Dec 31, 2010

trip to Selayang 29.12.2010

Well.. i slept at nearly 1am watching the Oh My School repeat.. HAHA
then i woke up at freakin 6.22am to get ready to go Selayang =D

Reached there at 7.45am due to the morning traffic.. (took Aunty Florence's car)
so went there to see Aunty Cheng Yee for some time in the HOT SPRING..

gosh i didn't even know that malaysia has their very own NATURAL HOT SPRING.. =.=
how urban can i be?! LOL.. and the water there is freakin hot.. i almost burnt my legs
if i hadn't take them out of the spring water.. hahax

anyways.. we spent there like an hour or so.. then went back to Aunty Cheng Yee's place
for fruits before taking our lunch... chit-chat for about roughly 2 hours and we drove
out for lunch at some "Nga Poh" place.. waseh the food there is NICE! and cheap too!

i had "Nga Poh Lou Shi Fan" which is super filling and nice for only a price of RM4.00
how cheap can that be?? i eat a seri petaling (some not that nice) at a price of RM4.50.. =.=

On the way back from lunch, we dropped by at Aunty Cheng Yee's Kindergarten (under my request)
so had a look around at the kids ages from 2-4years old.. so cute!

Aunty Florence has helped them to draw up the menu and walau! the kids seriously
get A LOT of good food.. >.< even my kindergarten couldn't provide 3/4 of the food there!
how blessed are the kids?? hehex

that was seriously nice.. then on the way back from the kindergarten.. Aunty Cheng Yee took
a turn to Seri Hartamas to pick up Yen Wen (same age) from her friend's place..

so we came back to her place.. then the adults went to some music room to relax
and dunno do wad la.. Yen Wen and myself started chatting about how our EST paper was like..
and how crappy the invigilators are when they "invigilate" our respective classes..

turns out.. 95% of our invigilators are useless.. since both our school's respective invigilator
dun really bother to see whether the students cheat or not during the exam.. =.=

well.. anyways.. that's all i wanna say.. =D

Dec 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Junsu! ♥

i know imma insane~ 


Happy Birthday JunSu!!!

HAHA~ My JunSu oppa~

생일 축하합니다!!!
 Jqi 김준수 사랑하는!!

Dec 10, 2010

holiday fun!

Well.. SPM is finally over!
ugh.. not officially for me
cuz i still have EST!

oh well.. but plans for 
hanging around with buddies 
have already arose.. =D

i just went out with some
of my classmates
yesterday for class gathering!

after that we went KLCC
intended to buy Christmas gifts
but turns out ALL of us are those that 
are super stingy xD!!

anyways.. plans to have an
awesome reunion with our "family"
have been done..

so the outing is on the 23.12.2010
At Pavilion where our
1st family meeting took place.. hehe

but this year we're hoping to 
welcome a new 
family member~ HAHAHA

Name of that newbie wont be mentioned..
scared after some babun 
come and attack me.. den die lo.. xD

anyways.. so far mk, wc, ky
and me have planned to

Guess wad song we're gonna sing?


I know wad u're thinking~
but Hey dun look down 
on us.. we can sing it 

and even dance it out..
yea.. we're sorta
HUGE fans of K-POP!

the songs chosen so far is :

1. HOOT ♥
4. GEE

other than that is not confirmed.. but
MK said he's gonna RAP!

i so wanna hear that.. maybe
i should let him hear

den he'll be super impressed.. xD!!

