Nov 22, 2012

Exams + Korea Trip soon!


저는 Jacqueline 입니다!

wah damn long since i last blogged.. xD

I have less than 2 weeks before i face WAR!!!

P1 : 
Montessori Philosophy, Child Development, ChildCare&Health / Contemporary Issues

P2 : 
Activities of Everyday Living, Sensorial, Literacy, Creativity, Knowledge & Understanding of the World and Numeracy & Arithmetic

just finished our Practical exam on the 9th! Thank god for that.. now we're working hard for ....


Once this is over with.. gotta work on 10th - 14th Dec before i officially am off for holidays xD

Heading to Korea for 9D7N on 21st - 30th Dec !! 대박! 내 꿈이 이루어!! ♥ 고마원 엄마!!

However i still need to pay the expenses.. .__. lucky my mom subsidised the plane ticket for me.. keke!

I'm plannin to get gifts for ma friends.. but dunno wad to get OMG... albums would be the BEST lo to me.. ㅎㅎ
I checked out the teddy bear souvenir prices.. OTL bloody expensive.. but i think i should get at least one for me special friend 정가연! ♥

She has done and shared so much with me.. it's worth it even if i spend some money for her.. ㅋㅋ though i wished and prayed so hard that she could join me... HUHU! 

if i could afford.. i wouldn't mind subsidising her air plane ticket to go KOREA but since i've only worked abt 2 years.. my saving isn't that much.. maybe next time in the future.. ! 자신에게 약속! 

loggin off now... maybe i shall update next round about wad i wanna buy LMAO!