Jul 26, 2009

hey backie~


well.. sad case.. i still got a photo or two with
kei yan! haiz.. so this post wont reli be complete..
btw.. i would really love to thank one of my
bestie -> KAH YAN for the VIP tickets to watch it..
i really appreaciated that.. THANK YOU!!

got 2.. one for me and the other for shin mei.. xD

okie~ so i tumpang SM's car to go.. together with
carolyn and keiyan~ 4got to snap pic.. >.<>

blur like shit.. and then
clear like heaven.. ^^

the crowd was like.. omG! so many wei.. full
hse.. i got video of it.. but cacated.. xD oni managed
to snap this.. cuz the main LARGE group is in front.. =.=
(talking about alvin's fans)

can see lil green board? its ALVIN's name
ASQ TOP 5!!!
their pose so CUTE!! esp kai fai and alvin <3
min and ryan~
balik time ady.. haix.. ac can still smile..
damn cute la AC pose for us to snap pic
*stupid camera old ady.. so blur..*
we three with billy *top 20*

sad case is that this is the results :

1. Min
2. Kai Fai
3. Ah Yoke
4. Ryan
5. Alvin


oh yea.. den SM and me so unlucky.. met with
this stupid family.. damn bloody annoying.. =.=

FYI she sotplug ady.. ^^V

see this girl? at 1st we tot so cute.. den after that
becum bloody annoying to us.. SM and me wanted to
slap her with that balloony thingy.. xD

*dats all gua, hv to wait for the pic from keiyan*

Jul 22, 2009


Title : The Stupid Love Story
Episode : 23
Song : 九十九 次我爱他

Retard went into deep sleep for 72 hours. Everyone started
to worry incase he was in comma or something. Then, the
doctor explained that it's the work of the medicine he injected
in the body. "He will wake up soon" was what he had told
them. They calmed down after that. Retard then woke up
and found himself in a special room which was normally
used for those uncontrollable patients.

He ran towards the door trying to open it but the door was
shut and locked tightly. He kept on shouting and shouting
for him to be released, but sadly the doctor just couldn't do
it. He knew how much Retard loved his daughter, but he just
couldn't bear seeing him behave this way. After many hours
of shouting, he stopped.

The room went silent for some time, the doctor and the rest
just stood outside the door waiting to make sure he really is
tired and down, not just pretending again. About 30 minutes
passed by, still there was no sound. This time the doctor was
sure of his tiredness and bravely walked into the room. Just
as he unlocked the door, Retard attacked the doctor!

He then immediately went for Gumtard. He grabbed her
not allowing her to escape further. Mustard freaked out
and kept telling Retard to calm down, but it doesn't seem
to work. This time, Retard has lost it, he was no longer the old
Retard they used to know. *Fattart and Mousstart then

*Just so if you're wondering, Fattart and Moussetart was
not actually M.I.A, previously, the cab driver in the earlier
episode was Moussetart, the investigator on the other hand
was actually Fattart* ^^

Suddenly, Fattart pinned Retard down and told him loud
IS NOT YOUR SWEETHEART!" He gave him a whack just
to make sure he heard.

Retard got up and leaned against a wall and began to cry.
Everyone was stunned and couldn't say a single word.
Retard then placed his hand into his pocket, got up and went
back into the room. Inkhart helped the doctor up and said to
Fattart, "Good job.... good job......" They just stood outside the
door when suddenly Retard came out and asked for a pen and

He was then provided it and then went back into his room
again. The doctor didn't lock the door this time as he was pretty
confident that Retard has finally woken up from his dream.
Custard and the rest went home as asked by the doctor. About
2 hours later, a scream was heard in the hospital.

What is the scream about?! Catch this in the last episode~

Jul 20, 2009


ahhh! sorry so long no updatey on the story..
actually i sorta have no ideas right now..
plus guys...

THE ASQ TOP 5 the MVs~

hehe.. sorry~ super super super suka one
fella.. xDxD the 1st song~ hahahaa.. he so
cute le.. ^^ must support him all the way
in the Finals!!!!!!!!

List of Songs :
1. Alvin - 暗恋
2. Kah Fai - 下半生
3. Min - 最好的结局
4. Yoke - Mr Right不要耍赖
5. Ryan - 如果有一天

Must listen!! ^^

I support Alvin !!

