Sep 28, 2008

holiday! DAMN

oh great...
holiday again! shyt la.. PMR ady
like so freakin close.. wad to do?!
not only dat.. Neesha and me gt
plannings to do for the prefect
annual dinner
on the 1 Nov
haiz.. dahla blm even get the name
list lagi from Suet Ling.. thank god
i managed to get hold of her number
if not skul re-open oso i doubt
that i'll get the name list.. and by
dat time i ady mati.. cuz hv to hand
in the report on the 10 Oct..
so cacat hor.. just 3 freakin days b4
my PMR test comes.. lolx.. haiz
wanna die ady lo.. so MUCH stress
haiz.. anyways.. wanna go sleep soon
ady.. dun wan tink so much...


Sep 22, 2008

Exam tis week! Sick oso tis week!

well.. exam AGAIN tis week.. apa leh buat?
haiz.. tis week is from Kedah.. so now
ppl in my class wanna 'bok meng' go and
DL the papers from internet.. lame rite..
sick jor these 3 days.. haiz.. lucky today feel
much beta.. mornin mornin in skul hampir
die ady.. lucky Alicia so nice to let me off duty
during the assembly.. if not i tink i mati by then..
lolx.. went to kantin to relax.. den buy some asam
for myself.. after dat went to the pondok at the
assembly.. gt Neesha to teman me der.. den listen to
the teachers talk crap lo... cacat la.. hairband cant be
more den 1''.. how lame rite?? they gonna ukur it
izzit?? babi betul la.. den after the assembly le..
got to staybak for pengawas crap again.. i wanna
smack the teachers la.. show us the vest ar.. OMG!
luks exactly like the freakin KPJ baju dat MR.SIVA
and Pn. NORLIZA wear.. freak la.. den show us the
blazers for AJK pulak.. my god.. wad happen to the
quality?? shit la.. the vest is RM30 den blazer is RM75
they pay for us la.. crap la.. dahla they wan add the
stupid logo at the back of the vest.. (hate dat logo..
sutpid big eagle.. spoil everything oni.. ishk..) after dgr
the crap.. den say abt the choir practise tml.. haiz.. gt
exam they still wan mengada-ngada do choir.. but
wadever la.. so abis ady.. i walked up the stairs wif
neesha.. almost crawl at the stairs.. stomach hurt like hell..
kept burning.. den reach class.. quickly throw bag and take
pencil case wif bottle den rush to sit at my place.. lucky
exam baru start like 5 mins.. haiz.. i used around 20 mins
to do.. cuz doin halfway my eyes closing.. babi la..
after abis ady.. den went tido lo.. after dat.. Li ann go and
wake me up.. den she started laughing.. i tot i was imagining..
but guess wad?? she laughed cuz my forehead gt one freakin
bekas.. red-red colour cuz i slept on my hand ma.. cacat la..
den i fast-fast rub it away.. lucky hilang ady.. lolx..
hantar paper ady le.. den neesha drag me down to hv her
FOOD.. cuz she's always hungry.. anytime of the day.. lolx
so we all went down lo.. go kantin oni haiz.. stupid titus was
der.. go call me ducky.. but tis time cuz i not well.. i dun wan
layan him ady.. haha.. den went straight to buy food lo..
after dat i turn around he din tease me anymore.. yay! lolx
so sat down chit-chat lo.. after recess over was MATH.. yay..
one of my favourite subs.. lolx.. question was quite easy la..
so should be no prob i tink?? lol.. lets hope for the best.. so
after the test.. we all 'bok meng' do SJ hw cuz all of us
totally 4got we needed to abiskan the buku latihan to check..
we copy abis the form 2 chap we blm buat.. den last min..
i say.. "eyh.. today pn.tan check form 1 rite??" shyt lo.. all of
us panic like hell ady.. so wanna copy the form 1 de.. but too
late ady.. cuz Pn Tan entered our class.. lolx.. den she wan start
check ady.. lucky a lot say blm buat.. oni until chap 4.. i was
so relieved cuz i did til chap 5 i was like.. "thank god!"
hehe.. abis check ady.. den we hv to do our SJ 2005 paper..
lame la.. so we all did lo.. like little angels.. (as if we are.. lolx)
almost go bak time ady.. laopo help me circle last 7 questions..
(i tink 7 ques rite?? hehe).. ngam-ngam she finish circle last
question.. wanna keep things ady.. de bell rang.. hahax..
yeng hor? so balik lo.. well.. dunno wad else to post ady.. beta
go sleep if not high fever come again.. byebye~~

Sep 14, 2008

Mooncake Festival!

well.. its mooncake festival today..
i wonder wad's everyone doin leh.. hehe..
i'm bored.. sitting in front of the freakin
computer.. haiz.. wad to do.. anyways..
2day is mooncake festival where ppl
normally eat mooncake, rite? well.. me
leh.. a lil' weird.. cuz somehow i got bored
of eating them.. instead i ate KFC.. how
lame rite?? haha.. tml gonna play badminton
ady.. so happy.. not oni dat.. WED oso we
gonna play again.. at the community hall..
hehe.. tis time i'm gonna bring ma camera
to take pictures of my siao gang.. doin
weird weird poses for ourselves.. but wad they
dunno is dat i'm gonna post it in the BLOG!!
kk la.. dunno wad else to write here ady.. anyways
to those dat read my tis post..

Sep 6, 2008

IU day!

lol.. so long ady din post here..
i tink 2 months ady... hehe..
well.. today's IU day.. goin to skul in abt
15-20 mins.. haha..hopefully i dun dress
so different from other ppl la..
if not the 1st person i gonna kill is SHERMAN..
cuz he's da wan dat tell me can wear wadeva..
btw.. i did reli reli bad for my trials exam..
oni managed to score 4A's 3B's.. very bad rite??
haiz.. hv to study like shyt from now ady.. my
PMR MUST GET 7A's.. if not sure mati wan..
kk la.. beta get ready to leave.. if nto nanti
x sempat den how?? haha.. chaoz..