Feb 26, 2008

eyes... are.... so... freakishly..... heavy......

Ah.. 2day.. mood okok..
so will type all in one color...^^
sheesh.. 2day.. hv PE den.. BM.. den Civic..
and lastly English,.. okok le..
but... i'm so run downed... haha..
pity Derek le.. He lost in da 1st round for Badminton..
haiz.. reli wanted him to go on to the next round..
Jeff lost! haha!.. so evil..
he come bak oni da class damn noisy.. cacat la..
haha.. in cls we played like hell.. hehe
after skul.. stayed bak for a while as usual..
hehe.. den went to da computer lab..
watch the perbahasan competition around 10 mins oni..
den went bak home.. OMG!! da competition ar..
damn wei.. so difficult.. i saw how one of de skul
presented themselves when de juruacara mentioned their names..
wah.. i can barely understand wad they said.. but
it definitely gave them extra marks for sure!
haha.. owh.. i wonder when's our turn..
am so anxious... haiz.. wad la me?! hehe
came bak home.. den had tuition.. zzz
after tania left.. around 6.30pm..
wee ching and me played o2jam.. haha.. ^^
freak la.. i oni hv few songs... babi la..
den after dat she went home.. zzzz
Seni blm abis.. oni half way done.. haha..
tomolo go to skul.... hopefully mr. snake eyes dun enter la
cuz i dun wan him check our work.. den he no nid comment
and make our day a horrid day!! LOL..
kk la.. ntg to add i guess??? haha ^^

Feb 24, 2008

shyt la.. exam near ady...

Haiyo... exam near near ady...
damn.. HAVE TO STUDY HARD TIS TIME!! even if i DIE...
ARGH.... SJ oni managed to read til chap 6... still got 4 more chaps to go..
Haven plus F2 de yet leh??
all together still hv about 12 or 13 chaps...
Haiyo...can reli die la... wad to do??? PLS SAVE ME!!
argh.....somemore haven complete SJ de HW...
Oh, Lord... please help me i beg of you...
i reli dunno wad to do le....
stil got 4 more subs to study...wad to do?? Geo jz nid to briefly read oni..
Worse wan is MT.. cuz F2 de i cant remember de formula~~
Plus da pertandingan perbahasan dunno when?? b4 or after exam orh???
Hopefully wl be after exam..Cf oso i dunno how le..
i dun tink i hv any idea on wad topics to do le for CG...
Dunno wad else i can post ova here..
i guess dat's all la... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Feb 20, 2008

hand damn sore..

Wah! Freak wei..
today in skul.. no KH.. teacher dunno sei jou go where..
Din get to do da kerja khursus..
haiz.. arhh! tomolo Sukan Tara ady..
Yay!! Panglma 2day got the highest score!!
So happy.. BUT syahbandar still number 1 wor..
So wad la.. hu care's? Panglima will definitely beat them..
Hopefully we can get number 1 tis time after
Losing around 5 yrs ady..
heh.. today after skul.. stayed back..
Wah.. hand became damn sore cuz
of playing for 2 and a half SOLID HRS..
We play DOUBLES lo..
i guess y'll know hu the teams are rite??
BEST OF BUDDIES : me and Neesha
COUPLE : Li Ann and Chee Keat
So funny wei.. Li Ann and Chee KEat..
Cuz dey lose ma.. so kena Punishment.. hahahha
So memalukan... kesian dem..den Chee Keat de fren ar..(LEE CHIN WAH)
damn shyt.. wanted to record stg in his hp..
Lucky Neesha and I manage to stop them from doing it!
If not.. mati la... sure will tell the whole skul de..
We played 7 sets..
we won 5 Sets.. they won 2 Sets..
Not bad leh? heheh..
came bak oni terus tido.. cuz so tired..
lol.. jz oni woke up arounf half an hr ago (7.24pm)
lol.. dunno tomolo got energy or not oso.. HAND STILL SO SORE!!!!!
Anywayz... dunno wad to add ady.. i believe my post tis time reli reli long..
so dun wan add ady la.. bye bee!!!

