Apr 9, 2008

nearly 3 weeks din post ady..

Swt... din post so long ady..
wtd?? haiz.. no1 read oso anyways..
hahah.. tis is sorta gonna be my
journal.. hehe so read la if u wan..
ntg much to keep as a secret anyways..
Well.. we lost ady in
our debate competition..
atleast we made it onto da
semi-finals.. ^^
its a gud try i guess... hehe
well.. hv to be better next year
all da best to hong shi's group..
their goin for da finals tomolo..
their in the CHINESE debate..
how lucky.. once dey win..
they'll represent wilayah for de keb.
level.. hehe.. ^^
exams oso near ady.. next w33k pulak tu..
haiz.. have to study... these few
weeks.. spend too much time on da debate..
dahla din enter cls.. haiz.. hv to study!!
lol.. manage to abiskan my projek SJ
in time.. if not sure mati ady wan..
den tomolo pulak hv to show GEO projek
haven reli start yet oso la..
OMG~ dunno wad to do ady..
h3y.. i found a guy i like~~~
whee~~ he's form 5 tis yr..
well.. in da 1st class.. haha..
i tink i siao ady.. he's quite cold to
people and yet i like him..
wad la.. Li Ann says he luks like
a DUCK!.. lame~~
den.. Wisely started toking to me..
on Monday.. sports day summore..
tis neesha and tania thinks he likes
me.. so cacat rite?? how
can he possibly like me?? i oso
so ugly.. dahla chubby~~
hu would like me, rite??
well.. i tink i hv ntg much
left to type ova
here rite now.. so
ahh... cant think of anything la
wtf??? i feel so bored..
trying to think of stg to
type... wad la me??
i tink tis time i reli gone nuts..
PY, Tania, Li ann and neesha
are de oni ones dat noe hu i like..
i 4got to incl ms. renuka.. haha
she's one of my most favourite
teachers cuz she's so understanding
unlike some people hu oni
cares about themself (those
are the cacated teachers ^^)
ok la.. tis time gotta say

BYE!! Chaoz!! Sayounara!!