Jul 19, 2009


okie~ ytd was my skul carnival day.. din
get to take much pics le.. cuz was so freakin
busy =.=! money oso din reli spend all..
i got rm180.. but den oni use i tink RM50,
Rm10 sold to Charity..

the balance is Rm120.. Rm100 i sold to Li Ann's
mom.. dat wan masuk my own savings la..
then balance Rm20 dunno hilang where?!
ZZ.. oni managed to snap these few photo..
suck la.. ZZZZZZZ

so enjoy ar? xD
myself and ky~ xD
aiyak.. this pic cacated.. xD (me and kimmy)
oi! paktor without me?? hou yeh! xD jkjk
ughh.. mix fruit? rm4 wei =.=!

haiz.. these are the oni photos.. wasted la..
din get to snap with charity and oso wee ching!
grr!! totally 4gt to snap until wan balik time..

Jul 16, 2009

happy bday!

okok.. today's post is meant specially
for my kor >>> WEI KIEN!

lol.. sry ar.. so ps ady.. haha



Jul 15, 2009

almost the end!

Title : The Stupid Love Story
Episode : 22
Song : Everything you do

Gumtard had settle it with the doctor. He suggested that
Retard moved in with him instead for the rest of the time.
Gumtard then received an sms "pls becareful. Retard left
lukin for eu." She quickly showed the message to the doctor
and he comfirmed that Retard will not recover in a short
time. It might take years for the wound to heal and for him
to accept the fact.

Back at Monica's Mustard was worried deeply for Gumtard
when in actual fact, he is in far more danger than anyone
else there. The moment Retard stepped down the cab, he
stomped over towards Mustard and grabbed his shirt and
slammed him on the floor. Inkhart quickly protected
Eaglehart. The girls started yelling "Stop! Stop! You're
hurting him! Let him go already!!"

He couldn't be bothered by their shouts. He pinned Mustard
on the floor and started scolding him while shaking his body
against the solid hard ground. Inkhart pulled Retard away
and quickly stood Mustard up from the ground. Retard then
pushed Inkhart to the wall and said "Stay out!" and
towards Mustard "Give me back Appleta---!" Just before
he could finish his statement, he fainted.

They immediately sent him to the hospital and met up with
Gumtard. They then asked the doctor that was the impact
of his beloved one a big impact? He nodded. Then suddenly
Custard said "Stop!" Everyone went silent. They looked at
her in a weird manner. Then she asked the doctor, "umm..
was your daughter's name Appleta?" The doctor then
answered, "Her name is Appletart. How did you know?"

Custard then blushed because she wrongly said the name.
And then she said that just before he fainted, she heard him
mention that name. The doctor just smiled and said, i guess
he really does love her a lot that until now he just still cant
accept the fact that she no longer is by his side. They asked
him to show them her photo again.

This time, he it was another photo. One which was very
meaningful to Retard because that photo was taken just
few days before the accident happened. He slipped his hand
into his pocket, and took it out revealing the last photo and
memory they had made.

And there it was, they were celebrating their 16th year
anniversary being together. It was very memorable because
Appetart kept mentioning "SWEET 16!" to Retard and he
would reply her "Yes dear~" That year was their 2nd year
of the engagement which meant they were already 18 years

Gumtard and Eaglehart both looked at their other half
giving the signal. They just pretended not to see and turned
the other way. *haha* This time, to be more careful, the doctor
had injected the pills inside Retard's body in order to avoid
him from reflecting back to the past. Everyone then went back
home all worrying about his condition.

Watch the next episode for more update.. ^^

Jul 14, 2009


Title : The Stupid Love Story
Episode : 21
Song : Change

Inkhart and Mustard decided to test him the next day
and so they did. Early the next morning, they made sure
that one of them went out to talk to him. Mustard went
of course, because Inkhart was the Computer expert.
He went and just sat down to talk a while. Then he asked
Retard to take his pills. And so he did. Then Mustard
thought "ok.. i'm to be entering the room now"

But of course, before he left, Retard was smart enough to
proof to him he had swallowed the pill. Mustard just
said, "Okay~ we'll have breakfast later. Just let me wake
dat Inkhart up" And then he picked off and walked
towards Inkhart's room. As he entered, Mustard quickly
shut the door behind him.

