..
*Cries* *Cries* *Cries*
Why la?! ishk.. den he came down
from the 2nd floor.. i pulak decided
to run away.. but den just stood
still cuz Tania was wif me ma.. dun wan
leave alone~~ *Cries*
So hard la.. seeing HIM right in
front of me.. >.<>
den Neesha oso saw HIM.. he went to
the canteen.. dunno 4 wad la..
so bell ring.. had to go listen ceramah again!
but den i hesitated..and went to the
lorong der.. go see the last yr PMR list~~
waiting to see mine this year!! woohoo!!
den HE showed up again! >.< i cant even
look at HIM!! Wad la!! Sad Sad!!
Heart beat like crazy la.. *Cries*

Jan 1, 2009

New Year!

Whee!! Ytd I'm sooooooo Happy!!
well.. actually Angry, Siao and Happy!!
Angry cuz i din know dat one of my
very good fren's mother went
and tell everyone dat her daughter
got 5A's 2B's using MY results....
oh.. fuck her wei.. (sry abt the foul word..
am reli pissed off.. tis aint the 1st time..)
grr.. siao part is when kah yan and i
keep using the F word on my fren's
mother.. muahaha.. we were laughing
non-stop about dat!! muahaha!! >.<
the happy part is when i went
for dinner wif auntie florence ..
hehe..went to eat Bak Ku Teh and
Asam fish~ and dunno wad veg liao.. Haha
so happy~ den decided to see fireworks..
so wanted to go cheras der to watch wan..
but den cuz freakin jam.. so we decided
to turn bak lo.. haha.. den we stopped
at the high way der cuz it was the greatest
place to watch fireworks! hehe.. wasai!
1st time in one spot i saw 10 different places
dat had fireworks.. omg.. so happy!! all these
is thanks to
auntie florence.. if not ar..
i could nvr had such a wonderful experience!!
God Bless Everyone on this beautiful
New Year's Day!! Happy 2009!! ^^