Feb 18, 2008


Cacat la.. My life is ALMOST ruined!!
All thanks to Li Ann, Neesha and especially SEX MANIAC!
Shit la! Kena ejek like HELL wei during da NILAM time..
ARGH!!!! Why la?! Why?! Haiz!!!!!!!
Everywhere i Go! Sure got that's freaks NAME!!
Can any1 HELP me??????? i reli nid some guidance la!!!
Ahhh!!! Li Ann!!! Y must u tok to HIM????
He's stare at me is so "dahsyat"..
SheesH!! Terlalu angry ady..

Feb 17, 2008

4got to post it ytd.. -.-"

walau eh..
ytd got cross country..
leg damn pain.. got cram half way..
zzz.. run and walk..
so tired.. reach da skul le..
suddenly Arvind tok to me and say neesha won number 1!
Congrats! lol.. too bad she cant read le..
lol.. i cant believe Jeff won number 1 for de guys..
derek pulak number 20.. lol..
well.. atleast better den me.. ntg!
so sad Panglima number 4! haiz..
Syabandar pulak number 1..
Shit wei.. expected temenggung again!
haiz.. dun care la..
We're released early.. so scare la me..
i tot cant go home cuz mom at kajang ma..
Luckily Tania's mom say can follow dem bak..
go there play an collect angpao.. hahah
Not oni dat.. went dere oso get to
play BIG 2, 3 Cards, Black Jack and UNO..
Hehe.. den after dat.. play de NDS or stg la..
4got wad name ady.. her mom den gv us dim sum to eat
Haiz.. swt.. den her mom gv so big de packet wif full of da CNY
de things.. cant say no pulak.. so terpaksa bring bak..
Came home liao so dead tired den went to sleep..
haha.. woke up around 9.. mom left ady to uncle steven's hse..
Kekeke.. so i go to da com and play! hahah..
i Tink dat's all i can post lol..
2days post must be damn long..
dun wan post anything liao la.. Byezzz

Feb 15, 2008


Yea.. today so happy.. so post all in BLUE..
hehe.. today we had CF ajk meeting..
walau eh.. i mati le..
i am da CG Director.. hv to figure out wad topics to do..
aiyo.. but NVM.. since CF is gonna start!
hoho.. been waiting so long for it to start..
not oni dat.. tis yr we're gonna hv a visiting day!
whee~ hopefully either go to the orphanage home or
the old folks home.. cant wait!
but oni one main prob! we dun have sufficient members!
owh.. hopefully can drag DEREK and JAMES to join us..
we'll show them dat CF is fun and will always be!
now oni thing left is helping kah yan to sell all her badges..
see if any of my frenz wan even though i doubt dat any of
them would actually buy it.. pity kah yan...
well.. i guess dat's all..
i totally 4got to write dat tomolo got CROSS COUNTRY!
ahh... Gambatte PANGLIMA! you can beat TEMMENGUNG!!
ok.. now oni DAT'S ALL!.. hehe

Feb 13, 2008

wah.. freakin pain wei my leg..

Haiz.. today ar.. reli CACAT!
ytd i bok meng do my seni..
Teacher pulak din even check..
waste my time do oni.. zzz
Derek so lucky..
he nvr do.. but get to escape..zzz
he so cacat.. x abis2 keep kacau..
kacau pui yee not enough,
Go and kacau wee ching la.. me la...
And oso Tania.. reli 'chiak peng siu ing bo ming gia jou'
(Suppose to be in Hokkien de.. dunno how to spell.. hu cares la..)
haiz.. so sleepy.. freakin tired.. legs like wan kena cabut like dat..
So pain la!!! freak la.. stupid menses.. kacau oni...
Terpaksa TAHAN la.. zzz
Well.. dat's all for today..............