He sat next to Inkhart watching closely over Retard. Hah!
Retard waited a while before he took the pill from his
mouth!! Oh my goodness. He took the pill out then crash
it into tiny pieces. Mustard was terrified. He sms-ed
Gumtard ASAP. Gumtard just shook her head showing
her friends the sms.

Inkhart walked out from the room together with Mustard.
Retard looked all normal and greeted Inkhart with a
cheerful smile. Inkhart looked at him pretending to be
blur and said " hi?" Mustard then said, "Okay! Lets go
for b'fast. Should we get the girls?" Inkhart and Retard
both agreed.

They had their b'fast at Monica's. The girls arrived earlier
though then came the guys. Everyone was sitted except
Retard. He paused and asked, "Where's Gumtard?"
Everyone looked at him. And Mustard said, "She's not
felling well today, so she's resting." Retard's face turned
hot red and blurted out, "WHY ARE YOU KEEPING HER

He stomped off and took a cab to Gumtard's condo not
knowing that she actually had gone to see the doctor
to inform him this matter. Thank goodness Mustard had
sms her earlier. This was how the messaged went :

Retard has not recovered! He did not even take his pills.
We suggest that this morning we have b'fast without you.
Dun tink negative, we need you eagerly to see the doctor
and inform him of Retard's condition ASAP! Clear??
Love you. Take care.

Retard reached the condo and went up to their unit.
He rang the doorbell but there was no answer. He got
really frustrated and started calling out her name. He
went "Gumtard! I know u're in there! Gumtard!
GUMTARD!!" The neighbours all heard and started
peeping from their little windows. He has now completely
lost it! He took the cab back to Monica's to get even
with Mustard.

Things are getting pretty tense! Stay tuned. 3 more
eps to go~

Jul 12, 2009


Title : The Stupid Love Story
Episode : 20
Song : 专属天使

Retard has now been admitted in for almost a week
now. He doesn't seem to have any problems whatsoever.
Thus, the doctor discussed with the group and then
decided to release him. Furthermore, he has now been
taking his pills regularly.

Just not to make things worse, Inkhart and Mustard
decided to take him in to stay with them. They both
are now at ease to date their other half. *smiles*
Retard was just told by the doctor to take more rest
and to just have fun.

After about 2-3 weeks, Custard and the gang are now
free from danger. Eaglehart can now rest at ease with
her treasured Inkhart. They then set out for a date
out in the country side to grab in some fresh clean air.
Mustard then also set out for a date with Gumtard.

Custard and Eggtart just looked at each other and said
"oh what the heck.. let's go out gai gai!"
and they left Retard at home alone. Retard just sat down
watching tv the whole day, he din seem to have anything
up his sleeves. Rest assured, the others still had their
camera hidden at the ceiling.

After the whole day event of no burden at all. They guys
and girls went separate ways. Custard and Eggtart came
home earlier and were already knocked-out from all
the WINDOW shopping they did. Eaglehart came in 2nd
and she was all cheerful. Gumtard came in last with a smile
on her face. Not much expression was showed though
maybe cause' she was still a lil disturbed by Retard.

As soon as Inkhart came home, he saw Retard sitting on
the couch watching a tv show called "He Rules" and waved
to greet Inkhart. Inkhart waved back and walked towards
his room dead tired. As soon as Mustard got back, Retard
quickly got up from the couch and headed to his room.
Mustard just looked puzzle and looked for Inkhart.

Inkhart and Mustard together sat down to take a look at
Retard's activity for the day. Nothing much was up in the
screen for them to see until suddenly as Mustard was
about the turn off the video, Inkhart slapped off Mustard's
hand. Inkhart noticed something very peculiar in the video.

It seems that, just as he walked in after his date, Retard's
position changed and he noticed that he did not take a single
pill for that day and yet behaved so well. He found that
something was definitely fishy and has something going
up Retard's sleeves.

What will it be??

