Feb 20, 2010

cant believe myself...

somehow i dunno why.. but this feeling.........

found something that just makes me agree to it... >.<

Only you can make the darkness bright

Only you can fill my heart with light,
Always in my thought,
But never in my sight,
Without you.. i don't think
I have the strength to fight.

i just dunno why.. 
but when i saw your face..
on the comment column
i just felt my heart beat.. 
what should i say and do??

it has been almost a year since that incident..
and yet i'm still unable to forget you..
what should i do??

" I can't express from words on earth,
My heart towards you is overflowing more and more "
taken from Lee Min Ho -  " My Everything " lyrics

Feb 14, 2010

Happy CNY, Happy Valentine's Day AND Happy Birthday mom! XD

Since today is CNY, Valentine's day and Mummy's birthday~ i'm using RED to write.. xD

yesterday was new year's eve so went out makan with neighbour at
OVERSEA RESTAURANT walau eh the food there,, i x dapat makan
abis.. cuz too much ady.. >.< and omg.. i found out the bill was RM2000!!

wad the hell rite?? lolx! ke siao ar.. after dat went to meet up with
Aunty Florence at the Ho Ho Steamboat.. i x larat makan.. so just sat
there chit-chat~

den i saw Vicky~ still as pretty as ever.. xD and omg.. her stomach so
small for a 7 month pregnant lady with TWINS! lol.. guess wad;s her
weight? ..... 50KG ONI wei.. mom and aunty said she might face a LOT
of complication during pregnancy cuz she's too small size..

anyways.. today is CNY~ Valentine's Day and Mummy's BIRTHDAY!!
lolx.. ytd went out with aunty florence driving thru KL until 1am.. and
this morning woke up at 7.50am.. =.= so dead tired..

but quite worth it! xD cuz every yr i go to uncle Percy's hse for cny 
breakfast and angpau.. LOL~ the place where is get the most angpau ever~

lolx~ just came bak oni.. makan a cake mom's fren baked for her..
SO PRETTY wei the cake.. and really tasty! *thumbs up*

anyways now gtg to another place for Lunch, the Puncak Jalil for tea
and My 'hometown' xD for dinner! today gonna be busy busy busy~

for pictures and stuff please visit http://josm.blogspot.com/2010/02/happy-chinese-new-year-reunion-dinner.html