Oct 25, 2009

pics~ whee

okie.. bored.. so decided to put here some pics..
whee.. xD.. just pics of my frens and I.. ^^

okie.. the pic quality is horrible? but the effect quite nice la..
its taken in the toilet btw.. xD (puva/pavi/me)

this is something just recent la.. xD
kha nih tha, pavi and me~

me and neesha! ^^

me and pavi! ^^ muax

us three! hehe.. the angle a bit cacat.. cuz when we
were taking it.. some negro kept staring.. =.=! kacau oni

this was in July~.. me and dar dar.. xD

me and kimberly!! lolx.. no other pics with her..>.<
will snap one day! lolx

CF jamuan at the beginning of Oct~ lolx..
tania, pavi and me! hehe

this wan.. no pic with her yet.. =.=! one day i will
definitely make her snap with me.. lol~
wee ching~ bestie + sister~ haha

Oct 24, 2009

exam date again! =.=

okie.. pig betul.. our exam date is postponed to
the 2nd November.. and ya.. dat's da final
change their making.. haha.. so well.. umm
our exam will most probably be coming a lot
more chaps.. =.=

BM - all?
BI - all?
PHY - chap 1 til 4
CHEM - chap 1 til 8
BIO - chap 1 til 7 (ass betul)

hmm.. so oni 3 subs dat din cover all.. sadcase
anyways.. LUCKY AS WELL.. cuz CHEM chap 7
and 8 is a killer chapter =.=
Bio.. i find it stupid.. cuz teacher can actually
finish up de damn syllables if he had not been

Oct 21, 2009


ok damn.. our exam date chg again?!
argh.. stupid kerajaan or the toad oso i dunno..
=.=! damn stupid wei.. keep draggin our
time for holiday! >.<

anyways.. since they decided to change the
date.. pn. wan hazizah asked and got our
consent to add in chapter 11 to our paper 2..
so yea! our final exam have 4 important subs
dat will be having the whole year's syllables
which are Moral , Maths, A. Maths and Sejarah

well.. among this four.. i oni fear Sejarah and
A. Maths.. Sejarah not so bad gua? since so far
my lowest result is a B3.. A. Maths pulak a bit
shaky cuz dunno can maintain my A2 bo.. >.<

anyways.. gotta gambateh!! xD BM pulak leh..
gonna mati..dahla dat pn. raihan mark damn strict..
summore no tips for the whole year.. =.=!! how
la to sit for the test??? ahhhhh... BM IS KILLING ME!!
haix.. so far no one under pn. raihan has ever got above 65
for karangan i tink? swt betul..

gotta leave it to God as well as study!! hopefully
i wont so lazy ba.. lolx

Oct 18, 2009

200th post.. xD

dude.. i'm seriously officially insane! xD..
been on youtube whole day i tink since ytd la..
and OMG.. i found some new videos..

its : DREAM CONCERT 2009 ( OCT 10 )
but was broadcasted on the 11Oct if not mistaken

walau.. so many groups wei.. but of cuz..
haha.. oni take SUJU and SNSD
was just lazy to take the other group which
i sorta favor oso la.. ( e.g. shiNee and 2AM )

so here we are.. xD

1. Super Junior M - Super Girl

2. SNSD - Genie

3. Super Junior - Sorry Sorry Remix

4. 2NE1 - I Don't Care and Fire

lolx.. anyways.. there are plenty other videos
go watch on Youtube la.. they got the whole set
of the Concert wei.. and the video quality is quite good! ^^

woohoo! cant believe i'm so lucky managed to get
the videos for the concert held oni last week?! xD

Oct 17, 2009

SNSD vs SuJu

i seriously addicted to SuJu ady =.= xD anyways..
see la wad my bro found on FACEBOOK.. xD
Wonder Girls -Nobody performed by some Korean dude..
make me laugh 99 wei..

LOL.. laugh to the max way.. ok going back to my main
topic is of coz SuJu! hehe.. this is a Star Dance Battle 4 Oct 09'
keke.. its SNSD vs SuJu!

AHHH! damn gud they all.. xD the SNSD danced to the Sorry Sorry..
den after dat SuJu pulak.. danced to Genie.. xD cute wei.. hehehe

whee.. too hyper ady.. kakaka..