Dec 4, 2010

lolx.. birthday post

whee~! ♥

it's funny how time flies by so fast!
my birthday was just yesterday.. xD

hmm.. lets see..
i spent my day together with Kah Yan
at the office of PLKN.

our purpose was to switch
to 1st batch for NS.. =)

which as usual.. the ppl will say 
"tunggu 2 minggu ye untuk mengetahui
keputusan permohonan anda"

so ended up i wasted like 3-4 hours.. 
just for that.. =.=

and my birthday gift was:
1. Slight fever
2. Sore throat
3. Headache!

how generous of my immune system.. 
LAWL.. nevertheless,
i cheered up cuz of all my friends 
who remembered my birthday!

those that called, sms and fb-ed me..
lol.. =)

since i cant list those who fb-ed me..
i'll just list down those that sms and called me

special thanks to:
1. Shin Mei ♥
2. Li Ann =)
3. Dina huhu =)
4. Kimberly ♥
5. Rachel! =D *friend for 10 years!*
6. Wee Ching ♥
7. Wisely =D
8. Neeshanthi =D
9. Keshmeet!
10. Hema!! =D *friend for 9 years!*
11. Ginsky lawls

Dec 2, 2010

3/4 of Spm~ =D

Woah~ It's already  towards the last day of SPM!
How fast can this be?? xD!! super happy~

Yesterday wasn't that great tho..
cuz Add Maths  was quite the KILLER o.O

I had like not enuf time to do my checking..
thankfully God gave me enuf time to 
complete all my questions~ so i guess it's ok?

hehe.. anyways.. now its 7 down 2 to go!
well.. except for me.. =(

cuz i still have my EST test on the 15th.. 
so saddddd.. cant enjoy much lolx.. but wadeva!

imma still gonna go for my class party
on the 9th at SEOUL GARDEN! ♥

P/S : Some freakins PIGS keep spamming at my Cbox!
I'd appreciate if the PIGS can just get lost.. tq

Nov 9, 2010

14 days to SPM

Kya~ ♥

It's already 14 days to SPM!
cant believe time just
passes by so fast to the extend
i feel like i'm old..

yesterday just seems like
it was the 1st day 
i entered SMK BBSP!
and the nervous feeling still runs
inside my tummy!
it's filled with butterflies! =X

haix.. i reli dun wanna leave
school just yet.. so many
memories there
and i can't just leave it!

but i guess it IS time for me to fly~
fly to the open world where
we can experience what
people call the actual LIFE..

well.. sadly i'm chosen for NS 
and well.. i tried to get the
deferment letter from HUKM
but the donkey doctor refused to gv me.. =(

she says 
"Yours is just a mild case"

wow.. bleeding excessively under the hot
sun doing outdoor activites is called
mild case.. then wad is serious?

==! anyhow.. it might be God's
plan to send me there.. =)

so hopefully my prayer comes true.. 
and i guess i should follow what
the Bible says in Joshua 24:24

"The Lord our God we will serve, 
and HIS voice we will obey"

If it is HIS will to send me there..
then i have but no choice 
to go there.. =)

P.S : this teaser is awesome! haha 
click the link.. =)

Oct 27, 2010


woah.. it's been 1 month since i last posted here.. hahax!

anyways.. my results for my trials are terrible!!
all my specially targeted subjects for an A turned out to be Bs 
how saddening can it get??

haix.. i targetted nothing below B.. and i got TWO C+
gahh! so frustrating for me.. @@

so overall i've gotten 4As 4Bs and 2Cs..
and yes i took 10 subjects.. including EST..

i wished i had done better as in.. not making those
idiotic mistakes in the exam.. if not.. those 7As are mine!!!

Bio isn't included as the 8th A cuz i don't really have
confidence in it.. (i greatly dislike reading subjects)

well.. i kinda am lazy to continue my post.. so yea..
hopefully these remaining 28 days will be super

useful for me to finish my final revision and exercises
for the subjects i target to score A.. :D

i've completed physics so far.. now doing BIO..
another 3 subjects that i'm gonna cover will

be Chem, Add Maths and Sejarah..
Sejarah was most saddening for me cuz 2 more marks

i would have gotten atleast an A-
but too bad i didn't.. aww!

yea.. so now i'll just sign off.. :D

Sep 15, 2010

2 weeks of holiday

i sincerely feel that these 2 weeks of holiday.. 
which is coming to an end..
has done me nothing good! :(

i mean.. in these 2 weeks.. 
the only subject i've
revised is PHY, AM,
BIO and SEJ..

