Jun 15, 2011

=( or =)?

hey =/ havent logged in a long time.. 

anyways.. back here to blog abt the recent events that took place 
in my family..

just last week my cousin called up my mom regarding my 2nd uncle..
at that time (last wed) we were informed that my 2nd uncle
is being suspected of having liver cancer! ><

so we rushed to the hospital to see him.. my mom broke down.. ='(
went there with my brother.. went i first went there.. i saw my uncle's condition
but at that time i just couldn't feel anything... up until last saturday..

went there again with my mom.. saw how run down my uncle became..
frankly speakin my heart broke and i wanted to cry.. but i couldn't now can i? 
cuz i knew it wouldn't be any help to my mother.. 

i helped to take care of him by doing little things such as helping to give
him water and food =) it was a pleasure to me.. i loved doin it.. hehe

we went there again on sunday.. mom and i bought some wet tissues and
lotion for my 2nd uncle.. met with my 4th uncle over there to visit him.. =)
again i helped my mom by taking care of my 2nd uncle.. hehe oni this time
i massaged his legs! and helped to clean his face (dry pecks on his eyes)

hehe it was great joy for me to do so! =D 
then just ytd my 2nd uncle was discharged from the hospital.. so we went to
his house to visit.. (walau.. ) hehe seeing him so happy! he was truly happy 
to be back home =) his eyes were so wide open unlike the time he was at
the hospital where he oni always wanted to sleep.. ><

my 4th uncle bought some food for him to eat.. hehe =)
mom fed him and he enjoyed it.. well.. he sure does love meat! keke
oh i 4got to mention that the LEE family (mom) loves eating meat alright!
kakaka! so do i.. i love chicken.. but they prefer pork though.. @@

long day though.. each visit took us minimum of 3 hours.. and we would
always come back home earliest 11.45pm.. i guess it is tiring but it's also
worth it since we get to see him =D

oh yes.. just to elaborate further.. my 2nd uncle (so to say) has always been
unfortunate.. as he has met with car accident (bone fracture and replaced my metal)
so his legs are quite weak.. and just before he was admitted into the hospital..
he fell down 4 times.. OMG FOUR TIMES!! i just couldn't bear the thought of the
pain he went through and yet without one word of complain! >

just last week we were told that he not only has liver cancer.. but had gallstones
with size of 11cm! so big rite?! he also has a right kidney failure.. which makes
him have difficulty for excretion.. >< but ytd we got bad news that it wasn't a gallstone
but in fact is a TUMOR! ='( to add salt to the wound.. it grew to 14cm! 

omg what a shock it was to us all! haix!! i just pray for him to lead a better life
as the doctor had predicted he has numbered days... >< so sad!!

there is a good news though.. hehe =)

when i saw my 2nd uncle in that state.. i prayed to our heavenly Father that He may send
a good Samaritan to my uncle to spread the gospel to him and grant him salvation..
i want my family members to be with our Father in heaven where there is no pain or
sorrow! =)

good news is that God did answer my prayers!! i'm so happy.. because uncle YL 
and Crystal were so nice to come and visit my 2nd uncle and chit-chatted with him..
that time my 2nd uncle told them that he wanted to give up [ ='( ] but thankfully
after spending some time with him.. somehow my 2nd uncle decided to accept the Lord! =D

hehe not only that.. an uncle sharing the same hospital ward as my 2nd uncle also
came to Christ! wow.. how great is the Lord?! keke so i pray that God's healing hand will
protect my uncle in his coming days.. =DD

that's all.. hehe