Feb 20, 2013

YoSeob oppa!

우리 양요섭 오빠~

It's a midnight full of thoughts.
I wonder what is difficult these days..
I actually don't even have that many schedules these days too..
I'm just fully resting.
But since my body is resting, my mind is starting to become busy.

Random thoughts start to grab on to my ankles, wrists, and arms ..
I am just caught up in my thoughts these days.

From really small personal things
To things I have to do in the future
I look back on the path that I had been running on.
In particular.. things I lacked for you guys..
Um..such as
Not giving you guys as many hearts as before..?
Like the decrease of my aegyo (cuteness) as I started to mature..? (I am reminded by Psy sunbaenims Healing Camp episode)
Just ignoring when you guys ask me to rap..?
Etc etc.. there are many more..

..I'm thinking of pressing the reset button once again..

Even though I don't give out hearts like the blonde hair Yang Yoseob in the past
Or show aeygo like I did on Star Golden Bell
Or rap like Yong Junhyung

But like the first time, the earliest I can remember.
To the time when I was the fan service machine..
I will try hard to go back to those times.

I am BEAST's Yang Yoseob.
You guys are b2uties.
Therefore, I will be FanSeob.

Anticipate, 2013 Yang Yoseob's fan's year.

Good night everyone mwah mwah

Oppa.. please don't be so hard on yourself!

Just your presence on stage is a huge gift to us ♥

오빠 힘내요!

양 화이팅!! 양 오빠 영원히 사랑해요!! ♥

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