i don't really see myself touchin
the other subjects like
CHEM and MM.. :(

gah! my trials are like really
soon.. and i dunno wad 
to do?! help!

i just wish i could fly
through time.. maybe
skip the SPM part.. LOL
just jump str8 to college..

maybe it'll serve me better?
then i may not stress?
or will i regret?

the pic is like me now!
too much info to absorb!!
and it's killing me.. :(

Aug 17, 2010


ookiee.. din expect it to be that long since i last logged in..
hahax! anyways.. been reli packed these days due
to our dance rehearsal in skul for Independence Day! <3

our group consists of 6 ppl! :
1. Keshmeet
2. Neesha
3. Pavitra
4. Siti
5. Tania ; and of coz 
6. me! :)

well.. today wasn't reli all that well for me..
since 'we' sorta made one of our fren hurt.. >.<
felt reli bad.. called her to apologize but dunno whether
she's reli okay with it tho.. just hope everything goes
well! now just gonna say one thing : *look below*

Jul 27, 2010

haix.. hectic week..?

dun reli wanna use the 
word "BUSY" anymore since
i got some clue abt 
wad it meant..


hmm.. get wad i mean?
anyways.. this week
is quite hectic for me..

initially i wanted to
skip skul today.. but due to
some circumstances..
i was unable to do so~ >.<

Thurday is already my
National Physic Quiz!
oh dear.. freakin out..

there will be 
70 objectives
it'll be on going for 2 hrs 30 mins!

lolx.. hopefully nothing
goes wrong~ :)

Jul 15, 2010

National Chemistry Quiz 2010!

Fuhh! i tell you.. 
The National Chemistry Quiz is no joke.. =.=
seriously.. if those kinda Q just
appear in SPM question i can say byebye 

this is the pic of the cover
lol.. just took a random snapshot.. :)
umm.. i oso took two page of
the contents.. hahax

lolx! haix.. if i can even score 20/40
i will celebrate.. xD!!
but thanks to this i  hv extra 17 point for my koko

now just nid to prepare for my
its on the 29th July.. wish me luck! :) hehe

Jun 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear~

Yo yo!! Happy Birthday Kah Yan!! <3
finally 17 years of age lu.. hehe
hopefully wad u wish for comes true !

just something i managed to find :

Strawberries are red,
Blueberries are blue,
Today is your birthday,
I'm thinking of you. 

Special friend that I hold dear,
Always wish to have you near.
We get along, like bread with honey,
A friendship worth, much more than money.

lolx! nothing much.. but hope u like it.. 
haha <3 muax

Jun 20, 2010

A4J final night!

19th June 2010

this is ultimately the most
enjoyable night ever!! haha
we had the drum performances
by the drummersforchrist again!

before that.. i've been meaning to
show u guys the set-up of the stage..

lol.. ignore the people.. xD

lol.. sorry if the pics a bit small..
anyways.. this was cool!
haha.. xD oh btw.. 18th JUNE
we had 450 people who accepted CHRIST!
AMEN! <3

after the wonderful perfomance.. we had 
also a guest from Taiwan..
Si En ~~~

after performance..
we had our sermon.. today was 
special.. Ps. Philip din speak..
BUT his translator..
Ps. Jonathan spoke!

it was great.. he talked about
being low self-esteem..
it was really great..

and a huge bunch of people
came out during the 
altar calling.. and i believe
many accepted Christ today as well..

lol.. sorry not so clear..
but the people holding hands are the
Crew from the CYC..

the people in front of them were
the non-christians/christians
that wanted to accept Jesus into
their lives to take away
their shame or bitterness!

many experienced the love of God
tonight.. when i say experienced the
love of God.. its not just 
a joke.. because when God
really touches you.. you'll be blessed! <3

after this event.. we had the finale!
wohoo! din take any pics cuz was busy
dancing my way.. haha

we had the CYC musician to
take over the floor and we sang :

1. Oh Happy Day (chinese vers)
2. No Compromise by PlanetShakers
3. Army of God by Mawar Sharon Church

Jun 19, 2010

2nd night of the A4J!

