Jun 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear~

Yo yo!! Happy Birthday Kah Yan!! <3
finally 17 years of age lu.. hehe
hopefully wad u wish for comes true !

just something i managed to find :

Strawberries are red,
Blueberries are blue,
Today is your birthday,
I'm thinking of you. 

Special friend that I hold dear,
Always wish to have you near.
We get along, like bread with honey,
A friendship worth, much more than money.

lolx! nothing much.. but hope u like it.. 
haha <3 muax

Jun 20, 2010

A4J final night!

19th June 2010

this is ultimately the most
enjoyable night ever!! haha
we had the drum performances
by the drummersforchrist again!

before that.. i've been meaning to
show u guys the set-up of the stage..

lol.. ignore the people.. xD

lol.. sorry if the pics a bit small..
anyways.. this was cool!
haha.. xD oh btw.. 18th JUNE
we had 450 people who accepted CHRIST!
AMEN! <3

after the wonderful perfomance.. we had 
also a guest from Taiwan..
Si En ~~~

after performance..
we had our sermon.. today was 
special.. Ps. Philip din speak..
BUT his translator..
Ps. Jonathan spoke!

it was great.. he talked about
being low self-esteem..
it was really great..

and a huge bunch of people
came out during the 
altar calling.. and i believe
many accepted Christ today as well..

lol.. sorry not so clear..
but the people holding hands are the
Crew from the CYC..

the people in front of them were
the non-christians/christians
that wanted to accept Jesus into
their lives to take away
their shame or bitterness!

many experienced the love of God
tonight.. when i say experienced the
love of God.. its not just 
a joke.. because when God
really touches you.. you'll be blessed! <3

after this event.. we had the finale!
wohoo! din take any pics cuz was busy
dancing my way.. haha

we had the CYC musician to
take over the floor and we sang :

1. Oh Happy Day (chinese vers)
2. No Compromise by PlanetShakers
3. Army of God by Mawar Sharon Church

Jun 19, 2010

2nd night of the A4J!

18th June 2010

well.. 2nd night of A4J <3
this time brought my bestie! haha
Choong Kah Yan!!

went over her house lepak
awhile after tuition..
den her mom took us to pasar malam

after that we met up with
my mom and her colleague
then we walked to BJ carpark!

haha.. went there early..
and had to wait for the
gates to be open so that we can grab
awesome seats.. haha

alrighty! since tonight was meant
mainly for the non-christians~
it was still awesome!

Kah Yan and me rocked.. haha
we enjoyed the Joshua Band
performances.. <3

Kah Yan enjoyed Ps. Philip's sermon
i'm so glad she did.. hehe..
by God's grace i was able to
bring her there tonight.. :D

and guess wad? the guests tonight
had double ytd's amount..
so we had around 10,000 people!!

wohoo!! i tink about 1/4 of the
crowd accepted Christ! PTL*
really am glad about it..

cant wait for tmr night..
its the last day for A4J!!
it will be a blast.. <3

and pretty sure.. God will do His 
part and draw more ppl into
His wonderful kingdom!

this is because :
"Religion will NOT guarantee your ticket
is what will guarantee you ticket to heaven!"

*PTL - Praise the Lord

Jun 17, 2010

A4J 1st night at Bukit Jalil Car park A

Okie~ This night is extremely AWESOME!
i will salute anyone who did NOT enjoy this.. xD!!!!

dance and sang like mad~ <3
we had a crowd of more than 5000 people! Praise the Lord!!
it was full house and we had lots of guests..
many people from various places...

we have pastors from Taiwan, Philippines, 
Singapore and of course none other 
than Pastor Philip from Indonesia~ <3

the Joshua Band from Taiwan did not perform 
tonite but they will tomorrow! on the 18th June!!! 
kyaa~ anyways tonite's worship was
led by Danial Chong the CYC worship leader

i really had an awesome night!
its even better than any concert in the world!
because we're in a place with the 
awesome presence of the Holy Spirit.. <3

it drizzled initially but thanks to
God's wonderful grace.. 
it stopped!!
this can only be the work of God.. :D 

well.. hope to take photos for
tmr's event! haha.. xD 

wanting to blog about it too!
anyways.. nid my sleep for tmr~
nitex and God Bless

Jun 4, 2010


Holiday lu~ finally.. ==!

its been three weeks since my exam started
and its finally over! wohoo <3

all in all.. my exam was alright except for
BIO that horrible subject.. i dunno why.. 
but i feel that out of the 3 science subject.
this is my lowest and weakest one yet!!

haix.. i really wanna do well in bio tho..
when i saw my paper 2 ytd.. i was like O.M.G!

hahas.. anyways.. nw is time to appreciate my
holidays!! wohoo.. if not no chance to even relax
anymore.. aiks.. hehe
anyways.. happy holiday everyone!! ;D