Jan 15, 2012

Self-Made book!

Well.. i finally made a book to oversee how much i spend in a month =D

Just used an old book (use to collect note books when i bought story books)

Then wrapped it up with red A4 paper and covered it in simple decoration..


Front of the book... keke~

Back of the book~ *i used B1A4 and B2ST's song lyrics xD

Finally myself posing with my self-made account book!
Oh~ I'm proud of myself.. xD

So now i jot down everything i spend on.. so i can
monitor my naughty hand from spending all my hard earned money =D

Kamsahabnida YoSeob oppa gwa Baro oppa!~ ♥

Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year! 

wow it's been in a blink of an eye that one hear has just gone by!

omg it's so fast 2012! >///<

and i'm a year older shyt!

haha anyways :

새해 복 많이 받으세요
saehae bok mahni badeuseyo~!

just the korean way of saying HappyNewYear! =D

Yesterday went out Karaoke at NeWay, Puchong together with:

KahYan, her bro, bro's 2 friends, Alison, Angie, ChunJi and fake Baro.. =.=

I still emphasize that 'he' does NOT look like Baro.. xD

had a great time there singing!

After that left for dinner at SP.. food at 미나래 (minarae)

oh the food was splendid!

Thanks to KahYan's bro for the meal! =D

Then we dropped by at ChaTime to grab a drink..

KahYan and me ordered Lychee flavour! NICE ♥

after that we went Equine Park for the countdown..

Guess who did we see? ♥



Gah! so handsome.. HAHA!!

but sadly when we reach the countdown area.. 


ngam ngam everyone finished performing!

oh wells! this year la! xDD


i got back home around 2.30am!

haha that was super late! omg

anyways i slept peacefully for 12 hours

and woke up at 2.30PM!


the end =D