Apr 25, 2010


haha.. its been a week since i blogged!! >.<
well wad to do?? a busy busy lady now.. *perasan*

anyways.. the week was fun, busy, tiring yet
awesome for us.. xD!
homeworks aren't touched at all.. gonna die..

busy with skul activities.. omg! i have to gao tim
my edi things with my club activities oso.. sei lo..

this week.. have to do up all the pic and laporan
and show it to the respective teachers.. haix..
den i have to handle the freakin english society
punya activity.. *stress*

friday was good i guess?? xD went too hyper ady..
had my BK test.. i think i can get a C this time? haha
just hope no more F LOL.. 

saturday was great i guess? lolx.. practised my piano
piece.. cuz Dina wanted a performance for teacher's day
so ya.. Siti and I will be helping her out..
Dina with the vocals, Siti with the guitar and I on the piano..

den evening went over to Galvin's house for CG..
quite nice.. lol.. the activity is enjoyable.. =D
had a great time der.. haha

Today was cool.. skipped the church service cuz
mom wanted her rest.. but i went for Children Ministry at
abt 10.30 lol! the kids are as cute as always.. xD

Abt 4pm went over to Aunty Flo's house for "tea" and ate
super lots of food.. den took a look at the adorable TWINS
haha they're just 1 month plus in the world.. xD and omg
i just really love them.. =D

anyways.. will be bak blogging when i'm FR33

Apr 14, 2010

Happy or Sad le?

Haix.. i dunno to be happy or wad oso.. >.<

Yesterday was the BEST day ever!! tho
i was tired like mad cuz we had to arrange the
students for the photography session from 8.30am 
until 4pm.. can u imagine there is no rest at all for us?!

and we had to move the chairs and benches so many 
times cuz the afternoon session's assembly is at the
badminton court.. == we had to carry the benches
and chairs out of the way.. after that place it back into
position.. den rain pulak!! omg wei..

the most fun part was our class 5G! xD we're super lucky
cuz we were the ONLY class that took more den THREE
freestyle pictures.. xD!! awesome rite? other classes 
couldn't do that.. hahahaha!! thk you Uncle Desmond!!

the sad part is my results are terrible.. haix.. more like
overall, this diagnostic many ppl din  do well.. haix..
even the freakin grading system change ady..  now :

91 - 100= A+
86 - 90  = A
80 - 85  = A-
75 - 79  = B+
70 - 74  = B
65 - 69  = C+
60 - 64  = C
50 - 59  = D
40 - 49  = E
00 - 39  = G

from there ady i obtained like 3 E's for my this test.. wth rite?!
i've never did so terribly before.. especially for my Chemistry..
haix.. one more day for photography session.. and its all over..
after that i really have to work on my studies.. >.<

Apr 11, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon! :)

lolx!! totally fall in love with this show~

How To Train Your Dragon is a MUST watch!!
loved it.. xD went out with my CG ppl 
today and it was kewl

this movie is a 1 hr 30 min show.. 
seriously worth it man.. 
its comedy, action and a bit sappy tho

and i soooo love toothless (left)
he is just the most adorable dragon ever.. xD
soooo cute la.. x boleh tahan

oh and the dude on the right is called Hiccup..
haha.. funny name rite.. but
its how things go for comedy movies..

i would give it a rating of 5/5
reli no regret to watch it.. hehe

Apr 7, 2010

yay! :) and haix :(

The yay is meant for my celebration on the 'Final' day
of exam..lolx.. the official date is actually on friday.. but
since we dun consider PJ and SV an important sub.. so wadeva~

yay is also cuz i scored an A for my Moral which is 86%
so ya.. lolx..  yay is also cause i can finally sleep well and
no nid to worry wth to study for the next day.. :)

haix is cause Neesha and I both are soooo busy doin our
edi stuff.. we had to cram up our things to complete the
tasks.. if not.. we're dead.. xD.. 

another haix is cuz i received my results for P1 and P3
Chemistry.. total up is oni 51/100.. so terrible rite??
i nid atleast 49 marks on my P2 to score a 50% on my 
overall result.. 

lastly.. my haix is meant for my add maths.. =.=!
this subject never fail to make me unhappy.. cuz i got
my results for P1 and its oni 36/80.. omg rite
i nid atleast 54 if i want 50% overall.. 

dunno why.. but i can do add maths no prob in class..
but the moment exam comes.. i can never succeed to
answer the freakin questions.. =.= no matter how many
times i calm myself down.. this is the outcome.. haix..

i seriously need to get rid of my fear for AM exams..
if not i'll never be able to do well..

Apr 2, 2010

good friday! :)

haha~ Today is Good Friday~ <3

went over to SMK Seri Sentosa to have combine CF..
and omg! my 09' CG leader was there.. the FGA YC 
worship team was there and so is Pastor Rose.. :)

went there.. met some of my YC frens lol! over there
we had a short sketch, message by Ps. Rose and obviously

we sang "One Way", "Amazing Love" and "Better Life"
:) and oh dear.. i noticed i keep using ":)" haha
and before we left the school.. each of us was given an egg.. xD

cant wait for Sunday!! wohoo! YC is chairing the main service
again baby! <3 haha.. last week we sang "Sweeter than the before",
"Yahweh" and "Counting on God" wonder was song will we
be singing this coming Sunday~

1 Cor. 15:3-4: 
For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and that he was buried and that He rose again the the third day according to the Scriptures.