Jul 11, 2009

hehe.. double post..

hi.. shit.. i too addicted to this song ady..
"給我你的愛" by alvin chong.. xD jkjk
by TANK~

those who watched the ASQ today nite
sure will know.. kakaka... anyways.. here
are the lyrics that i LOVE!!

deng dai yi dian yi di ni dui wo gan dao an xin
gan jue peng you guan xi you le xin de mo qi
bian li shang dian li shui ye mai bu dao
wo men zui xiang yao de dong xi
zhi wo zai xi huan de ren shou shang

gei wo ni de ai rang wo pei zhe ni qu wei lai
gei wo ni de ai shou la zhe shou bu fang kai
jiu suan yu zhou bao zha hai sui dou zheng fa
zhi yuan ni de ji yi li you wo de yong bao

wo de zui da xing fu shi fa xian le wo ai ni
ling hun you le yi yi yong mei yi tian zhen xi
bian li shang dian li shui ye mai bu dao
wo men zui xiang yao de dong xi
zhi wo zai xi huan de ren shou shang

gei wo ni de ai rang wo pei zhe ni qu wei lai
gei wo ni de ai shou la zhe shou bu fang kai
jiu suan yu zhou bao zha hai sui dou zheng fa
zhi yuan ni de ji yi li you wo de yong bao

yu he tian kong ye you xiang ai de ke neng
wang zhe ni de wei xiao qing bu zi jin

gei wo ni de ai rang wo pei zhe ni qu wei lai
gei wo ni de ai shou la zhe shou bu fang kai
jiu suan di qiu hui mie lai bu ji liu lei
zhi yuan ni de ji yi li you wo de yong bao



yay~ i sold another rm60 coupon!
thk you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

kaka.. credits go to :
1. Wee Ching
2. Wee Chien
3. Chien's fren??
4. Ching's fren??

yay~ hehe.. tqtq! sayang u guys.. kaka

Jul 9, 2009


Title : The Stupid Love Story
Episode : 19
Song : 祝君好

They drove to the nearest hospital around. Retard was
immediately greeted by one of the doctors into the emergency
unit. The rest were quite shocked to see how a doctor seemed
so worried over a patient. They then soon found out that
Retard actually has some mental illnesses.

They discussed with the doctor on how severe his illness was.
So, then the doctor told them what made him that way. It had
seem that, during his teens he fell in love with a girl. They were
quite a happy couple. The doctor also showed them their
happy moments together. Everyone was stunned and speechless.
Retard's beloved one, looked exactly like Gumtard!

Frankly speaking, the doctor had a shock when Retard first told
him about this, because his beloved one suffered internal bleeding
due to a car accident. Retard couldn't face the truth, therefore
when he met Gumtard, he treated her like his beloved and thus
decided to get rid of Mustard.

Everyone felt so bad for what they had thought about Retard.
The doctor explained that Retard has been refusing to take his
pills ever since Gumtard showed up. Gumtard felt extremely
bad. She wanted to visit him in the wad. But the doctor advised
her not to impose anything on him yet. They would want him
to settle down and take his pills regularly.

Everyone went and visited him in his wad except for Gumtard.
Retard seemed perfectly fine. He couldn't remember anything,
so they told him he had a fall and fainted for some time. He
laughed and chit-chatted with them not noticing the non-presence
of Gumtard. She just stood outside watching him.

Not long after that, Gumtard went to the doctor to get more info
regarding his beloved one. He replied, "those two.... were such a
lovely couple. They had been with each other since young..and in
just a blink of an eye....sh--e-e-e.." Before he could finish his
sentence, he broke down and cried. Gumtard paused for a moment
and saw three of them in a photo.

The doctor pulled himself together and explained that the girl
was his daughter. Gumtard apologised but the doctor just smiled
and said, "Retard is really one of a kind. He loved my daughter
so very much. They were already engaged at the age of 16. They
planned to get married at the age of 21.. but...." Gumtard was
just speechless. She didn't know what to say but regret the things
she had done to him.

As she walked out the office, Retard bumped into her and smiled.
She was brought aback because she thought he was *u know*
But Retard just acted normally and treated her like a normal
friend and has no special moves on her.

Tune in the next episode to see whether Retard is pretending
to be cured or is he planning something.

