Jul 19, 2011


topic : passion 

Oh well, everyone needs passion in order to enjoy what they do.
My passion is to work/study children as they progress from childhood.

How did i began this journey to pursue my passion?

It began back in early 2008 (form 3) when i was first exposed to Montessori Education.
"Wow~!" is my first impression... i couldn't get that idea out of my mind when i heard it
because to me.. learning thru play is best for i'm not good at theory.. i'm more of the
hands-on type of girl.. so hahas~

Initially, it interest me little.. cause i was still searching for what i wanted to pursue after 
high school.. PMR passed by and soon it was almost 2009! The beginning of my 
decision-making.. I personally chose to take up Science Stream even though many
told me about the suffering.. 

Oh yeah, i suffered alright.. but i guess well my results weren't that poor? LOL.. 
i consider it as average since i hated reading.. >< so byebye History.. haha i stilled
scored an average of B =D 

Towards end of the year, where the Finals were there.. omg torture.. 4As?! oh dear..
dear dear me.. well.. my mother's dream of me being a Doctor went down the drain..
(bwahaha) Anyways.. i didn't really bother since i never intended to become a doctor
due to lack of interest and financial issues.. 

In December 09', Aunty Sherilyn asked me to volunteer out in a programme known as
"The Holiday Fun Club" meant for children with special needs! O.O it was something new
to me as i being 16 years old was oni exposed to special needs people being Down's Syndrome,
Dyslexia and Tourette's Syndrome (look it up if u dunno) 

It was a life-time experience for me that three days =)

I found out that children with special need compromises of :
1. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactvity Disorder)
2. Autism  (Children that are affected socially, and have tendencies of repeating certain actions)
3. Epilepsy (Jerking, Staring, Moving aimlessly, confusion)
4. Dysphagia (An eating disorder where the child can only take liquid or tubing is needed)
5. William's Syndrome (one who can socialize easily with anyone but lacks of common sense)

There are certainly more of these special needs children with different disabilities.

I fell in love with the children as i saw them.. because it really opened my eye on how
these children learn. They learn through the Montessori Method which is what i am
currently pursuing in SEGi College, Subang Jaya.

Why do i think this is an effective method?

Children these days are different from us. They are brought up in an environment with 
almost everything provided for them.. But one thing they lack is : Independence
What makes me so sure is that, parents spoil their child so much without even realizing it.

iPad, iPad2, MacBook.. What are all these?! believe it or not.. kids aged 2/3 years old
own them! These high technology items are what children play with now.

The Montessori Method provides an environment where children can independently
do things on their own. They are given freedom to move around in the school/nursery unlike
what normal kindy's do. 

In normal kindergartens, teachers are very strict and abuse their authority upon the children..
Such acts inhibits the child's development in school as they are frightened and do not dare
to disobey their teachers.. Anything they do will be judged!

Whereas in the Montessori environment, children are given chances to do decision-making!
They have the right to voice out what they need and can independently do their own things.
That is what i'm looking for! Not only that, children can explore their talent! Every child
learns at his/her own pace.. we cannot force something upon the child because it will only 
disrupt his/her development.

Year 2011

I'm now currently working in PowerKids, SriPetaling.

When i first began working there, i enjoyed every single day until my health began
deteriorating.. The workload was too much for me to bear. I felt that it was unfair that im
being underpaid and doing loads of work. I didn't say much though because i loved working
with the children. But not long after that feeling, working hours stretched from 7.45-4pm
to 7.45-6pm sometimes 7pm..

What is it? i have my employees rights! i really couldn't take it..
Along comes this particular teacher who then tells me "You have to stay back to help,
you aren't the only one that needs to stay, we too have to help out" I wasn't happy with

never mind. I let that one slide, but oh dear! my health just became WORSE! but i guess
no compassion is given to me. =/ 

I have finally got the "YES" for half-day work and it's doing me much better.
My cough has 90% gone and flu 90% gone.. hopefully by the end of this month it's totally 
gone from me! and oh yay i have had no fever for the past week! finally!!

well, workload is still as much but i don't want to care anymore.. what i can do,
i will do.. what i can't SO BE IT! and i am NOT PLANNING TO DO ANYMORE

Why i labeled this passion.. is because MY PASSION IS TO WORK WITH CHILDREN,