18th June 2010

well.. 2nd night of A4J <3
this time brought my bestie! haha
Choong Kah Yan!!

went over her house lepak
awhile after tuition..
den her mom took us to pasar malam

after that we met up with
my mom and her colleague
then we walked to BJ carpark!

haha.. went there early..
and had to wait for the
gates to be open so that we can grab
awesome seats.. haha

alrighty! since tonight was meant
mainly for the non-christians~
it was still awesome!

Kah Yan and me rocked.. haha
we enjoyed the Joshua Band
performances.. <3

Kah Yan enjoyed Ps. Philip's sermon
i'm so glad she did.. hehe..
by God's grace i was able to
bring her there tonight.. :D

and guess wad? the guests tonight
had double ytd's amount..
so we had around 10,000 people!!

wohoo!! i tink about 1/4 of the
crowd accepted Christ! PTL*
really am glad about it..

cant wait for tmr night..
its the last day for A4J!!
it will be a blast.. <3

and pretty sure.. God will do His 
part and draw more ppl into
His wonderful kingdom!

this is because :
"Religion will NOT guarantee your ticket
is what will guarantee you ticket to heaven!"

*PTL - Praise the Lord

Jun 17, 2010

A4J 1st night at Bukit Jalil Car park A

Okie~ This night is extremely AWESOME!
i will salute anyone who did NOT enjoy this.. xD!!!!

dance and sang like mad~ <3
we had a crowd of more than 5000 people! Praise the Lord!!
it was full house and we had lots of guests..
many people from various places...

we have pastors from Taiwan, Philippines, 
Singapore and of course none other 
than Pastor Philip from Indonesia~ <3

the Joshua Band from Taiwan did not perform 
tonite but they will tomorrow! on the 18th June!!! 
kyaa~ anyways tonite's worship was
led by Danial Chong the CYC worship leader

i really had an awesome night!
its even better than any concert in the world!
because we're in a place with the 
awesome presence of the Holy Spirit.. <3

it drizzled initially but thanks to
God's wonderful grace.. 
it stopped!!
this can only be the work of God.. :D 

well.. hope to take photos for
tmr's event! haha.. xD 

wanting to blog about it too!
anyways.. nid my sleep for tmr~
nitex and God Bless

Jun 4, 2010


Holiday lu~ finally.. ==!

its been three weeks since my exam started
and its finally over! wohoo <3

all in all.. my exam was alright except for
BIO that horrible subject.. i dunno why.. 
but i feel that out of the 3 science subject.
this is my lowest and weakest one yet!!

haix.. i really wanna do well in bio tho..
when i saw my paper 2 ytd.. i was like O.M.G!

hahas.. anyways.. nw is time to appreciate my
holidays!! wohoo.. if not no chance to even relax
anymore.. aiks.. hehe
anyways.. happy holiday everyone!! ;D

May 18, 2010

exam season

crappy la.. exams are here again.. 
my mid-term examination.. >.<
well.. thk goodness is starting this
thursday.. it only covers BM and BI
so still got time to study for other subs

aiks.. today i ponteng skul! haha.. 
1st time in history i actually
requested from my mom to
skip skul! hahaha.. brava

have to study smart for my exam man..
BM no tips.. as usual.. ==
BI got tips.. but i din pay attn.. aiks
MM til matrices
AM til vector
SJ til chap 5
CHEM til chap 2
PHY til chap 3
BIO til chap 3

well.. dun tink so little chapters man
its includes Form 4 as well.. :(
oh well.. gambateh! 

