Feb 24, 2011


Well~ i'll be attending my FIRST lesson of Montessori Philosophy this SATURDAY..

>< so nervous! last week during the orientation.. WOW.. 

i freakishly didn't know that my course was that difficult to PASS! wth!

haix.. plus the number of people that scored a DISTINCTION in a 

span of 10 years is ONLY TWO! WTF?!

haix!! majority only can reach a PASS.. those really good ones

are able to achieve a MERIT.. other than that is FAIL.. omg!

i hope i'm able to do well! ><

of course with God's guidance! hehe

i have LOTS of projects + assignments + omg ESSAYS!

the essays are not that easy alright.. i have some examples in 

my hand.. and omfg.. wth?! the essay is so bloody tough!

dahlah it's based on theory + own understanding.. we have to

write it between 1500 and 2200 words! ><

that's all for now i think! can't think of writing anymore


signing off,

B2ST and Junsu lovers! ♥

Feb 13, 2011

Valentine's Day advance.. =D

Valentine's Day is in 1 hour 10 minutes! HAHA ♥

hope all the couples & non-couples enjoy this wonderful day~

yea~ many would love this eh? =D

well.. don't worry.. when the time is right.. 

the ONE will come to you with this " BE MINE " ;)

oh of course.. friends and family are equivalently important

so make sure to say :

hehe! enjoy!

signing off at 10.50pm 13th february 2011

Feb 7, 2011

happy cny!

aiks! red = prosperity

late posting for CHINESE NEW YEAR!

late for 5 days.. omg! haha

today is already the CHO-5!

which means it's the fifth day of CNY~ 

paiseh~! hehee



Feb 1, 2011

Will Pan "Touch" ft. Nichkhun!


have u guys heard the song "touch"?

it's by WILL PAN.. =D

潘玮柏 for those that don't know~

nice! ♥

Left : Nichkhun (2PM)
Right : Will Pan =D