Apr 30, 2009

happy bday!!

Hehe! bak with another post..
sepcially meant for my
favourite kor!!  >>

Birthdays come and go each year..
Today is yours so don’t you fear..
Conversations fill the air..
I have joined you since I cared..

Funny jokes and laugh out louds..
I will always be your crowd? xD
Many friends you haven’t seen..
How long has it really been?

We shall dance all through the night..
Until our spirits are truly light..
To celebrate my dearest bro..
A birthday poem ready to go!! xDxD

happy 17th birthday JUN YEONG!! 

Apr 28, 2009


whee.. ntg much to post..
just wanted to update my bloggie.. xD
so i tot of posting a song lyrics sang
by a young handsome guy named
David Archuleta!!!

Well, I don't know how to say this right
And the words got me chokin'
I keep hittin' this wall
It's never gonna fall
And we're still broken
This mountain we've been trying to climb
It's never ending
Just can't do nothing
Gotta do something
'Cause if we don't open up our eyes
We're just pretending

Well, there's a time for givin' up
Didn't want to have to say it
All we doin' is building walls
And now there's too many barriers

Here we are lying here
It's our last final goodnight
Just because it feels so good
No use pretending we're alright
Too many locks, too many crimes
Too many tears, too many lies
Too many barriers
Just too many barriers

Now we've been draggin' this whole thing out
But I can't wait any longer
Our love's burning down
Creepin' in the doubt
We're not getting any stronger
I hear you say that we're doin' OK
But, baby, I don't think so
Just can't do nothin', gotta do something
'Cause if I don't get into my car I won't go very far.

Well there's a time for giving up
Didn't want to have to say it
All we're doing is building walls
Now there's too many barriers

Here we are lying here
It's our last final goodnight
Just because it feels so good
No use pretending we're alright
Too many locks, too many crimes
Too many tears, too many lies
Too many barriers
Too many barriers

Just too many barriers
That we keep running into
Been tryin', but we just can't break through
I know I'm gonna keep wishing I was with you
But we just gotta stop

Here we are lying here
It's our last final goodnight
Just because it feels so good
No use pretending we're alright
Too many locks, too many crimes
Too many tears, too many lies
Too many barriers
Just too many barriers

In your hurry to get somewhere
In a hurry to get somewhere
And the world's tryin' to stop us
And you feel like you're nowhere
'Cause the world's tryin' to stop ya
Stop ya
Too many barriers 

just for ur infomation.. i added a new playlist
consisting of  15 songs.. incl de above.. ^^
hope u listen to it~ hehe..

Apr 26, 2009


whee~ today cooked bruch for
my mom and I cuz bro went out.. =.=

Sausage and rice.. hehe.. stupid pic too big.. =.=

beaten egg, onions, salt and cheese (in da bottle)

pasta.. xD.. 4gt to take a pic of it b4 i cooked it..

anyways.. i cooked it all up in 45 mins!
haha.. no help summore.. cuz mom went
to church.. haha.. so happy~ cuz ntg
went wrong.. LOL.. anyways.. here's
how the final stuff looked like..

lol.. look a bit cacat?? sry la.. i not so gud
at decorating the dishes.. unless if its oni
for me.. HAHA

here's a close view of the meal.. its
egg-rice wif sausages.. and oso pasta covered
wif cheeeeeeeeese~ xD

Apr 25, 2009

promotion again? xD

well.. actually damn bored..
i'm damn pissed wif my result!
argh.. my plan not achieved..
why?? see la.. i got a C5 for my
BM.. damn it wei.. lowest in my
entire life for BM.. argh.. happy
oni for my Chem cuz scored an A1.. xD

anyways.. skip dat.. wanting to promote
the Paroimia again.. guess wad??
there's an extra show tmr!! xD

can see?? xD tmr gt extra wei.. its at
6pm! hurry up and get ur seats!! there's
oni 400 seats left wei.. oh ya.. wanna know
something?? up to ytd,. the amouct
of ppl that watched Paroimia is 4800 ppl..
ytd there was 2400 guests dat came..
i even met my senior.. Suet Ling.. xD
and some dude from BJ.. met him oni once
during an outing to MV.. Lolx..