May 12, 2010

please rest in peace.. ='(

not in much of a mood to use colour today..
i just received news from Hema, a really close
friend of mine that our primary friend had just
passed away..

it is a real shock to me.. and i really did not expect
to hear such news.. he passed away just on Monday
at 2a.m due to an accident near his house..

omg.. i seriously cant type anymore.. >.<

May 9, 2010

Happie Mummy's Day

lol~ <3 Happy Mother's Day ppl! xD..
since today is a Sunday..
we went to church =)

after church lepak at home cuz lazy to go
out since rain was pouring down heavily..
so we did our own stuff.. ekeke

nite time went out to the Curry Fish Head Puchong
branch over at our very own Seri Petaling.. xD
we ordered Curry Fish Head.. *duh* butter prawn..
Hong Kong Kai Lan and fried squid.. yay.. xD

the bill came up to RM92.. *omg* so expensive rite?
(well to some it aint expensive la.. but to me it is
cuz we seriously dun eat this kinda stuff often..)
anyways.. i tink mom had a great time with us.. xD
cuz today is like not even one single argument man! 

lolx.. cute a? hehe... anyways.. a big I LOVE YOU!

May 4, 2010

oh sadness

well.. our plan to protest the exam failed.. ==
damn that toad.. ishk.. ruining our form 5 lives..

we have no choice but to sit for the test coming
in abt 2 weeks.. haix.. selfish teacher.. >.<

hoping that the 3 science classes will boycott the
exam and turn in blank papers / dont attend at all..

anyways.. have to go bak to the books.. >.<
no time for blogging these few days again.. 
aiks.. must it really be so tough on us??

Apr 25, 2010


haha.. its been a week since i blogged!! >.<
well wad to do?? a busy busy lady now.. *perasan*

anyways.. the week was fun, busy, tiring yet
awesome for us.. xD!
homeworks aren't touched at all.. gonna die..

busy with skul activities.. omg! i have to gao tim
my edi things with my club activities oso.. sei lo..

this week.. have to do up all the pic and laporan
and show it to the respective teachers.. haix..
den i have to handle the freakin english society
punya activity.. *stress*

friday was good i guess?? xD went too hyper ady..
had my BK test.. i think i can get a C this time? haha
just hope no more F LOL.. 

saturday was great i guess? lolx.. practised my piano
piece.. cuz Dina wanted a performance for teacher's day
so ya.. Siti and I will be helping her out..
Dina with the vocals, Siti with the guitar and I on the piano..

den evening went over to Galvin's house for CG..
quite nice.. lol.. the activity is enjoyable.. =D
had a great time der.. haha

Today was cool.. skipped the church service cuz
mom wanted her rest.. but i went for Children Ministry at
abt 10.30 lol! the kids are as cute as always.. xD

Abt 4pm went over to Aunty Flo's house for "tea" and ate
super lots of food.. den took a look at the adorable TWINS
haha they're just 1 month plus in the world.. xD and omg
i just really love them.. =D

anyways.. will be bak blogging when i'm FR33

Apr 14, 2010

Happy or Sad le?

Haix.. i dunno to be happy or wad oso.. >.<

Yesterday was the BEST day ever!! tho
i was tired like mad cuz we had to arrange the
students for the photography session from 8.30am 
until 4pm.. can u imagine there is no rest at all for us?!

and we had to move the chairs and benches so many 
times cuz the afternoon session's assembly is at the
badminton court.. == we had to carry the benches
and chairs out of the way.. after that place it back into
position.. den rain pulak!! omg wei..

the most fun part was our class 5G! xD we're super lucky
cuz we were the ONLY class that took more den THREE
freestyle pictures.. xD!! awesome rite? other classes 
couldn't do that.. hahahaha!! thk you Uncle Desmond!!

the sad part is my results are terrible.. haix.. more like
overall, this diagnostic many ppl din  do well.. haix..
even the freakin grading system change ady..  now :

91 - 100= A+
86 - 90  = A
80 - 85  = A-
75 - 79  = B+
70 - 74  = B
65 - 69  = C+
60 - 64  = C
50 - 59  = D
40 - 49  = E
00 - 39  = G

from there ady i obtained like 3 E's for my this test.. wth rite?!
i've never did so terribly before.. especially for my Chemistry..
haix.. one more day for photography session.. and its all over..
after that i really have to work on my studies.. >.<