May 18, 2010

exam season

crappy la.. exams are here again.. 
my mid-term examination.. >.<
well.. thk goodness is starting this
thursday.. it only covers BM and BI
so still got time to study for other subs

aiks.. today i ponteng skul! haha.. 
1st time in history i actually
requested from my mom to
skip skul! hahaha.. brava

have to study smart for my exam man..
BM no tips.. as usual.. ==
BI got tips.. but i din pay attn.. aiks
MM til matrices
AM til vector
SJ til chap 5
CHEM til chap 2
PHY til chap 3
BIO til chap 3

well.. dun tink so little chapters man
its includes Form 4 as well.. :(
oh well.. gambateh! 

May 12, 2010

please rest in peace.. ='(

not in much of a mood to use colour today..
i just received news from Hema, a really close
friend of mine that our primary friend had just
passed away..

it is a real shock to me.. and i really did not expect
to hear such news.. he passed away just on Monday
at 2a.m due to an accident near his house..

omg.. i seriously cant type anymore.. >.<

May 9, 2010

Happie Mummy's Day

lol~ <3 Happy Mother's Day ppl! xD..
since today is a Sunday..
we went to church =)

after church lepak at home cuz lazy to go
out since rain was pouring down heavily..
so we did our own stuff.. ekeke

nite time went out to the Curry Fish Head Puchong
branch over at our very own Seri Petaling.. xD
we ordered Curry Fish Head.. *duh* butter prawn..
Hong Kong Kai Lan and fried squid.. yay.. xD

the bill came up to RM92.. *omg* so expensive rite?
(well to some it aint expensive la.. but to me it is
cuz we seriously dun eat this kinda stuff often..)
anyways.. i tink mom had a great time with us.. xD
cuz today is like not even one single argument man! 

lolx.. cute a? hehe... anyways.. a big I LOVE YOU!

May 4, 2010

oh sadness

well.. our plan to protest the exam failed.. ==
damn that toad.. ishk.. ruining our form 5 lives..

we have no choice but to sit for the test coming
in abt 2 weeks.. haix.. selfish teacher.. >.<

hoping that the 3 science classes will boycott the
exam and turn in blank papers / dont attend at all..

anyways.. have to go bak to the books.. >.<
no time for blogging these few days again.. 
aiks.. must it really be so tough on us??