Jul 7, 2009


ok darn.. i make it a bit suspense for the
story la.. so anyways.. today i wanna post
something dat i tink maybe YOU neesha will
be interested to see la.. its Pastor Mantofa's
deeds in Korea, Taiwan.. and others..

lol! i hope u liked it.. pls dun stop watching half
way.. cuz towards the center and the ending
baru u can see the miracles..


now that's done.. this video pulak leh.. was very touching
for me.. i dunno why, but when i 1st saw it.. i cried! cuz...
a lil boy aged two could sing and praise the Lord.. omg.. and
he can rmb the lyrics.. can u imagine?

dat's why never underestimate God's work! Amen~

continuation -> this is something i WASTED!! i SHOULD have
sacrificed my tuition for this!!! why? cuz Pastor Mantofa
brought his team and Joshua Band from Taiwan.. grr! watch it
and i'm sure you will also feel like "woah!"

nvm.. i will go next time!

Jul 6, 2009


Title : The Stupid Love Story
Episode : 18
Song : Because I'm Stupid


Now that Mustard and Inkhart both know the dangers their
lives are in, they quickly contacted their other half. Thank
goodness those two were together, they quickly hopped into
a cab and rushed over to the guys place. The guys were all
already set. They sat down planning what are they to do with

Inkhart immediately called his friends to investigate this
matter.He got some feedbacks that Retard is actually on the
look-out and has been tailing the girls since early this morning
and has been tabbing their phoneline the day before. Gumtard
called Custard to reassure that she and Eggtart are both in
perfect shape.

Indeed they were. Back to the guys home, they were soughting
out their plan for the next day. They even did a schedule for
the next few days. Inkhart sent the girls' back to their condo
and made sure he walked them up right to their front door.
He himself then, made sure noboday was around him as he
slowly walked down.

He looked all angles to make sure nothing harmful was around
him. He then safely entered the car. Eaglehart then quickly
called him to check how he was doing. The girls just rolled their
eyes while giggling. She just blushed. They've never seen her
cared so much for a guy before.

Well, it was her 1st. Anyways, the next day, the girls including
theother two followed the scheduled tightly. This time Inkhart
made sure his friends was around to look out. How unlucky,
as his friends was on the look-out, one of them was knocked on
the head with a glass bottle. Goodness me! It was Retard.

Mustard and Inkhart came over to pick the girls up. Mustard's
eye was sharp enough to see one the guy laying down on the
floor with blood streaming down his head. Somehow, his eye
managed to catch Retard's image. He quickly ran out the car
and chased after Retard. He tried to run away, but failed to do so.

Inkhart somehow became so brave and grabbed hold of his hand
and pinned him on the ground. Eggtart then took notice of
something on Retard's face. She then quickly tols Inkhart to
release him. Custard then walked nearer to him and quickly pushed
Inkhart away. Retard had already fainted. So, they quickly took him
to the hospital for a check up.

What ending will come upon Retard and the rest?

Jul 5, 2009

oh yes~

today not gonna post the story again.. sorry..
kaka.. too happy jor.. ytd i sold another 14 coupons..
which means i sold 20 coupons altogether which is more
than what i took from Pn. Lee.. kaka..

now dats done, ytd morning i attended Caryn jie jie
and Hin Fai kor kor's wedding! yay! been a 12 years since
i attended a wedding in a church.. wah.. Caryn jie jie look
so pretty ar.. she no longer wears spec though.. She now
wears contact lens.. so pretty ar! haha..

their wedding car??
pretty leh~
she and Hin Fai kor kor~
saying their vows~
the kiss~!
praying for their wedding
hin fai's sister decidating a song
they lit their candle!
he preparing to sing for her~
photo time.. [ppl blockin.. so the pic sucked..(>.<)]
our wishes and blessings to them
representing them?
their card.. so sweet~

HIN FAI kor kor SINGING!! Woots!!

lol.. dat's all for the wedding.. went for LWL
as usual then.. go there wanna relax den Ginsky ask
me to teach him the piano.. LOL! so i teach lo..
teach him "Seek Ye First" and he was like so
kelam-kabut.. hahahaha.. nvm nvm.. u'll get it by this

i sakai go snap this.. kaka..