Feb 9, 2008

2day go out so long.. so tired wei..

walao eh..zzz
so TIRED..
lol.. i went so many place ar today..
zzz.. get so many angpao.. bro din get... HAHAHHAHA
den finally manage to go to AMPANG..
go to popular jln2..
manage to find some english grammer and
essay buks.. under singapore syllable..(freak wei.. so diff to understand)
when i saw da SC (oso singapore syllable..)
i almost faint wei..cuz da
5-8 yrs old learning SC buk is already teaching them
our Form 3 de chapters..(not all la.. but a few..)
so unbelievable wei.. sheesh..
their MATHEMATICS primary wan la.. is as difficult as our wan
now is FORM 3.. so cacat..
but i terpaksa but oso sooner or later da
Singapore syllable for physics and Chemistry..
so i can catch up faster and understand it better..
lol.. me wan go read manga lu...
next tym post again~~~~

Feb 6, 2008

shyt la.. no mood!!!

2day no mood..dun wan use colors
Internet so freakin lag wei..
haiz.. ytd tot happily can enjoy after skul..
teman mom go buy lunch ma..
OMG.. so da stupid words i never intended to see..
guess wad word?? SUZUKI..
i saw it twice somemore..
pasar malam oso saw it..
haiz.. like see ghost oni.. spoil my mood!!
CNY now here.. freak la.. i hate holidays!
but nvm luckily now holiday can do revision on my SC and HISTORY..
tis yr SC ar babi la.. my bro saw my buk and say..
"Haha.. you gonna die.. ur SC tis yr got inclusive of Physics and Chemistry.. but Physics very easy oni so u no nid worry.. u oni nid worry is ur Chemistry.. u sure die wan.."
nvm laa.. all i nid to do is my REVISION..
so wait few more days for my other post la..

Feb 4, 2008

wad a day!!! so tired..

omg la 2day..
give Derek make me almost hv high blood pressure!
X abis2 kacau me..
dahlah make me almost lost my F&N drink..
ishk!!! Luckily 2day mr japanese guy din come..
lega oni myself..hohoho
Haiz.. 2day like very tired la..
tuition oso like boring cuz SC teacher teacher SO LONG~~
Haiz.. such a waste dat 2day SJ oni less den 30 sec..
so short lerh?? i reli hate SC la..
Cant even remember chap 1 & 2
lol.. nvm.. see la..
When exam time.. i definitely can do BETTER
den neeshanthi.. Shhhhh dun tell her wor dat she is my rival...
Tee hee.. me wan go 'oi oi shu' ady la..

Feb 3, 2008

Grrr! Geramnya aq ari ni!!

Damn la.. so freakin lag 2day..
ytd oso like dat..babi la
Cacat wan.. wan read manga oso take dunno
how many thousands of yrs jz to load!
Cant wait for skul tomolo...(EXCEPT da damn assembly..)
i jz wish rain early in da morning..
Den definitely no assembly!!
hahahaha.. i'm an EVIL prefect..
Rain, and rain til' we enter class..
den oni stop raining!
Any1 wif a brilliant idea for Arts??
Feel like wanna copy from other skul magazine punya design..
Teacher will NEVER find out!!!
Haiz.. dunno wad rubbish to post anymore..
Maybe l8r in da nite oni i post la...

late posting!

Oh em gee!!
hehehe.. din get chance to post it earlier..(ytd)
Rain, rain, rain~~ non-stop!
haiz.. so damn bored..
Luckily went jln2 at Tesco Cheras..
But come home still damn bored..
Dunno wad else to post la..
Jz cant wait to go to skul on Monday..
To collect my precious $$~~
Money, money.. here i come to get you!!

Feb 1, 2008


Bored la 2day..
no1 to play wif..
2day we're off from skul..
Quite bored cuz ntg to do..
dunno wtf to post la..
sheesh.. gettin bored..
Aiyo..dun wan write anymore la!