anyways.. tired ady.. xD.. wanna sleep..
nite nite.. xDxD

Apr 23, 2009


Come on guys!! Tomorrow and Saturday is
Ur last chance to watch Paroimia!!
Dun hesitate to go ya! I can guarantee
u wont regret one bit.. Lolx.. check out
some of the photos at my bro's bloggie..

xD.. oh ya.. 4gt to actually mention rite..
the venua ar.. is not directly in FGA church
itself.. its the smaller building next to it..
lol.. try to be der by 7+ if can.. there'll
be ushers over there to guide u to the hall..
hehe.. but just FYI la.. no food ar.. 
cuz i'm pretty sure u guys did not do
any reservation.. meaning... no free food..
haha.. so eat well before going ya..

hopefully u guys get the chance to see it..
wanna know why??

cuz tis is the FIRST time the YOUTH
are actually performing.. all the scripts
are originally written and directed by
Darren Ong..  (my bro... haha jkjk)
well.. i guess dat's all.. oh ya.. one more thing..
i scored and A2 for my SJ test.. xD

Apr 21, 2009

nice drama!

tis is such a great drama! been so long since my 
last post.. very busy la.. xD muahaha.. oh ya.. 
the pic above shows all the main casts.. ^^

start from left :
Crimson Knight - Mark Poh
Prince Elyon - Bryan Yong
Amia - Sarah Dorai
King Elohim - Danial Chong (f.y.i he's Vincent Chong's bro)
Mr. Cuinn - Christian Tan

actually still gt summore.. but x dapat snap
dat poster.. the above pic is the GUD ones.. the one 
x dapat snap wan is the EVIL ones.. xD

if you guys haven't watch.. PLS DO!!
its very nice.. plus.. the sound effects and
lightings are damn gud wei! interested to watch??
den go ahead tis Friday and Saturday!!
timing and venue still remained the same..

Date : 24the and 25th April (last show)
Time : 8pm-10pm
Venue : FGA, KL

dat's all.. i hope to post soon.. xD

Apr 15, 2009


To Wee Ching and others :

(A production of the Youth Ministries of FGA KL)

Once upon a time, a prince was born in the
Golden City. His name was Prince Elyon. That
same day, the commander of the Golden Army,
Kieron, led a rebellion against the King and stole
away the citizens.

It had been foretold that a day like that would
come, when a savior would be needed. He would
have to die in exchange for the citizens' freedom.
His blood for theirs.

Prince Elyon was to be that savior.
Will he be able to wipe out the darkness of
Kieron out? Will the people ever be
free from the cluthes of Kieron?

Come and watch Paroimia.
Let the colours whisk you away to the land
where the Golden Command upholds justice...
the Dark Legion threatens peace & harmony.
Is there hope for the imprisoned Grey Doldrums?
Can the courageous Blood Army bring restoration?

17th April (Friday)
18th April (Saturday)
24th April (Friday)
25th April

The story will upfold from
8pm to 10pm
Main Sanctuary of FGA KL.

Apr 12, 2009

Easter Day!!

hey! Happy Easter Day!!
Easter Comments

Whee~ add one more cute comment!
Easter Comments

haha!! Happy easter again!!
hope u guys enjoy this yr's easter day~

Apr 11, 2009


woots!! today rock wei!! xD
except the exam part.. anyways
i'll skip dat.. today i had my
celebration party at FGA due to
my graduation from Alpha Course..
Yipee!! well.. tis is my gift.. for my
100% attendance~

oh ya.. den the meals.. 4gtten
abt dat.. xD.. eat til almost die wei..
look at the freakin serving la..

tis is just 1st round..