Oct 11, 2009

peacehaven once more!

okie.. this time its my 3rd visit to Peacehaven..
and Ginsky and I are incharged of 13 kids.. yea..
THIRTEEN wei.. >.<>

1. Davina (4) *my baby? like me to carry her so much*
2. Petrina (4)
3. Reanna (6)
4. Jeriel (7) *my bf* jkjk!
5. Natasha (7)
6. Peter (8)
7. Anthony (9)
8. Chee Yew (10)
9. Adriel (10)
10. Galen (11)
11. Gabriel (12)
12. Chee Mun (12)
13. David (13) *Mr. Einstein wei.. =.=*

yea.. and their age as u can see is ranging from
4 - 13 yrs old.. imagine la handling them.. =.=!

the 11 and 12 yr olds are super hard to handle wei..
=.=! ask Mr. Ginsky to scold oso dun wan.. wad la..
zz.. anyways.. it was fun~ hmm here are some photos

they were dancing.. xD.. ginsky and caroline.. i just snap photo! xD
its an egyptian dance i tink.. xD

colouring contest!! ^^ the girl on the right is Davina..

ppl colouring.. they pulak gaming on PSP =.=
its adriel and anthony btw~

i dunno wad is David doin over there.. xD

our group photo!! *Jeriel is next to me* xD

anyways.. den night time we let the kids go back
to their parents and sleep while we the YOUTH go and
have fun! xD.. so evil rite? jkjk.. so yea.. my group
also got participate la.. tho alot of members din come.. >.<

1. Caroline (12)
2. Xin Yu (13)
3. Evonne (14)
4. Chun Wun (14)
5. Me! (16)
6. Ginsky (16)
7. Daw Shin (17)
8. Zakee (19)

anyways.. got other young adults joined as well.. just cant
rmb their names.. xD too many jor

we're playing "Mafia" at nite.. kakaa!
on the right photo.. they're accusing some1 of being the Mafia~

we even found ourselves a gay couple? xD!! no la.. jkjk
daw shin, chun wun! xD cute rite?? kakaka

and of cuz lastly!! my GROUP!! ^^
too bad a lot missing members.. >.<

before i 4get.. here's da photo of the day? xD
super man ar?? NO! its Super Chicken Turtle! xD

Oct 8, 2009


lolx~ i was bored so i snapped a pic of
my beloved piano! ^^ she's been with me
for 5 years now.. hehe..

i love u piano!! ^^

yea.. i'm using the electric piano! kakaa~

if u zoom in the pic.. the piano sheet u see on my
piano is "Kiss the Rain" by Yiruma

yea yea.. lolx! just printed out the notes about a
week ago.. still having difficulty in playin it.. >.<

yea.. and dat is ME figuring out the notes.. xD

wad to do?? no piano teacher like dat la.. =.=
terpaksa do sight-reading.. which is what i paling
dun like.. zzz

well~ as long as i love da song.. shouldn't be any
prob.. just need some more time.. cuz now OMG
my finals are here!!! ahhhhhh

Oct 6, 2009

memories? xD

ok.. uhh.. i managed to get oni ONE
photo from the ari raya we had over
at Pn. Wan Hazizah's place la.. >.<
so sad wei.. oni ONE.. =.=! anyways..

lolx.. here we are! haha.. and of cuz i know..
i look weird.. =.=

from left (top) :
me, pavi, AM teacher , pui yee, kha nih tha and marsya

from left (bottom) :
hisham, ammar and fitri

lolx.. dats all gua? xD.. dunno wad else to post.. o.o!
i include this wan ba..

yea.. dat time no teacher ma.. and the guys
were randomly sitting on the floor.. dunno for wad oso..

so neesha and I decided to pop behind them and
snap photo.. xD

Oct 3, 2009

lolx! cute!

whee! eunhyuk ar.. so cute wei..
sweet dude.. xD ahhh.. such a nice guy..
and omg.. i din know he oso loves
babies de!!! haha.. but i tink he more obsessed
with it den me.. kakak

see la how cute.. xD

nah.. cute leh.. kakaka
so sweet la this moment.. xD