nah.. 2nd round.. actually gt more..
but din manage to snap it.. ==
anyways.. bak to the topic.. after dat
at night went to see the Calvary's Church
omg la! definitely NO regrets wei.. xD
all my fav songs were sang there!! xD xD
woots!! btw..it was FULL HOUSE!!
i oni manage to capture this shot cuz there
was lights.. xD

ahh.. tired~ lazy to post ady.. xD
oh ya!! b4 i end tis.. just wanna add.. i saw Uncle
Jay and his family.. and managed to spot a majorly

Apr 6, 2009

test again.. ==

i'm so frustrated now..
exam tis saturday.. wth??
teacher just oni informed
us today.. and we were all
WAD THE HECK?! no preparations
done at all wei.. now we gotta
do revision 99.. Haiz.. My freakin
homeworks are still freakin
INCOMPLETE!! omG la.. ==
anyways today had debate meeting
again.. as usual.. teacher din
show up.. == so oni us 5.. Haha!!
surprisingly Sanji joined us..
well.. unexpectedly we could all
clique wif him.. xD super nice guy..
din know he was a bit wacko.. xD
even snapped a pic of him.. HAHAHA

introducing.. Sanji~ a wacko dude..
xDxD.. thk god he dunno i got blog..
if not mati la.. xDxD
dats all i guess.. ^^

Apr 4, 2009

Leo IU day

Well.. today woke up
early in the morning.. ==
got ready and left for
SMK Assunta for their
skul Leo's IU day~ Haha..
reached there ady i was so
scared.. cuz malu wan walk in
the skul compound ma.. xD
but nvm lo.. i walked there
anyways.. and one of the usherer
took me to the Hall where the
event was held..

Huge u know.. (more den 100 ppl der..)
saw KY der~
so chit-chat while waiting
the 3 princes to come.. ==
and they are Wai Ken, Daw Fang
and Khen Foi.. Lolx.. they were
actually lost.. and somehow
ended up at Old Town there.. HAHA
anyways.. we registered ourselves
in and found a place to sit..
we 4 sat together lo.. enjoyed the
performances.. it was awesome.. but
somehow i tink their IU day failed
cuz a Lot of their guests were unable
to attend.. Hehe.. den i saw Uncle Thomas..
my mom's pre-skul fren.. xD.. i 4gt
his daughter was oso in Leo's~
Haiz.. damn tired.. lazy to post jor.. Hehe..
oh ya.. b4 i 4get.. a pic of me and ky~

Apr 3, 2009


today.. a major bz day..
run here run there.. Argh!
dahla tis morning woke up
late.. thk god i reached skul
on time.. if not.. DIE..

anyways..stupid prefect board
go chg the recess time again..
its bak to the normal one..
which is 10 mins b4 recess.. ==
but cant go out early.. cuz i seriously
cant afford to miss CHEMISTRY!!

I'm determined to score a MINIMUM
of B4 in the next test..
anyways.. after it was done rushed
for my duty.. cacat la.. the 2 annoying
tables i take care gt some idiots dat
have totally NO EDUCATION i tink..
ask them put the plate in the 'basin' oso
so hard.. wan to fight back summore..

this time no face given.. i straight take out
my notepad and pen.. *scary face*
but den X JADI.. cuz they fast fast put the
plates away.. idiotic ppl.. ==
those assholes are soo yok kin, cho kar chun,
ho hai weng and chiam zhong yi.. HATE THIS PPL!!
Haiz.. anyway dat was over..
den after skul.. OMG la.. time so messed up!

Had to interview Neeshanthi and Satia.. cuz
they're the olahragawati and olahragawan~
Congrats guys!! Hehe.. after dat.. shyt la.. was
late for CF.. summore i'm incharge today!!
Haiz.. wadeva lo.. so started off the games and
activities.. sry guys for making it NOT so fun...
seriously too tired ady.. dahla no ideas at all...
wadeva la.. oh ya!! 4got say.. saw my lovely
WIFE~ haha.. so pretty jor w/o spec.. xD her
face so red wei.. cuz of the shyt weather.. so hot...
kk.. dat's all... xD